Before and after: 6 spectacular kitchens redesigned by designers


one Kitchen 10 sq. m in the house series P-44

The project of designer Anastasia Ufimtseva is a bright transformation and an unusual example of the use of space. The «wet» zone occupies 10 squares. Before the renovation, the kitchen set was small and stood at an angle, fitting into the niche between the wall and the utility shaft. The refrigerator was placed in a corner on the border with the corridor.

To fit everything you need, including a full-fledged dining area, furniture was placed in a non-standard way in the new interior. So, the sink remained in the same corner, this part of the headset consists of two lower and upper bases — they are inscribed in a niche. But the main cooking area, along with a stove, oven, microwave and refrigerator, is along a perpendicular wall. And the headset smoothly passes into the corridor closet — this way you get an overall, but convenient storage system. The dining table is located in the center of the kitchen, a convenient approach is organized to it from all sides.

Stylistically, the space is solved in a modern key, with light notes of the classics — can be traced in the panels on the facades of the headset, upholstered chairs. For the walls, a deep pink-brown color was chosen, in similar tones and upholstery of the chairs. And the facades of the kitchen are light.

2 Kitchen 5.6 sq. m in Khrushchev

This apartment in St. Petersburg was designed by designer Polina Andreeva in close cooperation with the owner. The owner is engaged in the manufacture of furniture to order, and the kitchen was just made for herself.

In the “before” photo, the space seems to be already in the process of being renovated: only the wall decoration is visible — reddish tiles, and the floor decoration — wood-like tiles. After the kitchen has changed. At the same time, the floor tiles were left. The walls were painted, and the apron was laid out with glossy rectangular small tiles. Visually, the space is facilitated by the fact that there are no upper cabinets along one wall, only a hood. The dining area is taken out into the adjoining living room — another solution that made it possible to «unload» a small kitchen.

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3 Kitchen 6 sq. m in the panel

In the “before” photo in this apartment, you can see an arched opening decorated with stone, as well as an orange suite. After the transformation according to the project of Inna Chashina, the space seems to have become larger — due to light shades and the same light headset. The furniture was arranged in an unusual way, a column with a microwave and an oven was placed by the window. And they were also able to fit a two-door refrigerator. The opening of the correct angular shape in such an interior looks more natural, does not weigh down the space.

four Bright kitchen in stalinka

Before the work of designer Kristina Lichik, the kitchen in this apartment was bright — with slatted facades, the same countertop, an apron made of the usual «boar» tiles. After — acquired a new look and character. The combination of a blue headset, a red refrigerator and accessories looks spectacular, the absence of upper cabinets allows you to place a characteristic decor on the shelves — for example, in the photo there is a picture with the owners’ cats, as well as little things like cans of cereals and books. I want to be in this kitchen!

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5 Kitchen 10 sq. m in the panel

Designer Marina Pavlova transformed this kitchen, as well as the whole apartment — from a dark space with an old finish, a new one turned out — bright and functional. The set was made angular, using even the space under the window and the walls on the sides — to accommodate lockers, a large two-door refrigerator, a full-fledged dining area were installed. There is plenty of storage space, the space looks clean and cozy, without unnecessary details.

6 Kitchen 7.6 sq. m in a panel house

Another example of the transformation of space in a typical house is this kitchen from an apartment designed by the Svoi Design studio. There was no repair here, as such: outdated appliances and furniture.

After the renovation, the kitchen looks completely different. Here you can find a functional corner suite, a comfortable dining area with a sofa, so you can, if you wish, fully relax without sitting on chairs for a long time. The turquoise color of the lower facades and the emerald tiles on the backsplash echo the tropical theme of the wallpaper on the wall behind the sofa.

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