How to fit everything in the design of the bathroom: toilet, washing machine, bathtub or shower? Real layouts and 83 photos


In typical apartments, as a rule, there are two options for planning bathrooms: combined and separate. In this article, we will talk about the first. Most of the apartments do not have storerooms and technical rooms. So in the bathroom, in addition to the bath, sink and toilet, you also have to place a washing machine. Of course, you can find a place for her in the corridor and even on the loggia — but these are not the most obvious solutions. Therefore, we will tell you how to make the interior of a bathroom with a toilet and a washing machine harmonious and stylish, and the space comfortable and functional. We also share some great design ideas.

All about the design of a combined bathroom with a washing machine

Bathroom layout
— Example #1
— Example #2
— Example #3
— Example No. 4
Ways of locating equipment
— Under the table
— in a niche
— Behind closed doors
— Behind the barrier
— Under the sink
— Column
— standalone
Style Guide


VK @maximaji

Before you start planning any space — living room, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom, you need to gain knowledge in the field of ergonomics. Experts have long calculated what sizes, heights, distances, options for placing plumbing and furniture are the most convenient and functional. So, in the combined restroom you need to provide: a toilet, a bath (or shower), a washing machine, a sink. And here’s what’s important to consider.

  1. A rectangular bath is recommended to be placed so that it is surrounded by walls on three sides. This will allow you to maintain the correct proportions of the room, rational use of space.
  2. A comfortable height from the floor to the top edge of the bath is about 60 cm.
  3. The distance from the side of the toilet to other plumbing or furniture should be 30-40 cm.
  4. The optimal distance between the toilet and the bath, installed opposite each other, is 75 cm. The minimum is 50 cm.
  5. The average installation height of the sink is 90 cm. But options are allowed in the range from 80 to 100 cm.

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Layout of a combined bathroom with a washing machine

There are enough layout options for a combined restroom to choose the right one for any room. Consider a few successful and interesting examples for both small and spacious rooms.

Example #1

Designer Anna Maltseva

The area of ​​this room is 4.6 square meters. m. Nevertheless, it was possible to place everything you need here. The designer chose an L-shaped composition. A sink and a washing machine are installed along one wall under a single countertop. On the same wall in the corner is a shower room. A hanging toilet was placed against a perpendicular wall. Above it is a storage cabinet.

Example #2:

Designer Maria Mikhailova

Another option for a compact room, but already rectangular in shape. The area of ​​the room is 4.2 square meters. m. Here we see not a shower, but a full bath. It was placed along a short wall so that it is tightly bounded on three sides. Along a long wall, a sink and a typewriter were installed under one countertop, and a storage cabinet was placed in the corner. The place for the toilet bowl was chosen at the second short wall.

Example #3

Designer Yuri Mironov

In this project, the geometry of the room is more complex. Due to partition walls, the space is zoned. Despite their small size, and The area of ​​this bathroom is about 4.3 square meters. mseems to be more. Only two short walls of a rectangular room are involved in the arrangement of appliances and furniture. Along one, through the partition, there is a sink and a column of washing and drying machines. Opposite, also through the partition, there is a toilet bowl and a shower room.

Example #4

Designer Vasilisa Maksimadzhi

If the room is spacious, you can provide a U-shaped composition, as in this project. The area of ​​the room here is 6.5 square meters. m. Away from one of the walls, the designer placed a sink with a hanging cabinet and a mirror, storage cabinets, and a column of appliances. The opposite wall is occupied by a spacious shower room. A toilet bowl was placed along the third free wall.

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Ways to locate a washing machine in a combined restroom

We analyzed the finished work of specialists and, on this basis, identified several successful ways to install the unit in a combined bathroom.

Next to the sink, under a single countertop

Design: Natalia Laifer. Photo: Evgeny Gnesin

This is the most popular and widespread option. It looks like this: a suspended tabletop is installed along one of the walls. An overhead or mortise sink is placed on it. The bowl at the same time moves to one of the edges of the countertop. Underneath is a storage cabinet. The other edge of the tabletop remains free. It is used as a shelf. And under it, a washing machine is just installed. It is important that the depth of the countertop and the machine is the same. Thus, the unit does not protrude forward, does not interfere with the passage, leaves free access to the sink. In this case, only equipment with a horizontal way of loading laundry is suitable. The layout may vary. The countertop is also installed along a short wall, perpendicular to the bath. Or you can place them opposite each other, and the toilet — against a free wall.

in a niche

It can be a real niche formed by walls or partitions in the room. Or maybe a specially designed open niche at the bottom of the cabinet. The second option is the most common.


Usually in their work, designers design a tall vertical swing cabinet up to the ceiling. For the machine, leave free space at its base. The cabinet can fit snugly to the appliances. Or a small open shelf can be placed between them. It is important that the depth of the cabinet is equal to the depth of the machine. Then the device will not protrude. Such a cabinet is often placed in the corner, on the side of the sink or bath. There are examples when a cabinet is designed to be the length of the entire wall. This option is suitable for more spacious rooms. The toilet in this case can be located along the perpendicular wall, along with the sink. And the bathroom is opposite the closet.

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    6 functional laundry areas in the bathroom

Behind closed doors

The previous two methods involve open placement of the machine. This one, on the contrary, allows you to hide the technique.

VK, Natalia Yusupova @spb.designer

There are several options for how to do this. In the first case, the machine is cleaned in a cabinet under the countertop with a sink. This is a compact and rational solution for small rooms with an area of ​​​​about 3-4 square meters. m. The interior looks laconic and complete. Closed placement avoids visual noise.

If the dimensions of the bathroom allow, you can use another method — install a built-in utility closet and close it with sliding doors. It stores both equipment and household items. Such a closet can be organized by fencing off part of the room along a short or long wall. Parallel to it, along the adjacent wall, but at a sufficient distance, they usually put a toilet bowl.

Behind the partition

This solution is similar in meaning to the previous one. The task is to avoid unnecessary visual noise and fragmentation of space.

Design: Evgenia Filatova. Photo: Mikhail Chekalov

In the project, which is shown in the photo, louvered doors were used as a partition. You can buy these at any major hardware store. Here they are hinged to form an accordion door. We also see a corner bowl, next to it is a toilet bowl, and a sink is placed opposite.

You can make a partition from other materials. For example, from glass blocks. Or just organize storage behind blackout curtains.

Under the sink

A good solution for bathrooms, where every centimeter of space counts.

Design: Alesya Kotova. Photo: Evgeny Gnesin. Style: Anastasia Vlasova

In this case, the washbasin is installed directly above the washing machine, without an intermediate link in the form of a countertop. If you plan to install this method, you should select the appropriate plumbing in advance. A regular bowl won’t work. Need as flat as possible with a drain in the side or in the corner.

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    How to install a sink over a washing machine: detailed instructions for choosing and installing


This is the choice for those who need to place not only a washing unit, but also a drying unit. Then one is placed directly on top of the other.

Design: Yuri Mironov: Photo: Anastasia Vandalkovskaya. Style: Nastasya Korbut

You need to choose a technique that allows such an arrangement. In this case, special fasteners from the manufacturer must be included in the kit. In terms of layout and design, a special open niche in a tall vertical cabinet is often designed for a column. The cabinet is placed on the side of the sink or close to the shower or bath so that it looks more compact and does not narrow the space. Closed storage places are organized in the closet, around the column. The toilet is installed along the free wall.


Not always, in order to create a stylish and harmonious interior, you need to resort to additional techniques. Just a stand-alone machine can also look concise and appropriate. The main thing is to choose the right place for the equipment and its model.

Design: Olga Slugina. Photo: Anton Ivanov. Style: Anna Koroleva

For example, you can put the machine in the corner, to the left or right of the door. It is important that it does not interfere with the passage. Plumbing in this case can be placed along three free walls. Also, the equipment is placed next to the sink. And opposite — a shower and a toilet, as in the photo in the gallery. As for the model, choose a color that suits the interior. Today there are on sale not only classic white, but also gray, black, color options.

Bathroom with toilet and washing machine: style guide

The choice of how to install and design plumbing, furniture and appliances in a combined bathroom depends on the overall design of the bathroom with a toilet and a washing machine, on the chosen style of the bath.


VK @kareev_design

It is quite democratic. The main thing is functionality, practicality, convenience. The advantage should be given to light colors of both appliances and furniture, finishing materials. They can be made friends with natural woody shades, natural stone colors. It is necessary to avoid an abundance of too dark or bright colors, as well as too shiny, glossy surfaces. They can be, but in the role of accents. In general, opt for matte textures in muted, natural colors. When it comes to furniture design, Scandi strives for simple, clear forms and clean lines.


It can be in light colors, on the border with Scandinavian interiors. Or it can be brutal, dark and saturated, close to a loft.

Design: Ekaterina and Vadim Bychkov. Photo: Evgeny Gnesin. Style: Irina Bebeshina

Allows bright, contrasting colors. There are both matte and glossy surfaces. You can use metallized parts: colors of silver, chrome, rusty iron, copper. Wood and stone textures are popular. Common to all this diversity is the desire for a minimum of decor, details, lack of visual noise, simplicity of lines.

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    Bathroom, bathroom

    Nothing superfluous: we decorate the bathroom in the style of minimalism

Classic and neoclassic

Composition, symmetry, proportions are important for such interiors. This must be remembered when placing plumbing and furniture.

Design: Karina Seiful-Mulyukova. Photo: Sergey Krasyuk. Style: Kira Prokhorova

If the technique is open, you should not choose a model with a lot of metallized, chrome elements. Let it be concise, as inconspicuous as possible in appearance. Classics and neoclassics are also characterized by a pastel palette, luxury elements: gilded or brass elements, stucco molding, carvings, panels on furniture. Neoclassicism is more democratic. She also accepts all these elements, but in a lighter form.

Modern style

When in one space there is a set of relevant, trendy techniques from different popular styles, they talk about a modern interior.

Design: Anastasia and Eugene of Russia. Photo: Evgeny Gnesin. Style: Irina Bebeshina

A bathroom in this style is a space for creativity. Today, natural colors and textures are popular: large-format porcelain tiles with the texture of wood, stone, iron, including oxidized and rusty. Small-format vertical tiles are also relevant, as well as square tiles with a glossy surface and a “wet” effect. Increasingly, instead of ceramics or in tandem with it, they use matte paint, including rich colors, and even wallpaper, sometimes with an incredible fantasy print.

Country style

Country, Provence, rustic, chalet, Russian style — all these are varieties of rustic style.

Social networks of designer Valeria Titova

Their key feature is the use of natural, natural materials: wood, stone, natural fabrics. Finishing can be slightly careless, sloppy, even rough. The furniture is simple, home-made. The main thing that should be — a feeling of warmth and comfort of rural life.

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