Bathroom renovation cheap and beautiful: secrets and 56 inspiring photos


The bathroom should be designed not only beautifully, but also in compliance with all technical and hygienic requirements. Because of this, it is considered that it is categorically impossible to save in this matter. In fact, you can, if you do not sacrifice quality. In this article, we will tell you what to look for, what materials to use, and also show beautiful photo examples of budget repairs in the bathroom.

How to decorate a bathroom cheaply and beautifully

– Finishing
— Plumbing
— Furniture
Design Ideas


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The preparatory stage is the most important, since it is the correct organization and a clear plan that will help you save money on the design of the bathroom. First of all, you need to decide what you can do with your own hands, and what you definitely need a specialist for. To do this, you need to understand what the general scale of the repair is to be.

There are three options:

  • Capital — the longest, laborious and costly type of repair work, since it includes serious alterations. An overhaul will be needed if, for example, you got a “killed” bathroom in Khrushchev, where you need to change not only the tiles, but also all communications, plumbing, floor, ceiling. Or if you combine or, conversely, separate the bathroom. Capital works also include replacement of wiring, piping, complex installation of coatings, etc. For them, it is better to immediately call specialists, so that later they do not have to redo it and pay twice as much for it.

  • Cosmetic — a more budget option for bathroom renovation, which does not require redevelopment, major installation work or pipe replacement. Usually cosmetic repairs involve a new finish, sometimes plumbing and furniture (or their restoration).

  • Decorative — in fact, this is not a repair as such, but rather a work with the space and what it already has. It can be replacing lamps, adding LED lighting, decor, updating textiles, painting nightstands, beautiful organization of storage, sticking vinyl stickers on walls, a new shower curtain.

With this understanding, make two lists: the first — what work needs to be done. Think about what you can definitely do with your own hands (for example, paint a wall or tile the floor), and what is better to entrust to the masters. The second list will include everything that needs to be purchased for repairs: finishing materials, tools, plumbing, furniture, decor, electrics. Take this point time and carefully study the market. Pay attention to Russian manufacturers (now this is especially true), look for stores with profitable promotions and delivery terms, think about whether there are cheaper alternatives for the items you have chosen: for example, PVC panels instead of tiles in at least one area. After that, proceed to the repair itself.

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Repair process

Consider what materials, plumbing and furniture to choose in order to make a beautiful and cheap bathroom renovation.


Finishing materials for the bathroom should be wear-resistant, durable, not be afraid of contact with water and temperature changes, easy to clean.


Now the choice of materials for wall decoration in the bathroom is really large. You can find dozens of options for the same tile in both the premium and budget segments, so you can find inexpensive alternatives.

If the main goal of repair is saving, fit:

  • Tiles are the most popular bathroom material. The tile is durable, environmentally friendly, not afraid of steam, temperature changes, household chemicals, mechanical stress. There are several varieties (from classic tiles to porcelain stoneware or vinyl), for inexpensive repairs it is best to choose medium-sized squares or rectangles.

  • Paint — should be moisture resistant and antibacterial. Coloring is a fairly simple job, you can easily handle it yourself. The only caveat: before that, you will need to carefully align the walls. Paint, as a rule, is combined with other finishing materials to get a more interesting design of the room.

  • PVC panels — suitable for wall decoration in any bathroom area. They are mounted on a frame, so there is no need to pre-level the surface. They are easy to install yourself, so you do not have to call the wizard. The main advantages of such panels are design variability, relatively low price, and moisture resistance. The main thing is to choose high-quality, safe for health plastic.

  • Self-adhesive film — useful for a quick local update of the finish. For example, if there used to be washable wallpapers in the bathroom, but they have lost their beautiful appearance or mold has started up under them. Such a film is not afraid of moisture and does not require complex care — just wipe it with a damp cloth.

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Porcelain stoneware is ideal for bathroom flooring. If this is out of your budget, regular medium or large format tiles will do just fine. It is important that the floor does not slip, so choose a tile with a corresponding mark or just with a slight relief on the surface. The tile can be plain, with imitation of natural materials (marble, wood, stone) or with a bright contrasting pattern (brooms, terrazzo, geometry look interesting).

Linoleum is often advised as an economical solution, but it is not advisable to use it in a bathroom: in conditions of high humidity, a fungus will inevitably start in it, and the coating will have to be changed. It makes sense to use it only if it is a temporary measure.


Any complex designs increase the cost of repairs. The best option for the ceiling is the usual whitewashing with water-based paint, followed by a primer. You can also veneer the plate with plastic panels — at the same time they will mask all the irregularities, if any, and help hide the communications passing along the top. In addition, it is easier to make such a suspended ceiling than a stretch ceiling — you do not have to call the master.


Good plumbing requires investment, which is why it often becomes the most expensive item in the bathroom renovation budget.

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Before you change a toilet or sink, consider whether you really need new positions. Since plumbing is used every day, it gradually loses its fresh look: scratches, chips, rust appear, the enamel turns yellow. But in most cases, this can be solved by cosmetic restoration: for example, to cover the surface with enamel, use an acrylic bowl liner, etc. And in stores you can even find ready-made kits for express repair of deep chips.

If you are buying new plumbing, these principles will help you save money wisely:

  • Classic white models cost less than colored or black ones. There are also more choices among them.
  • Acrylic bathtubs are cheaper than cast iron ones. Plus, they’re lighter. Of the minuses — less strength, so you will need to be careful with such a bowl.

  • If you buy a shower cabin, choose the simplest model without additional complex configurations (rain shower, hydromassage, etc.).
  • Consider domestic producers.
  • Wall-hung toilets cost more than floor-standing toilets, but they make cleaning much easier and make the space visually lighter. In this case, most often it makes sense not to save, but to purchase a more convenient and aesthetic model.

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A typical bathroom uses a minimum of furniture — usually a cabinet for a sink and, if the area allows, one or two more storage systems.

Design: Irina Borodina

Furniture selection rules are simple:

  • Try to choose products of standard sizes.
  • Materials must be moisture resistant, most often used MDF facades with a protective coating.
  • If possible, buy ready-made furniture, not to order.

Simple Bathroom Design Ideas

Even an economical renovation can be stylish, so pay attention to the design of the bathroom.

Design: Kristina Lichik. Photo: Anastasia Kutyrina. Style: Anastasia Lamanova

Simple ideas that fit any budget:

  • In a small bathroom, it is better to use light colors. Dark bathrooms look very impressive, but they require a thoughtful selection of textures, dirt-repellent coatings, additional decor and lighting. Choose universal basic colors as a basis: white, gray, brown, beige. They can be supplemented with discreet natural shades: green, orange, blue.
  • Combine finishing materials for walls. This will not only save money, but also make the space more interesting. A universal combination is paint with tiles, decorative panels or wallpaper.
  • Work with textiles. A monochromatic set will add severity and elegance to the bathroom, while bright towels, bathrobes and rugs, on the contrary, will enliven a neutral interior.
  • Consider closed storage, and use the same concise containers for open storage — this will reduce visual noise, and the bathroom will look neater and more expensive.
  • Use built-in spotlights for general lighting. But for the area around the mirror, depending on the style, you can choose a beautiful LED backlight or accent sconces that will become a beautiful decorative element.

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