Choosing a sofa in the living room: 72 photos in the interior, trendy models and materials


The central element of any recreation area is a soft group. It should be not only stylish, but also comfortable to use. In this article, we tell you which sofas for the living room in a modern style are now in trend and what to look for when choosing a model.

Choosing a sofa in the interior of the living room

General trends
— Monochrome
— Sofa as an accent
— smooth lines
— Large format
— Minimalism
— Functionality

General trends

If you look at the photos of sofas in the interior of the living room, you can identify several obvious trends that will be relevant in the coming years.


Design: Margarita Zenova

Modern design as a whole strives for monochrome, simplicity, comfort. If earlier beige or gray interiors seemed boring to many, now these are one of the most popular color schemes. In an era when we consume a huge amount of information every day, including visual information, we want to give our brain and eyes a rest at home. Therefore, bright living rooms full of color and active patterns are being replaced by cozy spaces in neutral shades.

For a soft group in such an interior, they also choose a common shade: gray, brown, beige, etc. It can be darker or, conversely, lighter so as not to completely merge with the walls and floor. The volume is created by an interesting upholstery fabric or decorative textiles (it can also be a little brighter to dilute the overall monochrome). In such a space, you can just experiment with the form — for example, choose a product with a complex curved back or asymmetric modules.

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Sofa as an accent

Fans of brightness should not be upset. Now the opposite technique is also relevant, when upholstered furniture is made an accent, moving away from the rule “large elements are neutral, small ones are bright”.

Design: Vasilisa Maksimadzhi

At the same time, the sofa in the living room (photo below) can attract attention different ways:

  • Through color — for a bright accent, choose any natural muted shades (for example, deep blue, wine, emerald or olive, terracotta, brick). They look noble, do not hurt the eyes and do not reduce the cost of the interior.
  • Through the texture — you can stay within the neutral palette, but highlight the furniture due to the bright texture. For example, boucle, dense jacquard and eco-leather look very impressive.
  • Through the shape and size — a non-standard shape or a large format of the product will also attract the eye.

Smooth lines

Rounded streamlined shapes are one of the main trends in interior design in general.

Ash Leonardo’s social media

Despite the fact that right angles are easier to fit into space, now comfort and coziness at the level of object design come to the fore. And smooth lines are inherent in nature and therefore are perceived by us as something natural, safe, pleasant. So more and more often circles, ovals and any curved elements appear in the silhouettes of furniture. A fashionable sofa can be in the form of a crescent, zigzag, shell, round «island» or a classic rectangle, but with softened corners.

large format

Another striking trend is the departure from classical proportions. Designers break the scaling rule and add custom-sized items to the space.

Social networks of designer Aliya Halfetdinova

For example, large sofas are increasingly appearing in living rooms now. This is expressed both in general dimensions (for example, a product can occupy the entire length of the wall), and in the size of individual elements. It can be enlarged modules in the design, backrest, pillows, armrests. Such disproportion, if it is correctly played out, attracts attention and automatically makes the soft group accent, even if the entire interior is as neutral as possible.


Another global trend is a minimalist approach to the design of living spaces.

Social media studio Artimitro

This is expressed in several aspects at once.:

  • Refusal of unnecessary things.
  • Thoughtful, mostly closed storage.
  • Ergonomics and functionality of furniture.
  • Laconic design.
  • Conscious consumption and care for nature.

Therefore, the product must be of high quality, durable, made of environmentally friendly materials. The design is appropriate: simple shapes, natural colors, lack of decorative elements (fringe, carriage tie, rhinestones, various inserts). Upholstery is almost always plain. If the fabric is patterned, then it should be concise and non-contrasting, barely noticeable.

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This trend is directly related to the ideas of minimalism that are now prevalent in design.

Social media studio Lebq Architects

If there is not enough furniture, then it should be functional — but it is better to solve several problems at once. Therefore, the sofa in the living room now rarely plays the role of only sitting. Most often, this is part-time a bed or an additional storage system that can replace a whole chest of drawers or shelving shelves. In small spaces, where it is difficult to organize a separate bed for guests, folding models are indispensable. Various transformers are also popular: for example, a sofa cabinet or a desk.

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Choosing upholstered furniture in the living room, first of all you need to understand what form you need.

Social networks of designer Alexey Volkov


This is a classic format that is easy to fit into any space. A straight sofa can stand both against the wall and in the center of the room. For example, if you have a combined kitchen-living room, you can put it back to the dining group in order to visually separate the recreation area without any partitions. The size of direct models varies from a compact sofa for two to a three-section eurobook, which, when unfolded, is similar to a full-fledged double bed.


L-shaped models are more spacious and help fill an empty corner. This option is suitable for small apartments where several people live. On such a sofa it is convenient to spend time with the whole family or chat with friends. For greater functionality, transformable models are often chosen: in folding corner sofas, the “dolphin” mechanism is usually used.


Modular systems are very popular now. They not only make the interior more mobile, transformable, but also personalize it as much as possible. Since they are made to order, you can specify the dimensions you need, as well as assemble exactly the modules you need. This applies to everything: their colors, shapes, functionality. The result is a beautiful, ergonomic and functional soft group, in which there are no unnecessary unnecessary elements.

Sofa upholstery in the interior of the living room in a modern style

The upholstery of upholstered furniture is important not only from the point of view of use in everyday life, but also from the point of view of aesthetics.

Design: Anna Mizura. Photo: Anastasia Kutyrina

The same color will look different on a particular texture. So, for example, brown eco-leather will create a completely different mood than the same shade on a dense velvety fabric. You need to take this into account, as well as understand what other textures are in the interior of the living room, so that they harmoniously combine with each other.

But still, the practical component matters first of all. Now there are two trends: to use natural or high-tech materials. Often they intersect: for example, upholstery is chosen for a product made of natural fabric, but with modern protective impregnations. This allows you to choose a design that you like visually, and at the same time make cleaning easier, as well as extend the life of the furniture itself.

What fabrics are in trend right now?

  • Velours — dense, tactilely pleasant material with a thick short pile. It combines natural and synthetic ingredients, so it is both environmentally friendly and durable, resistant to bursting and wear. Visually it can be smooth, shaped with embossed or printed pattern.
  • Flock — a layer of special glue is applied to the non-woven base, and then a large amount of villi is poured onto it. The result is an incredibly durable anti-vandal fabric, visually similar to velor. It is also resistant to any environmental influences (such a sofa is not afraid of direct sun from the windows or too dry air in the apartment) and is unpretentious in care. Flock is a great choice for those who have pets at home.
  • Boucle — one of the most fashionable materials that will be relevant for a long time. This is a voluminous «fluffy» fabric that is immediately recognizable. Most often, it is painted in light tones of beige, gray, brown or white, because this way its unique texture is better visible. Boucle can be fully synthetic or blended. Most often it is viscose and acetate, but sometimes cotton, wool or even wool are added to them — such models will cost more. No glue or toxic substances are used in the manufacture, so this upholstery is eco-friendly and hypoallergenic.
  • chenille — dense, but at the same time soft and tactilely pleasant fabric, which is made in a special way: weaving fluffy fibers from cotton, viscose, polyester and other materials into smooth threads. Thanks to this, there are many types of chenille upholstery, which differ both in characteristics and in pattern, texture, color.
  • eco-leather — leather sofas in the living room look very impressive, but such upholstery requires careful handling and special care, and for some it is not suitable for ethical reasons. Another thing is its synthetic counterpart, consisting of a cotton and polyurethane layer. Visually, the material looks almost like genuine leather, but lasts longer, is resistant to abrasion, mechanical stress and creases. Eco-leather allows air to pass through, so in hot weather, sitting on the sofa will not sweat. Also, the artificial counterpart is easier to care for.
  • microfiber — hypoallergenic, inexpensive, durable artificial fabric, which is now very popular. It does not shed and does not roll, it is resistant to deformation, it can be washed. And manufacturers offer a huge number of colors to choose from.
  • Faux suede — Another synthetic material with excellent appearance and performance. It consists of cotton and polyester, which are impregnated with a special laminating composition. Available in many colors, very pleasant to the touch.
  • Jacquard — this fabric will appeal to those who appreciate luxury and aesthetics. The complex interweaving of fibers gives high strength, but at the same time the matter turns out to be hard and slippery, so it is not always comfortable to sit on it for a long time. In addition, jacquard cannot be washed. But this compensates for the elegant look, the beauty of patterns and the nobility of colors. The fabric has a more practical analogue — thermal jacquard, which, thanks to a special impregnation, is resistant to moisture, elastic and durable.

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