Curtains on the doorway: how to stylishly decorate the portal with textiles and not only (52 photos)


Curtains for a doorway are not a very common choice today. Who is this solution for? When is the best time to quit? What type of textile will suit your interior? How are curtains different from curtains? What do macrame woven curtains look like? What are wooden curtains? And what is the name of the hanging curtains in the doorway? We will give answers to all questions in this article and show successful examples in the photo.

All about decorating a doorway with curtains

Pros and cons
Types of curtains
— Curtains and curtains
– Tulle
— Macrame
— Curtains-beads
– threads
How to choose the size
Bonus: doorway decor with glass doors

Curtains instead of a door: pros and cons

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  1. Price. There are many ways to decorate an interior passage. The most obvious is to install a door. If we are talking about an open portal, it can be decorated with wood, stone or stucco. But all these solutions are quite expensive. Compared to them, textile decor is much more economical. It is enough to purchase a cornice and, in fact, the curtain itself.
  2. Easy installation. Not everyone will independently undertake the installation of a door or finishing slopes. But with a curtain or a curtain, everything is different, and quite easily. How to hang a curtain in a doorway? This task can be solved independently, without the involvement of third-party masters. Ordinary cornices are used, of any type, if we are talking about an open portal. If the canvas needs to be fixed on the door, special cornices are used. Today they can be easily found on sale.
  3. Versatility and variety. The choice of fabric today is large, this will allow you to choose the right solution for any interior and style. Whether it’s strict minimalism or luxurious art deco. The same goes for shades. A choice of fabrics of all colors of the rainbow and even more.
  4. Ease of replacement. The door leaf is usually installed once every few years. The same applies to the finishing of the portal with stone or wood. Even if the taste and preferences in design change, it will not be easy to decide to update a complex structure. And the work itself will certainly be costly. Curtains are different. It is easy to change according to your mood. With its help, it is easy to change the summer decor of the house for autumn, and autumn — for winter.
  5. Non-standard. Although curtains are often used to decorate transitions from one room to another, it still looks more original than an ordinary interior door. In addition, this technique always adds coziness to the space.


  1. Complicated cleaning. The door leaf, open portal or arch is quite easy to clean from dust and dirt. Simply wipe them with a damp cloth. With fabric, everything is more complicated. First, it accumulates more dust. Secondly, it will have to be removed and washed. If there are pets in the house, the problem becomes even more difficult. After all, wool is added to the dust. Families with allergies should avoid this decision.
  2. Lack of soundproofing. A tightly closed door leaf allows you to muffle the sounds and noises from neighboring rooms. Textiles, alas, will not solve this problem.
  3. Limited privacy. In a room where there is a curtain instead of a door, it will not work to close. Therefore, if it is important for you to be able to restrict access to the room, choose a door. For example, if it is an office or a workshop.

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Curtains on the doorway: design options

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Draperies and curtains, tulle, roller blinds, beaded curtains made of wood, bamboo, beads, shiny crystals, threads: there are many varieties of curtain aisle design. We will talk about those ways of decorating a doorway with curtains in the interior that look relevant in a modern way.

Classic curtains and light curtains

Design: Alena Matisova. Style: Aisa Sanzhieva, Anna Kozhanova. Photo: Evgeny Gnesin

Draperies are a choice not only for classics and neoclassics. Heavy, massive canvases, with even, dense folds, add respectability, elegance and luxury to the space. Such curtains will be good in spacious rooms with fairly high ceilings. For decoration, you can use two curtains or limit yourself to one.

  • In classic interiors, such textiles are elegantly fixed with tiebacks. But if you leave them to fall freely on the floor, then the curtains will be appropriate even in laconic minimalism.
  • For modern interiors, one-color fabric is chosen, either two-tone, or with a discreet print. The abundance of gilding, lurex, massive ornament in the form of monograms, frills, ruffles and lambrequins should be avoided.

Curtains differ from curtains in the density and thickness of the fabric. Curtains are thinner, sometimes even translucent. Such textiles are typical for light Scandinavian interiors, modern style, eco-style, as well as for houses in rustic aesthetics. If a dense fabric is able to protect against drafts and really isolate the room, curtains perform, rather, a decorative function. Although visually they still zone the space. Especially relevant today are natural fabrics: linen, cotton. Or their high-quality imitation. Unlike classic curtains, curtains do not need additional decor. Usually they are left free, without pickups and fasteners. It is better to give preference to natural, natural shades: white, milky, ivory, various shades of gray.


Tulle is an almost universal choice. It will be appropriate in the classics, and in scandi, and in minimalism. Lace mesh is suitable for rustic interiors.


Of course, this is purely decorative. You should not expect any useful functions from it. But tulle is good in small rooms where there is little light. It will add air, lightness and visually will not make the space more heavy and overloaded. If you are not confident in your knowledge of design, choose white tulle — this is the most versatile solution.

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Decorative curtains on the doorway using macrame technique

Perhaps the most atmospheric and unusual solution. A macrame curtain is an elegant interweaving of hundreds of dense threads, which forms various patterns and ornaments.

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Macrame curtains are made exclusively by hand. Therefore, the price for them is not small. But the wow effect is guaranteed. Macrame curtains will decorate scandi, boho interiors, eco-style, will be good in rustic styles.


It was with such hanging curtains that our mothers and grandmothers decorated doorways. Curtains made of bamboo sticks or wooden beads can still look relevant today. But not in any interior.


Wooden and bamboo curtains on the doorway will be appropriate in boho or scandi-boho style, in eco-style, rustic and some retro interiors. Such curtains perform only decorative and zoning functions. From prying eyes, they, alas, will not hide. But practically do not accumulate dust. And in case of pollution they are easy to wash. It is convenient to take care of such curtains: they do not need to be ironed and steamed.

Filament curtains on the doorway

This is the so-called muslin, the very favorite hanging curtains by many. They are noodles made of thin threads, fastened with a ribbon on top.

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To make such a solution look appropriate in a modern interior, choose matte plain textiles without unnecessary shine and decorative elements: beads, beads, rhinestones, etc. Interestingly, filament curtains look in tandem with ordinary curtains or curtains.

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How to choose the size

If ordinary curtains that decorate windows are now often made long, lying on the floor, for curtains in a doorway, this is not the best solution. Too long fabric will interfere with the passage, it will be inconvenient to move such a curtain. In addition, it will collect even more dust. Therefore, it is better to leave a small gap between the bottom edge of the canvas and the floor — 1-2 centimeters.

Design: Oksana Agaponova. Photo: Roman Spiridonov

The width depends on your preference. Someone needs lush and tight folds. And someone prefers a more casual and democratic look. The more folds, the more fabric will be required for decoration. On average, the width of the canvas can be calculated by the formula: X \u003d Y × K. Where X is the width of the fabric, Y is the length of the cornice, K is the assembly factor. The minimum value of K is 1.5. In this case, small, light folds are formed. For more voluminous, you need to choose a factor of 2 or 3.

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Bonus: doorway decor with glass doors

In the previous paragraphs, we have discussed the choice of decor for the passage without a door. But sometimes the opening with the door is also needed. For example, if the door is glass and not tinted. Such an opening, of course, can be decorated with traditional curtains and curtains, tulle, threads. But there are also alternative options.

Design: Marina Zenova

In modern interiors, the decor of glass doors with roller blinds looks good. Concise, monophonic models are relevant. The design of transparent blinds doors looks very stylish. Designers often use wooden horizontal structures.


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