5 beautiful bedrooms with an accent wall


one Interior with classic motifs

This bedroom is decorated in rich warm colors that contrast with the cool blue-green walls. The result was a non-standard palette for the recreation area. The picture is complemented by a bright pattern on the wallpaper, which decorates the accent wall at the head of the bed. They are made in the same green-orange color scheme as the rest of the interior. Supports her and textiles on the bed. Classical motifs are seen in the forms of furniture: headboards, chairs, chest of drawers on the opposite side. And the brickwork on one of the fragments of the wall brings an element of history to the interior.

2 Cozy bedroom with bright wall

The interior of this bedroom looks soothing and conducive to relaxation. This is facilitated by a calm gray-white gamma and hidden lighting on the wall behind the head of the bed. It makes the accent orange hue even warmer and more expressive. An interesting solution to the problem of storage: several shelves and drawers divide the painted wall into bright blocks. In addition to decoration, decor also serves as an accent: for example, the figures above the bed are made in a similar reddish hue.

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3 Bedroom with spectacular wallpaper

This junior suite is decorated in a contemporary style with matching colours. Against the backdrop of a laconic finish, an accent wall behind the head of the bed stands out. The mural wallpaper depicts golden planets on a black background. A very effective and memorable technique that does not contradict the general «relaxing» mood of the room. The rest of the space is decorated in neutral shades of beige, brown and white. The bed and curtains complement each other in color, and it turns out a very harmonious and pleasant interior of the recreation area.

four Bright bedroom combined with kitchen

This studio is in no way inferior to a full-fledged apartment, because it has everything you need for a comfortable life. A kitchen set, a double bed, a storage system and even a small dining area were placed on a small area. Two materials were combined in the decoration: paint and wallpaper. The accent wall behind the bed is decorated with bright tropical print canvases. To them, the company chose a more calm background wallpaper in gray-green color. The overall bright palette is supported by dark orange paint, which was used to paint the part of the wall between the bed and the cooking area.

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5 «Marine» bedroom with author’s painting

The interior of this bedroom is made in a refreshing blue and white palette and a marine theme. The surface behind the head of the bed is painted by a professional artist. The pattern smoothly transitions from the wall to the hidden door, thus masking it even more. Emphasizes the overall style of the poster in sea views, as well as textiles in the same blue tones as the rest of the interior. «Warm» accents were placed with the help of beige: it made curtains on the windows and the head of the bed. It turned out very easy and comfortable.


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