7 budget items up to 1,500 rubles for a quick interior update


one Set of two posters

Wall decor is an easy way to change the atmosphere in a room, add color and create a certain mood. If you want to hang posters, take two at once, as one can simply get lost on the wall and not give the desired effect. In addition, this way they will echo in meaning and color scheme, and such a composition looks more holistic. For example, this set of illustrations on the theme of baking looks interesting, because instead of a photo, there are detailed drawings that you want to look at. Such posters can be hung above the table in the dining area or decorate the living-dining room with them.

2 Sofa throw

Textiles are another way to quickly update the interior. Just throw a textured blanket in a pleasant light shade over a sofa or chair, and you will immediately notice how the seating area will change. It is important to throw the fabric over, allowing it to hang a little, and not gently straighten it all over the seat. Then there will be spectacular folds and a feeling of light thoughtful negligence. Choose the shade of the blanket, starting from the color of the upholstery of upholstered furniture, carpet or curtains.

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    8 super cheap interior renovation solutions

3 Glass vase with candle

A decorative candle is the most popular way to add coziness and aesthetics to the interior. But don’t leave it alone on a table or chest of drawers, but place it in an interesting candlestick or, as a more original option, in a cylindrical transparent glass vase. So the whole composition will look larger and more thoughtful. If desired, a little coarse pebbles or sand can be poured into the bottom of the vase.

four Volumetric houseplant

To liven up the space and make it cozier, use indoor plants. As with the rest of the decor, you need to take into account the dimensions of the room: for example, a small cactus in a spacious living room will simply go unnoticed. Bulky plants like this ficus are well suited for decoration. It has many large bright green leaves, and it is easy to care for, so even a novice grower can grow it.

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    house plants

    6 fashion trends in the design of indoor plants in the interior

5 plaster bust

A plaster bust is an aesthetic decoration for the interior, which will make it more expensive and more atmospheric. Choose a sculpture made of natural plaster — it is a safe and natural material. Also pay attention to details and texture: the better the bust is worked out, the more interesting it will look in the interior. It will fit into any style: from classic to loft. In a traditional interior, a small sculpture will organically complement the decor characteristic of this style, and in a modern space it will become an unusual accent.

6 Neon sign

An interesting way to decorate a wall, draw attention to it and at the same time add light to the interior is to hang a neon sign. Place it where you want to put emphasis: above the sofa in the living room, at the desk, among indoor plants. In order not to worry about the proximity of the outlet and not to pull the wires, choose a sign that runs on batteries.

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    11 wow ideas for placing neon signs in the interior

7 Decorative pillow

Another textile element that will help to update the recreation area on a budget is a decorative pillow. If the sofa or armchair is done in a neutral shade, choose bright products with drawings and patterns. They immediately create a color accent and draw attention to the sofa area. And if the pattern or bright shade of the pillow cover bothers you, you can simply replace it.


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