7 Provence decor items that will make you fall in love with this aesthetic


Beauty is in simplicity. Harmony, charm, regularity of village life. And, of course, the unique French charm. The Provence style in the interior instantly takes us to the south of France. To the warm Cote d’Azur, to the endless and bewitching lavender fields, to the charming, cozy village streets, to the picturesque foothills of the Alps.

How to create this mood in your home? Sometimes a few atmospheric details are enough. In this article, we have made a selection of such decorative elements from the Purple Dream family project. «Textiles with meaning» — this is how the authors themselves call their products.

one Tablecloth «Lavender County»

In everyday life, we use traditional textile tablecloths less and less. And increasingly we are replacing them with easy-to-clean napkins made of artificial materials. But how nice it is sometimes to move away from considerations of practicality. And for no reason, just setting the table for dinner, cover it with a cozy and romantic cotton tablecloth depicting delicate branches of lavender, vineyards, a medieval French castle among the hills. Just one detail — and an ordinary dinner turns into a small family holiday. The combination of purple, pink, white, yellow and green shades, even in winter, will bring the mood of summer and the charm of blooming sunny lavender fields into the house.

2 Napkins «Lavender County»

If the table is set for receiving guests, you can not do without table napkins. It is important that they look harmoniously in tandem with a tablecloth. Therefore, more often choose textiles from one collection. Napkins «Lavender County» in style, color and composition are a continuation of the tablecloth of the same name.

These napkins do not require too much ingenuity. You absolutely do not need to train in the skill of origami and form complex shapes from fabric to surprise guests. It is enough to fold the napkins in the form of a simple triangle or an envelope: a delicate pink-violet palette, romantic prints and a natural fabric pleasant to the touch will do everything for you.

3 Dining path «Summer in Provence»

Once undeservedly forgotten, today they are becoming popular again. Table paths. They can be laid on top of the main tablecloth, making an accent. Or use as a standalone decoration. A long path is usually laid along the table. Short ones are placed across. In any case, it will look interesting and stylish.

The path «Summer in Provence» is a painting on fabric. Here we see cute stone village houses with tiled roofs, and hills in a light haze, and charming watercolor lavender fields, and bright green trees, and above all this, the piercing blue of the sky. Such textiles want to be considered and studied.

four kitchen sets

This is the case when a simple set of potholders and mittens becomes a kitchen decoration. Beauty and practicality, 2 in 1.

Pansies, cornflowers and lilies of the valley, thin sprigs of lavender on a white background, rich lavender bouquets on pink or openwork lace on brown — there are print options for every taste. Reliable natural cotton on the outside and quilted polycotton and synthetic winterizer inside the mittens are responsible for practicality.

5 Homespun rugs

“Like grandma,” you say. And we will answer: “Even better!”. These rugs, indeed, as soon as they appear in the room, create a warm, cozy and friendly atmosphere of rustic, country life.

Just lay the rug on the floor, bench or bench, and see for yourself. And each such rug is created manually on a real weaving loom. This means that each one is unique in its own way. It is important that the rugs can be washed in the machine and not be afraid that they will lose their color or shape.

6 Collection of pillows «Compound»

If you are at least a little familiar with Provence-style interiors, then you probably noticed that they always have a lot of decorative details. And especially textiles. And it is simply impossible to imagine such an interior without an abundance of decorative pillows. They are laid out on sofas, armchairs, benches and benches. They decorate dining chairs. They are literally scattered on the beds.

Pillows from the Compound collection are a set of simple but very colorful scenes from village life. They are perfect for decorating the living room and dining area. There are four pillows in the collection: «Turkey», «Rooster», «Chickens» and «Goose».

7 Tippet «Date in Paris»

A whole love story on two meters of fabric. Of course, this stole is made to be worn. But, having come home, throwing a scarf on the back of a chair or armchair, you unwittingly add one more detail to your interior with French charm. And you will definitely want to look at it.

On the fabric — a series of episodes that led to the acquaintance of two lovers: Violetta and Bernard. The stoles are made in two versions: from elegant silk or the finest cotton.

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