It surprises: 5 unusual solutions for the kitchen that we found from designers


one Stainless steel work surface

Do you want to design a truly anti-vandal interior? Then take the example of designer Yuriy Lutsenko, who set up his small studio in Rostov-on-Don. It is intended for short-term rental, so the interior had to be stylish, functional, memorable and practical. The kitchen area is very small. We want to pay attention to the design of the headset. It was made to order, the main material is plywood. The cabinets are painted, while the top and backsplash are covered with stainless steel: practical and unusual! The designer says that you can even cut food without a cutting board on it — it’s hard to come up with a more “vandal-proof” one. It’s also a very budget friendly solution!

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    Small but stylish: 5 perfect kitchens from designers

2 From a different angle — an expanded kitchen

Designer Olga Slugina used an unusual technique, and not in one of her projects, but we will consider this one — a one-room apartment turned almost into a two-room apartment due to the skillful distribution of the area, and this was achieved, among other things, thanks to the re-equipment of the kitchen. So, the headset was turned at an angle, but on the contrary — a part ended up on the corridor area. Opposite — columns with a built-in refrigerator, oven. The functionality of the kitchen is preserved, but it seems to take up less space, there is space for a full-fledged dining area, a living room and a separate bedroom behind a glass partition.

3 Mirror inside headset

What if we move away from the issue of functionality and practicality and think about aesthetics? The decorative component of the kitchen is also important. So, for example, in the project of Alena Matisova, part of the upper cabinets is replaced by a shelf, inside the wall is decorated with a mirror, decorated with two sconces, and on top there is a module that hides communications. It turned out a kind of niche with a mirror inside. It looks beautiful, unusual, and when the sconces are on, there will be even more light due to the presence of mirror surfaces.

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    5 secrets to planning a headset in a small kitchen

four Additional hood

The kitchen in the project of designers Alexey and Ekaterina Savitsky turned out to be very functional. The request from the hostess initially included a comfortable kitchen, she loves to cook, and this wish was fulfilled to the maximum. So, one of the special details is a separate closed cabinet with shelves where there are different products, and at the bottom there is an electric grill. Sockets are also provided. Since the steam will come out, a built-in hood was made here — it is convenient to cook, there is no need to carry small household appliances from place to place.

If you have free space in your apartment and you are fond of cooking, consider repeating this technique.

5 Part of an old sideboard instead of an upper cabinet

Ksenia Guziy’s project is unusual in every way — the designer has transformed an apartment in an old fund (1900 house) in St. Petersburg, now these are two apartments for rent to city guests. In one of the apartments, along with a modern set, there is a part of an old buffet — it was found in a village in the Nizhny Novgorod region, restored and delivered to St. Petersburg. The kitchen now looks truly unique.

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    Before and after: 6 spectacular kitchens redesigned by designers


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