How to use dark colors in the interior: a stunning example of a 137 sq. m


Customers and tasks

The owners of the house — a young family with a preschool child — turned to designers Irina Borodina and Ekaterina Malaya with the task of furnishing their private home. The developer rented it in a pre-finishing finish, so I didn’t want to change the layout so as not to waste time and budget on work.

The family wanted to use dark colors, but the spouses had different preferences in style. The husband gravitated towards brutality, and the wife towards the classics. But both were open to experimentation. As a result, the designers managed to «make friends» both visions in one space.


On the ground floor, the developer proposed a combined kitchen-living room, a bathroom, a utility room and a room that was supposed to be an office. On the second floor there are three bedrooms (one of them has its own dressing room and bathroom) and another bathroom.

Since they did not want to change the layout, it only remained to correctly distribute the premises and think over the arrangement of furniture for the needs of the family.

The first floor has become a common area. They decided to take the office under the dressing room. On the second floor, in a large bedroom with a bathroom and a wardrobe, they made a room for the spouses. In another, they organized a nursery, and the third was taken as a playroom for a child.


“We wanted to get a natural “forest” color scheme and texture of natural materials,” the designers say. Paint was chosen for the walls and ceilings in all rooms. The kitchen-living room and the master bedroom are decorated in dark green shades.

The nursery and playroom on the second floor are in gray and blue. One wall in the nursery was painted with chalk paint and wallpaper-panels were used to create an accent — themed, to match the hobbies of the baby. “The customer’s son is passionate about airplanes, we used accent wallpapers with a world map in his bedroom and with airplanes in the playroom,” the authors of the project specify.

On the floor — porcelain stoneware on the first floor and an engineering board on the second. “The floor was laid with an English Christmas tree. The client really wanted to see a classic Christmas tree layout in the interior, but the modern layout and rather avant-garde exterior of the house would clash with such traditional flooring. We found a way out by turning the classic “Christmas tree” by 45 degrees, laying it diagonally so that right angles echo the L-shaped layout of the kitchen-living room space and repeat the lines of the kitchen set,” the designers say. In the bedroom and the children’s room, the walls and ceilings are painted in the same tone. This works to visually increase the space and creates a more intimate, enveloping atmosphere.

Furniture and storage systems

Storage picked up at IKEA. This has saved the budget. In the hallway there is a wardrobe for outerwear. In the nursery there is a wardrobe, and in the playroom there is a rack for toys. The master bedroom has a walk-in closet, and the study on the first floor has been used as a dressing area for the time being.

The kitchen, according to the authors of the project, had to be black. The designers chose black fronts for the column cabinets and a black refrigerator. And the lower bases and the island are decorated in dark veneer. The kitchen, by the way, is also from IKEA, as is the TV cabinet in the living room.

In the nursery they made a bed-house. And this choice is not accidental. The designers explain it: “The customer set the task of choosing an interesting bed for the child so that he would like to sleep in his own room. We immediately dismissed options with car beds and the like — it is impossible to find an option worthy in terms of design among them. As a result, we decided to stay on a bed in the form of a house — it is quite simple, but aesthetic, the “roof” of the bed repeats the line of the slope of the roof (ceiling), and you can make all kinds of huts from it with the help of bedspreads and blankets — by yourself and with friends, simply and excitingly !»


Light scenarios are quite minimalistic. On the ground floor in the hallway and the kitchen-living room, the designers used track lights, the direction of the spots can be adjusted, which is convenient. Decorative lighting was added with pendants above the dining table and island. There is also a backlight for the working area of ​​the kitchen — this is a linear suspension. The authors of the project emphasize that for a kitchen without upper cabinets, where there is no possibility to arrange lighting under them, this is a great option. Curtains behind the cornices are also illuminated.

In the bedroom and the nursery, in addition to spotlights from the ceiling, there are table lamps and sconces.

The editors warn that, in accordance with the Housing Code of the Russian Federation, the coordination of ongoing reconstructions and redevelopments is required.

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