Kitchen design 2023: 7 bright trends and 3 current styles


Trends change every year, but it is unlikely that it will be possible to make repairs and update the interior just as often. In this article, we have collected the most striking trends that will set the tone for kitchen interiors for more than one season. You will also find a selection of styles that will not lose their relevance in the coming years.

Trendy Kitchen Design 2023

Main trends
— Single space
— Comfortable colors
— Rounded silhouettes
— Compact cooking zone
— Two colors or textures
– Natural decor
— no dining table
Actual styles
— Minimalism
— Ecostyle
— Neoclassic

How to create a trendy kitchen interior design

1. Single space

Design: Natalia Vasilyeva

You won’t surprise anyone with a combined kitchen-living room — the fashion trend has long passed into the category of classics. The concept of a single space within which you can cook, communicate with family or friends, work and relax is firmly established both in the minds of people and in the layouts of new apartments. More and more euro-twos and euro-threes are appearing — this is a housing designed according to European canons, where the bedrooms are made small and isolated, and up to 50% of the area is allocated for a spacious kitchen-living room, where all life is in full swing.

What is important to consider when designing such a space?

  • The main idea is unity. Do not pile up walls and partitions, do not block the light, do not split the room into small cramped areas. This is especially important for small apartments, where you need to create the illusion of a spacious room.
  • The main problem of such a neighborhood is that sounds and smells from the cooking area will also hover in the living room. The problem is solved by a powerful hood and good ventilation. If you cook a lot, and you need to create privacy in the hall, you can use light partitions, preferably transparent or at least letting in light. The best options are glass screens, mobile screens and rack structures.
  • The cooking zone is most often made discreet, shifting the focus of attention to the living room with a sofa group. To do this, you will need laconic facades, hidden storage systems (including household appliances) and a neutral palette that will almost merge with the finish.
  • The standard way to zone the cooking area and the living part of the room is the dining group, located between them and forming a smooth transition. It can be a full-fledged dining table or a bar counter, depending on the lifestyle of the owners.

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2. Comfortable colors

Another long-term trend that is unlikely to lose popularity in the near future.

Social networks of Yulia Pisareva studio

But if in the past few years neutral natural tones, especially white and gray, have been an obvious trend, now the direction is changing a bit. There are two categories of cozy, eye-friendly and brain-friendly color schemes for the kitchen.

  • Trendy colors 2022: choosing the perfect shade for the interior

    Colors in the interior

    Trendy colors 2022: choosing the perfect shade for the interior

warm base

First of all, these are all kinds of beige variations: from a light shade of sand dunes or delicate creamy to a denser wheaten. As well as any other «edible» tones:

  • Honey.
  • Lactic.
  • Biscuit.
  • Champagne.
  • Cappuccino.
  • Creme brulee.
  • Vanilla.
  • Milk chocolate, etc.

The most popular choice is a combo of beige and light gray, which can be further diluted with a warm white base or, conversely, accents. It turns out an airy and light design with a nod to the Scandinavian style.

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Saturated shades

In 2023, in the design of the kitchen, as in the photo below, there will be more and more bright colors. This is the very new trend of a sustainable trend for the naturalness of the palette, which is now actively developing.

No need to limit yourself to basic shades, the cooking area and the dining group can be revived with rich shades, also peeped in nature. Choose not acidic, but soothing deep tones. Then even on a large area (for example, if it is a set or a whole wall), they will look harmonious and not annoying.

Feel free to add to the palette:

  • Blue and cyan. Any variations will do: shades of the cold waters of the Atlantic Ocean, thunderclouds, indigo, the sky on a sunny day, cornflower blue.
  • Orange and yellow. Do not be afraid of the shades of the soil: terracotta, ocher, clay, brick, the color of the southern scorched earth will make the interior more comfortable. Sunny yellow or a shade of melted butter will cope with the same task.
  • Red. Choose deep wine, pomegranate and berry shades.
  • Green. For facades, a sage color with a gray fade (for a lighter color scheme) or a deep and warm tone of olive oil (for a darker one) is suitable. They can also be used as accents.

3. Rounded silhouettes

Soft smooth lines and rounded shapes are the global trend of 2023. It also manifests itself in the fashionable design of kitchens.

Social networks of designer Leyla Kamalova

But if in the living room or bedroom it is clear how to implement it — curved sofas, shell chairs, round carpets, soft headboards — then in the cooking area we are used to seeing designs with right angles. But now, projects are beginning to actively use sets with radius facades, rounded islands, curved lines in decorative elements, and arched shapes. And finally, there is an easy way to soften the interior — put a round or oval table in the dining area.

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4. Compact cooking zone

The lifestyle of a modern urban dweller, especially in metropolitan areas, is changing.

Social networks of designer Ekaterina Rasulova

Many processes are optimized, thus freeing up time for a career, self-development and communication with loved ones, including cooking. Someone uses the delivery of ready-made food, someone prefers to eat out. But the fact remains: on average, people cook less, and someone even makes only light breakfasts at home.

The design of the kitchen in the apartment also adapts to these changing needs. Massive structures occupying two walls completely are being replaced by compact corner or linear systems with two-burner stoves, hidden storage and a small work surface.

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5. Two colors or textures

Contrasting two-tone headsets are in fashion. They are increasingly seen in the photo of kitchens in an apartment or a private house.

Social media studio Holl

Colors can be split vertically or horizontally, clearly 50×50, or according to the color blocking principle: one tone is basic, the second is accent. The classic version is a darker color at the bottom of the furniture, a lighter one at the top, but no one forbids breaking these canons. For example, two different functional areas can be divided by color: a cooking area with an apron, a sink, a stove, a countertop, and a structure with storage and built-in appliances.

A mix of textures will make the color pair even more interesting: for example, stone and wood, marble and metal, MDF and glass. For kitchen design in a modern style, a combination of smooth matte facades with a pronounced wood texture works great. The palette can be anything, but the gray-beige or taupe combo is considered a classic.

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6. Natural decor

Any décor that is somehow related to nature will look great in a modern kitchen in 2023.

Social networks of the company «Invest repair and property management»

It will perfectly complement the general trend for environmental friendliness and closeness to nature, as well as unobtrusively add coziness and originality even to such strict and “cold” styles as minimalism or hi-tech.

To decorate the dining and working area fit:

  • Ceramics, in particular handmade dishes.
  • Clay vases or figurines.
  • Fresh flowers, dried flowers, herbs.
  • A beautifully designed mini-garden (for example, spicy herbs in identical pots).
  • Dishes with fruits.
  • Wooden boards and other accessories for cooking.
  • Lamps with straw lampshade.

7. No dining table

Today, apartment owners are increasingly abandoning the traditional dining table. And it doesn’t matter if it’s in a tiny studio or a spacious apartment.

Design: Denis and Anton Yurov. Photo: Evgeny Gnesin

The trend will clearly gain momentum — just like the rejection of capacious full-fledged headsets. This is due to the modern rhythm of life: we increasingly have lunch, dinner and even breakfast outside the home, so for many, the kitchen in the apartment ceases to be the main room. Enough of a small corner for a coffee break or a quick snack. And if one person or a couple without children lives in the apartment, then a wide island or bar counter is enough to replace a full-fledged dining table.

Of course, this solution is not suitable for everyone: for example, it will be uncomfortable for older people to sit even on the softest bar stools. But otherwise, the trend is quite bright, and it will obviously only strengthen its position — especially in the face of rising real estate prices and, accordingly, the growing popularity of small-sized housing.

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Actual interior styles

Despite the new trends appearing in the design of the kitchen, the design of this room will remain unchanged for at least several years. Here are some styles that will definitely not lose their relevance in the near future.


Social media studio Ard Design

Minimalism can hardly be called a trend — it is a whole philosophy of life without rigid design canons. The direction develops, changes and integrates into everyday life, going beyond the interior.

To make the interior design of the kitchen in this style relevant, follow the following rules.

  • Use warm diluted shades — they will add warmth to the room and compensate for the minimum amount of decor.
  • Little does not mean boring. Minimalistic interiors work due to the verified forms, color depth and combination of textures. It is the textures that need to be given special attention. Combine cold and warm textures, glossy and matte surfaces. Rough concrete or stone looks great with warm wood and cozy kitchen textiles. To enliven the interior, you can add 1-2 fresh flowers in minimalist flower pots, as well as make an accent apron: lay out unusual tiles or continue the tabletop material.
  • Design follows function, not the other way around. All furniture and appliances should be multi-tasking and arranged according to the principles of ergonomics.

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People will continue to strive for nature, including within the interior of their apartment.

Social media blogger love_my_home_pl

Ecostyle will not leave the list of popular trends for a long time, but, like minimalism, it has already become more of a concept than a set of stylistic markers.

The key idea of ​​ecodesign is the naturalness of all materials. In the top there is a tree or its eco-friendly analogues, which can be supplemented with artificial or natural stone, marble texture, precious metals. There should be a lot of light in the room, the decor should be only natural. Clay and ceramic dishes, textiles made from natural fabrics, accessories made of wood, stone, bamboo and other plant materials. Visually, eco-style can be close to Scandinavian interiors, minimalism or boho — depending on personal tastes and the overall style of the apartment.

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If you are attracted to traditional interiors, opt for neoclassical — this is a more modern and comfortable version of the classic style.

Design: Irina Baldanova. Photo: Evgeny Gnesin. Style: Irina Bebeshina

In such spaces there is no «naphthalene» heaviness, bulky structures and too dense, sometimes «stuffy» colors. Instead, graceful lines, light furniture, trendy decor and noble, airy, very comfortable colors for the eyes. At the same time, neoclassicism does not abandon traditional canons: symmetry, the use of natural materials, precious metals, glass and crystal are welcome. In the dining area, you can hang a couple of original paintings, and decorate the walls with moldings. For the headset, both wood and its high-quality counterparts are suitable, as well as elements made of stone, marble, metal in gold.


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