Mirrors in the interior: where and how to use? 55 photo ideas


Mirrors are not only for use, but also for the sake of beauty. How to use them to emphasize style and complement the space? What options are in fashion right now? Where to hang a mirror in different rooms? We will tell about everything in this material.

All about mirrors

— By location
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What’s in fashion
How to use in different rooms

What are they needed for

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At first glance, this is a strange question. After all, everyone knows why. But besides the main function — to show our reflection — mirrors have others.

  • Hide everything you don’t need. Extra ledges, columns, incorrect room configuration, storage places — all this can be successfully hidden behind reflective surfaces. They allow you to «straighten» the geometry of space without additional construction work.
  • Make a small space. This is a well-known technique: hang a reflector or even several in a narrow cramped room. Such canvases visually expand the space, as if “pushing apart” the walls.
  • Add light and air. If you hang a mirror in front of or next to a wall lamp or table lamp, the light will be reflected. The same goes for ceiling lights. By the same principle, you can place a reflective sheet in relation to the window, so that daylight is reflected and scattered. However, if you trust Feng Shui, you should not do this. In the East, it is believed that the reflector opposite the window repels good luck.
  • Just make it beautiful. The mirror can also act as an independent element of decor. For example, for an accent wall in the living room or above the head of the bed.
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    5 common mistakes in choosing and placing mirrors (it ruins the interior!)

Types of mirrors

The choice today is able to amaze any imagination. Adherents of the classics, and lovers of practical Scandi, and supporters of a brutal loft, and fans of laconic minimalism will find their options.

By location


  • Mounted. This is the most popular ordinary wall mirror in the interior, and a reflective surface as part of the furniture (for example, on a door or cabinet front), and a canvas attached to the door. There are many options for how to use hinged structures. The main advantage is that they do not take up extra space in the room. Such canvases are suitable even for very small rooms.

  • floor standing. These are, as a rule, more massive products. Most often they are performed at a human height. A large mirror will look good in the interior of a spacious bedroom or hallway — it is convenient to take a look at yourself from head to toe before leaving. Floor models can be supplemented with special legs, supports. Or they can just lean against the wall. In any case, such a canvas needs a lot of space.

  • Desktop. Compact, miniature desktop products are more of a decorative element. Most often they perform an exclusively aesthetic function. They are placed on shelves, chests of drawers, consoles, cabinets.

By shape

Let’s highlight several types.


  • Rectangular and square. One of the most popular traditional options. A versatile solution that will suit any style of interior. Rectangular canvases, arranged vertically, visually stretch the space up. And if you unfold the canvas and hang it horizontally, the room will appear longer or wider, depending on the placement.

  • Round and oval. Such forms have become very popular in recent years. This is also due to the general fashion for streamlined, smooth shapes in the interior. Circles and ovals add to the space a sense of regularity and some relaxation, comfort.

  • Arched. Products in the form of an arch, especially with devitrification, can often be seen today with popular bloggers. The fashion for arches in the interior returned a couple of years ago. Designers began to actively use this form in the planning of premises, furniture, decorative structures, and decoration.
  • Non-standard shapes. This is the way out, if you want not like everyone else. What do manufacturers and designers offer? For example, products are asymmetrical, curved, «broken». In a wooden frame, such options look especially interesting, recalling irregular, natural forms. Unusually and spectacularly look canvases «cropped», as if incomplete in shape. For example, in the form of a half or a quarter of a circle.

What’s in fashion: design and additional options


Of course, the main decoration is the frame. It is she who forms the character, sets the style, mood.


It is impossible to say unequivocally which frames are in fashion today and which are not. But you definitely won’t go wrong if you choose a simple, concise wooden frame. This model will suit any style of interior. Wooden frames are now one of the most popular. Moreover, it is strict, without additional decorations, natural wood color, with a matte texture.

For several years, other natural, natural materials have also been in demand in the frame. The green trend in action. Stylish frames make from bamboo, vines, dried flowers and herbs, jute. Such options look good in scandi, japandi, wabi-sabi, eco and rustic, modern styles.

Do not lose relevance metal frames. And not only minimalistic ones. For example, in the loft style, a massive product in a carved, ornate metal frame will look interesting and unusual. Until now, metal frames in the form of rays of the sun are popular.

Another material from which frames are often made now is leather and its substitutes. Such models look a little rough, but this is their peculiarity.

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    DIY mirror frame: instructions for creating for beginners


Soft, diffused lighting around the perimeter of the shiny smooth surface looks spectacular and bewitching. It seems as if the canvas is not fixed on the wall, but floats freely in the air.

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This feeling can be achieved thanks to the LED strip fixed on the back side. The backlight color today can be anything. Such options look especially good against the background of dark surfaces. By the way, they are used not only in bathrooms, but also, for example, in hallways.

Another interesting move is retro lighting in the form of small lamps on the outside of the frame. This design is reminiscent of a movie star’s dressing room and adds a touch of chic to the space.


Deglazing is something you often see on old wood-framed windows. Or on classic wooden doors with glass.

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These are wooden slats that divide the glass surface into squares and create a beautiful, symmetrical layout. Variants of mirrors with deglazing, usually wall or table. In its function, it is, to a greater extent, an element of decor.

Panels and compositions

Mirrors in a modern interior are folded into panels.

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Today you can find special panels from several fragments that are prepared in advance for decorating surfaces. They come in the form of squares and rectangles, rhombuses, hexagons, circles. You can also independently assemble the original panel from individual canvases. As frames, for example, wall moldings are used. Then the mirrors resemble paintings. The main thing is that the reflection matches.

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    How to decorate a mirror: 5 sure ways and 30 original examples

Mirrors in the interior of different rooms: examples and photos

Living room

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Here, reflective surfaces play, first of all, a decorative function. For example, they can be used to decorate one of the walls. Whole or in the form of a panel, or as a separate decorative element in an unusual frame. If the house has a fireplace, the traditional solution is to place a mirror above the fireplace. If the living room is designed in the style of classics, neoclassics or art deco, glossy, reflective elements can be used in furniture design. For example, as small fragments of facades.

Kitchen and dining room

Wall panels can be placed in the dining area. It will create a festive mood, reflect light.

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Often, reflective surfaces can be found in the design of a kitchen set. For example, they decorate the back walls of hanging cabinets with glass doors, sideboards and display cabinets. They beautifully reflect the brilliance of glass, crystal, porcelain dishes.


Mirrors in the interior of the bedroom will be appropriate both mounted and floor. The first often decorate the wall behind the head of the bed. The second is placed in a well-lit place.

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If there is not enough free space, but you want a full-length canvas, you can fix it on the inside of the cabinet door. Or, conversely, on the facade. The only thing is that it is not recommended to hang or place a reflector directly in front of the bed. Due to this location of the reflective surface, a person may experience discomfort.

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Mirror in the hallway: ideas and photos in the interiors

If space allows, it is advisable to place a full-length wall or floor model. Well, if it is equipped with additional lighting.

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Or you can order an entrance door, the inside of which will be decorated with a mirror. If the corridor is spacious, you can veneer the whole wall from floor to ceiling or its fragment.

For the hallway, it is better to choose a model in a simple, concise, moisture and dirt resistant frame. Still, this is a place where dust from the street often gets. This means that the product will have to be washed quite often.

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The mirror in the interior of the bathroom is often complemented by built-in lighting. In this case, it is important to choose a model specifically for wet rooms, with a high moisture resistance index.

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Also on the sides of it you can place wall or pendant lights. Next to put a bouquet of dried flowers or a few branches in a simple vase or glass.

If you need more storage space, you can hide a wall cabinet behind the shiny surface.

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