7 autumn decor ideas for an apartment that breathe warmth and comfort


Do you want to update the interior for the fall? The video listed decoration ideas

one Choose decor in the «autumn» palette

The first association that this time of year evokes is bright and colorful nature. Therefore, in order to create the appropriate atmosphere at home, feel free to borrow a palette from the autumn forest. Green, yellow, brown, orange, ocher and red — all these colors go well with each other, and the easiest way to add them to the interior is through decor or textiles. Choose the most natural, deep and complex shades, otherwise such accessories will look cheap, and you will not be able to achieve the desired effect.

2 Place leaves and branches in a vase

An easy and budget-friendly way to decorate your home in October is to head to the park and pick up large fallen leaves. They can be placed throughout the house in beautiful vases. Such compositions will stand unchanged for a long time and attract attention. If you want to make the autumn bouquet more voluminous and varied, you can also cut in your garden or buy several branches of barberry, euonymus, hawthorn, elderberry or cotoneaster in a flower shop.

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3 Arrange a few pumpkins in plain sight

Ornamental or real pumpkins are another popular fall attribute that will brighten up any room in the house without breaking the bank. Let them be of different sizes and shades so that the compositions with them look more interesting. An important point — if you use fruits, and not ceramic figurines, do not wash the pumpkins brought home under water and do not place them close to the batteries, otherwise they will begin to rot in a couple of days. Just wipe them with a dry cloth if there is soil left on them.

four Use textured textiles

Another autumn association that exudes comfort is textiles with a pronounced texture. Throw a blanket on the chair, lay a fluffy carpet, put knitted covers on sofa cushions. Choose tactilely pleasant, preferably natural fabrics. The interior will immediately seem warmer and softer, and you will want to warm yourself from the weather outside the window.

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5 Make a cozy light

The easiest way to make the room visually cozier and warmer is by adding candles and garlands to the interior. But since this is already a rather stereotyped technique, you can fit them into space in a more complex way. For example, not just hang a garland along the wall, but place it on a shelf between books and decor, or hide it inside a cupboard with transparent doors. And instead of the usual candles in a glass cup, pick up long models of white or red and put them in a beautiful candlestick. They look aristocratic and are used less frequently.

6 Add hints of magic

In the autumn decor, you can safely use fabulous accessories. The most obvious way is to arrange Halloween paraphernalia in advance if you like the atmosphere of this holiday. Or you can just remember your favorite books about elves or the school of magic and add references to them to the interior. Also in the folklore of any country there are autumn tales — you can take them as a basis and improvise.

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7 Choose beautiful dishes

The kitchen also has room for cozy seasonal updates. Get a couple of new pumpkin-shaped mugs or a set of forest-inspired plates. At the same time, complement them with a beautiful autumn composition in a vase and a tablecloth in warm, rich colors.

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