5 wow ideas for decorating your TV wall


one Use vertical bars

If we consider the TV in the interior in terms of geometry, then this is a simple rectangle consisting of straight lines and right angles. Therefore, a large number of vertical stripes can be placed on the wall that is behind it. Visually it will look nice because our brain loves simple shapes. For example, on the section of the wall next to the screen, thin wooden slats can be fixed. At the same time, they will help to visually raise the ceiling. And do not forget that the TV cabinet or hanging shelves in this one should also have the appropriate silhouettes — without rounding.

2 Install asymmetrical shelving

Often the seating areas in the living room look the same and rather boring, because standard closed cabinets and shelves from the same collection are placed under the TV. Due to the fact that such a technique can be found in most apartments, the opposite approach looks much more original. For example, you can pick up racks, shelves and cabinets from different series, with and without doors, in several shades. Feel free to leave some of the shelves open — they can be filled with decor and storage boxes. These small details will make the TV area more interesting and distract attention from the screen.

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3 Surround the screen with posters and paintings

The TV will not look like a boring black rectangle in the middle of a light wall if you surround it with something that is interesting to look at. A simple and budget solution is to hang posters, photos and paintings on the same wall. So that this decorative composition does not look like something separate and living its own life, hang the frames closer to each other, at a distance of 5-7 cm from the edge of the screen. It should be tightly surrounded by images. A small life hack: the TV can be left in standby mode with a beautiful screen saver — so it will seem like another poster. Or choose a pair of patterns or frames in black to blend in with the screen off.

four Make the wall texture

You can make the TV area more interesting and brighter if you add texture to the entire wall or part of it behind the screen. To do this, it is enough to expose the brickwork, if any, or imitate it using decorative materials. When choosing a shade for the accent wall section, be guided by the overall palette of the space. If there is a lot of wood and warm colors in the room, red brick will fit well into their company. And in a bright interior with white surfaces, masonry to match them will organically look.

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5 Glue accent wallpaper

Another affordable and effective way to fit a TV into the interior is to use accent wallpaper for the wall behind it. They should be a deep saturated shade, preferably with a large and sufficiently contrasting pattern. TV furniture will need to be selected to match one of the colors present on the wallpaper. In this case, it is not necessary to decorate the entire wall with them. It is enough that they protrude beyond the edges of the screen and TV cabinets by 30-40 cm. This way it will be possible to additionally emphasize the recreation area and watching movies. An interesting effect will give a contrasting light frame, which can be done with paint or plinth from below, on the sides and under the ceiling.


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