5 best color combinations for a peaceful bedroom


one Muted pink and beige

To create a cozy boudoir atmosphere, a combination of muted pink and beige shades is well suited. They look especially good on matte textured surfaces: decorative panels, headboard, curtains. This color scheme will be appropriate in any interior style, but it looks especially elegant in neoclassical.

How to use

Since these are two calm and deep shades, they do not argue with each other and do not overload the space visually. Therefore, any proportions are possible: for example, 50 to 50 or 70 to 30. Use black and gold as additional color accents — they will bring the necessary contrast to a calm palette.

2 Light lavender and pink

A more airy color combination for a calm bedroom is light shades of lavender and pink. They are less often used in the interior than, for example, beige or gray, so they are suitable for those who want to create an unconventional palette without bright accents.

How to use

Shade these colors with a cool tone of white. It can be used for ceilings, textiles and large furniture. But warm colors next to lavender and pink are best avoided so that they do not clash in temperature. As a small accent, you can take a muted green or wine shade.

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3 Sand and gray

To create a visually warm and soft color scheme in the bedroom, try a combination of sandy beige and light gray. It will turn out sunny, but at the same time calm interior, which will help you tune in to rest and will look cozy even in cloudy weather.

How to use

Make sure that the depth and saturation of these two shades match. Use them on different surfaces: in textiles, decoration, furniture. Then it will be possible to achieve the effect of a smooth flow of one color into another without sharp boundaries, and the space will be perceived as a whole and harmoniously.

four Herbal and pink terracotta

If you want to decorate your bedroom with color, but at the same time avoid the feeling of brightness and excessive energy, combine natural shades: for example, herbal and muted terracotta with pink undertones. Green in this case will act as the basis of the interior color scheme, and the second color will become an accent. Therefore, their combination should be in a proportion of approximately 80 to 20.

How to use

It is enough to pick up one large piece of furniture and one accessory in an accent pink-terracotta color. And soothing green can be used in decoration. Be sure to paint on the wall to find the right shade. A warm tone with a slight admixture of yellow will look good. Such a pair will be successfully shaded by cold white or gray. Use them for ceiling, furniture or textiles.

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5 Gray and green

Those who are better at relaxing in a dark space will love the classic combination of dark gray and rich green. The latter will help to avoid excessive gloom and coldness in such a palette.

How to use

Take gray as a base and generously add green as a second base color. At the same time, it is important to stick to one tone so that the interior looks more solid and thoughtful. For example, choose textiles for your favorite wall paint or vice versa. For accents in such a bedroom, you can use black or white or add warmth with beige.


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