How to arrange storage in a small bathroom: 5 wow examples


one Bathroom with inconspicuous open storage

In this bathroom, on a small footage, it was possible to place not only all the necessary plumbing, but also use the maximum space with benefit. Behind the toilet is a shelf on which you can place both decor and the necessary little things. On the side there is a built-in shelving with many compartments. Despite such a large amount of open storage, the interior looks harmonious. This was achieved thanks to a uniform design: all colors are in harmony with each other and are chosen in accordance with the overall style. The interior of the shelves echoes the woodgrain behind the bathtub, while the side cladding is the same black tile as the rest of the walls. The arrangement of the rack with shelves on the side is also successful: their contents do not catch the eye and do not create visual noise.

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    Bathroom, bathroom

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2 Bathroom with storage around the washing machine

This bathroom is 3 sq. m managed to organize a large-scale storage system by the standards of the total footage. It is built around the washing machine. Light cabinets are closed with louvered doors and almost merge with the finish. Behind them are many shelves where you can store everything in the world: from face creams to washing powder and towels. The central element here is the countertop. It has a sink and upper cabinets, under it is a washing machine and lower drawers. The bathroom has a small window. You can place a houseplant or decor on the windowsill, and if necessary, use it for additional storage: for example, put a neat basket or organizer with little things there.

3 Bright bathroom with closet system

Usually in small bathrooms, under the sink, a capacious cabinet with several shelves is installed, on which everything you need is placed. In the same bathroom, the storage issue was solved more creatively: under the sink and next to it, they organized a whole system of plywood cabinets in a bright frame. They include many drawers and shelves of various configurations that allow you to conveniently store a variety of items: towels, cosmetics, household chemicals, household supplies. There are open and closed sections. In addition, communications are hidden in the wall box and behind the cabinet.

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four Bathroom with versatile storage

The owners turned the complex and, at first glance, inconvenient layout of this bathroom to their advantage. A toilet bowl with an installation was installed in a deep niche, above which an additional shelf was hung. There is enough space for useful little things, and for decorations. At the entrance, closed storage was arranged: a spacious floor box covered with a curtain, and a shallow hanging cabinet with louvered doors. The result was a kit in which you can store everything you need for hygiene procedures and cleaning.

5 A bathroom where every centimeter is involved

Small bathrooms are traditionally decorated in neutral light colors. But in non-residential premises, you can experiment and add bright colors. For example, here the front of the pedestal was painted bright yellow to support the painting on the wall and the tile opposite. The result is a rich accent that simultaneously plays the role of decor — an interesting solution for spaces where there is no place for additional decorations. The designers did not forget about the functionality: they arranged a variety of storage in a small area, making the most of the free space. There are two spacious cabinets — under the sink and next to the machine — and two shelves in a niche for hygiene products.

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