5 secrets to planning a headset in a small kitchen


All tips are listed in the video.

one Take advantage of 3D planning

A small space is a great reason to turn on your imagination, because it will not be so easy to arrange a comfortable work area and fit everything you need into a limited footage. You can make a drawing by hand on paper, but there is a chance that the dimensions are not accurately conveyed, which will eventually result in major problems when installing furniture. It is much easier to use an online planner in which you can build the location of the headset by setting the exact parameters. Some kitchen manufacturers offer this service in their offices. A three-dimensional model will help you determine exactly how convenient the doors will open, where it is better to put which drawer and how best to position the equipment.

2 Bet on a light palette

Light shades in the design of a small kitchen are not just beautiful. The lighter the interior will visually appear, the more furniture and other items you can painlessly fit into a small footage. Therefore, the facades of the kitchen set are ideally made concise and light. By the way, such a palette is also practical, because pollution on a white, beige or pale gray background is less noticeable than on a colored or dark one. And in general, the bright interior looks much neater and “cleaner”.

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3 Consider an L-shaped layout

L-shaped layout is one of the best options for a small kitchen. With this arrangement, the “working triangle” turns out to be as ergonomic and convenient as possible for use. As a rule, in the corner set in the middle there is a stove, on one side of it is a refrigerator, and on the other is a sink. With this arrangement, it is most convenient to cook, but there may be other schemes: for example, when the sink is installed in a corner. The main thing is to keep track of the distance: it is better when from one part of the working triangle to the other no more than 1.5 meters, so that you can reach everywhere with your hand.

four Think small appliances

To strike a balance between the amount of technology and the convenient location of the storage system, consider more compact stove or oven models. Often even two burners are not used at the same time, let alone four. The need for an oven in some homes is also in question: baking a couple of times a year is not a reason to occupy a large area that can be given for storage. When in doubt, install a small oven «just in case». A dishwasher with a width of 65 centimeters is suitable if you cook a lot and often or you have a large family. In other cases, you can save space and put a forty-five-centimeter model. If you already have a dishwasher, there is no need to make a large sink — it is better to choose a more compact option.

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5 Don’t go overboard with cabinets and shelves

A common mistake when planning a small kitchen is to make as many storage systems as possible. Literally every free centimeter is used: on the door, above the table, on the windowsill. Here it is very important to know the measure and plan the storage so that it looks harmonious. Busting with drawers, shelves and hooks will make your kitchen look more like a warehouse than a cozy room.

In a small space, you need to maintain visual lightness. Therefore, try to declutter as much as possible and leave only what you need, and not plan additional cabinets everywhere. If you need roomy storage, a good option is the upper tier of the headset, extended to the ceiling. So you will take up free space at the top, but the kitchen will look harmonious. To visually unload the space, part of the wall can be left without cabinets at all.


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