Wow effect: 6 examples of kitchens with beautiful facades


one Classic set in deep blue

At the heart of this interior is a love of vintage and color. As a base, we took a complex turquoise, which in one form or another is present in all functional areas. It also has a kitchen set. It is made to match the rest of the interior, in the same turquoise hue with classically shaped facades. The kitchen looks elegant, and, despite the richness of the rest of the interior, it is not lost against the backdrop of spectacular details.

2 Kitchen with gold fronts

The brightest accent in the interior of this kitchen-living room is a golden set. Despite the fact that the facades are made in a catchy color, it goes well with the living area. All thanks to the repeating colors: gold, green, as well as a shade of wood. The upper tier of cabinets in gold is duplicated in the design of bar stools, their base is also decorated in gold. Curtains, decorative pillows on the sofa, parts of the coffee table are also made in gold. Despite some pomposity, in fact, this interior looks very cozy and harmonious.

  • It's unusual: kitchens made of stainless steel and other metal


    It’s unusual: kitchens made of stainless steel and other metal

3 Ultramarine kitchen with spectacular hood

The facades of the suite (as well as the walls in this kitchen) are painted in a bright blue hue and complemented by gold fittings. A rich palette makes the interior memorable and individual, and the details add gloss. One of the main elements is a three-dimensional extract of a beautiful complex shape with a carved edge. In fact, a geyser is also hiding under the dome.

four Kitchen in olive color

Unusual color schemes can be not only bright and contrasting, but also completely neutral. In this case, the set is made in a calm olive hue, but the thing is that in the Provence interior, the whole palette is usually very diluted. That is why the olive kitchen in this interior looks impressive. By the way, the dining group also supports the color scheme on the facades — the upholstery of the chairs is made in the same shade.

  • Olive color in the interior: learning to use a trendy shade of green (125 photos)

    Colors in the interior

    Olive color in the interior: learning to use a trendy shade of green (125 photos)

5 Contrasting kitchen

Choosing colors that contrast in warmth is a popular technique not only in wall or floor decoration, but also in furniture design. So, two colors were used here: cold, saturated blue and neutral warm beige. Together they create a harmonious pair, besides, despite the opposite shades, both base colors look quite neutral, and the different sizes of the headset drawers help to visually lighten the entire structure and make it more airy.

6 Set with multi-colored cabinets

The colorful and unusual interior of the kitchen can be decorated using a combination of bright colors. For example, in this project, turquoise and sunny yellow were chosen for the headset. The palette looks very cheerful and fresh, and thanks to the white background, rich shades do not overload the interior. The fittings were made in a contrasting black color — it acts as an additional accent on the facades. Such a bright headset is a rather bold decision. To some, it may seem redundant, but in any case, rich-colored furniture looks catchy and impressive.

  • 8 unusual shades for the kitchen set


    8 unusual shades for the kitchen set


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