6 beautiful kitchens where designers abandoned upper cabinets


one Non-standard kitchen in the joint studio

This interior of a one-room apartment is surprising — there is no minimalism here, which everyone is used to today, but there are spectacular wallpaper with a pattern (a classic from William Morris), antiques, and many bright details.

In the kitchen there is a straight set, where the upper cabinets are replaced by two decorative shelves. In the corner is a tall cabinet with a built-in refrigerator. The main role was given to decoration — beautiful wallpaper should not be closed, but emphasizes their spectacular apron made of arabesque tiles. Of course, the technique also adds to the impression — a copper-colored hood, and a built-in oven to match it. And above the dining area in a classic style, a large chandelier is suspended.

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2 Scandinavian cuisine in a private home

This private house was built in the 90s by a father and son, and for more than 20 years it stood without finishing. But today the space has been transformed by designer Alexandra Kubanets and the owners.

But we are interested in the kitchen. This is a fairly spacious room, combined with a dining area, with an area of ​​18.7 square meters. The lower bases completely occupy one long wall, but there are no upper cabinets. But storage is complemented by column cabinets with built-in appliances.

The colors and the window in the kitchen play a big role in the current interior and in the impression it makes — it is located almost in the center of the wall with lower bases, under it is a sink. The window is not curtained, but effectively finished with moldings. A light backsplash made of glossy tiles, a white countertop play in contrast with the dark green facades. The result was an interior in the spirit of Scandinavian houses.

3 Stylish kitchen with wallpaper

In this kitchen designed by Yulia Veselova, the upper cabinets would block the view to spectacular wallpaper with swans, so it is clear why the furniture was abandoned. The decision played only a plus — the interior is memorable, looks non-standard and interesting. For additional storage, a long shelf is thought out according to the size of the headset, and a built-in refrigerator is hidden in a tall cabinet by the window. In the apron area, the wallpaper is covered with glass, so you don’t have to worry about practicality.

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four Wow-kitchen in stalinka

In this apartment, designed by TB.Design studio, the kitchen is combined with the living room through a wide doorway without a door. And over the entire area of ​​​​the kitchen, it is equipped with functionality in the form of lower cabinets, the upper ones were completely abandoned. Light facades look spectacular together with an apron made of glossy emerald tiles.

In fact, the kitchen area is divided into three parts. These are bases with a sink, on the contrary — a stove with an extractor hood, by the window — a kind of bar counter. And, of course, all this is complemented by many drawers and shelves for storage behind closed facades. There is a built-in refrigerator in the corner.

5 minimalist kitchen

This interior is an example of minimalism. The kitchen is made in light colors, with wooden facades, which are combined with the same finish of the window slopes. Upper cabinets were ditched to add even more space and air to the space, and this decision worked. The unity of finishing materials, an empty wall above the lower bases and light colors create the impression of a clean interior.

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6 Spectacular kitchen with large hood

This apartment is located in the old fund of St. Petersburg, and the corresponding mood is played in the interior. The kitchen is non-standard, blue, and not only the facades of the suite, but also the wall above it, and the large dome are painted in this shade. Under the dome, not only the hood is hidden, but also the gas water heater, and the unity of color makes the interior whole. At the same time, the inclusion of light shades helps not to overload the space. In addition to the lower bases, there are built-in column cabinets with appliances, so that the functionality does not suffer.


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