Window in the bathroom: stylish decor options and 72 photos of interiors that inspire


When you build your house, you want everything to be perfect. Like in a movie or an expensive hotel: a spacious bathroom overlooking the sea, forest or garden. In this article, we will discuss why there is a window in the bathroom in a private house or apartment. Consider the successful options for decorating it using the example of ready-made design projects. Let’s talk about the layout and suitable stylistic solutions.

All about bathroom design with a window

Pros and cons
Glazing types
— by location
— size and location
— according to the form
Plumbing options
Design and decoration
Suitable styles

Do I need a window in the bathroom: pros and cons

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Proponents’ Arguments

  1. Gives natural light. It is more pleasing to the human eye than artificial.
  2. You can save on electricity. If there is enough natural light, you can turn off the lamps during the day.
  3. Air circulation. You can ventilate the room. This will help avoid excess moisture. And fresh air provides a good microclimate.
  4. Aesthetic rationale: glazing visually expands the space. This is especially true for small spaces. Yes, and taking a bath, looking not at the wall, but at the beautiful landscape, is much more pleasant.

Opponents objections

  1. Glass takes up space that could be put to good use. Yes, and the layout of the space, the arrangement of plumbing and furniture becomes more difficult.
  2. Extraneous views. To avoid violating personal boundaries, you will either have to hang curtains or tint the glass.
  3. If the opening faces the street, there is a risk that the cold will penetrate into the room. For example, if a double-glazed window is installed incorrectly or of insufficient quality in itself.
  4. Splashes and condensation. If the room is poorly ventilated, condensation may form on the glass. And if there is plumbing nearby, splashes will often fall on it. This means you need to wash it more often.

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Window types

By location

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According to the location of the window, you can range into external and internal. Outside are facing the street. Usually this option is found in private homes. Less common in new buildings. The internal ones are well known to all of us from Khrushchev, where they connect the restroom with the kitchen. In modern projects, this decision has been rethought. Now the opening can lead not only to the kitchen, but also, for example, to the bedroom. And its size — to be significantly larger.

By size and location

Several types can be distinguished.

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  1. A small window located above human height, almost under the ceiling. This is only a technical solution. This is unlikely to bring visual pleasure. But it will give light and allow you to ventilate the room. The solution can be found in houses and apartments.
  2. Standard. Typical size and shape. For example, as in the kitchen or in the living room. It can already be decorated with textiles. Or highlight against the background of the walls due to the color of the slopes and the window sill. Can be decorated with flowers. This is already a full part of the interior.
  3. Panoramic. The most impressive and luxurious option. It looks good if it offers a beautiful view: the garden or the city is not so important. A bathtub is usually placed next to the panoramic opening.
  4. Attic. This is a hole in the ceiling. An interesting solution, you can take a bath and admire the sky. In modern projects of private houses, it is often done right above the shower room. But in the heat you need to think about how to close it. For example, install roller blinds. Otherwise, the room may become too hot. It is also necessary to consider how the structure will be cleared of snow from the outside in winter. Otherwise, serious problems may arise.

By shape


The shape of the windows in the bathroom can be rectangular, square, round, oval, arched.

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Arrangement of furniture in the bathroom with a window

We have already said that the opening makes the layout of the room more difficult. There are restrictions. There is less free space. There are several basic options for using the space in such a room and arranging plumbing and furniture.

Bath by or under a window

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One of the most popular solutions. It is he who is chosen by those who decide to make an opening for aesthetic reasons. If it is of normal size and is at a standard height, the bowl can be firmly leaned with a long edge against the wall under the opening. If the glazing is panoramic, a free-standing bowl and a floor mixer are more often used. In this case, a small gap remains between it and the bathroom. The rest of the furniture and plumbing is placed along other walls. If the hole is located high, as, for example, in the apartments of the old fund, then this practically does not affect the placement of plumbing. But more often they put a bath under it.

Bath in the center of the room

This layout is suitable only for spacious rooms.

Social networks of designer Anastasia Krymova, ANKER studio

The advantage of this solution is that the view from the window is still clearly visible, and splashes from water do not fly onto the glass. In addition, access to the bowl is from all sides. In this case, small furniture can be placed near the glass. For example, a pouf, chair or bench. The rest of the furniture and plumbing is put up along the walls.

Plumbing on the side of the window

If the distance between the window opening and the wall perpendicular to it allows, a bathtub or sink can be placed along this wall.

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This will save space in a small room. The space in the center will remain free.

Washbasin under the window

Such a decision is rare. But under the standard opening it is quite possible to place a sink with a nightstand.

Design: Larisa Moshnikova and Elena Goryacheva, Mister Design studio. Photo: Ivan Sorokin. Style: Diana Remizova

True, then you will have to abandon the mirror or move it to another wall, which is not always convenient.

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Design and decoration ideas

Consider the design options for a bathroom with a window.



The glass itself can be a decor. For example, if the usual transparent is replaced with a relief or stained glass. If you need protection from prying eyes, you can put frosted glass. Moreover, either the entire surface is matted, or only its lower part. You can also use toning. For example, mirror film. This is especially true for rooms on the sunny side. And finally, there are so-called «smart» glasses. Under the influence of an electric current, they are able to change their transparency: from completely permeable to matte, and vice versa.


Choosing window textiles for the bathroom is a difficult task. It is necessary to take into account the size of the room, and its functionality, and a special microclimate.

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Most often, roller blinds are used to decorate openings. They are easy to care for, they wash well, some materials are not afraid of moisture. And such curtains do not take up much space and do not interfere with the use of plumbing. Another popular option is Roman blinds. This is a more elegant solution. But just as compact and convenient. Draperies and curtains are suitable for spacious rooms. Today you can find special curtains for the bathroom. They are sewn from a material with water-repellent impregnation. At the peak of popularity now — blinds and shutters. In trend — with a horizontal layout, made of metal, wood or bamboo.

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Living plants look interesting and unexpected in the bathroom. They can be placed on the windowsill or in special hangers.

Design: Evgenia Mlynchik. Photo: Sergey Pilipovich. Style: Alena Savostova

What flowers are suitable? These are plants that are native to the tropics. They are used to high humidity. For example, lyre-shaped ficus, royal begonia, nephrolepis — a representative of ferns, and others.

Suitable interior styles

In fact, a bathroom with a window is a universal solution. Such a space can be decorated in any style: from classic to loft. Consider a few examples of stylistic decisions on the example of photos of completed projects.


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This style suggests restraint and conciseness. A minimum of decorative details, simple, straight lines both in decoration and in furniture. A minimalist interior will suit both a small window under the ceiling and a standard, panoramic or attic window. The shape will look logically classic rectangular or square openings. For decoration, roller blinds or blinds are usually used. As well as frosted, tinted or «smart» glass.

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Classic style

It is in the classics and neoclassics that bathrooms with a window are most often found: ordinary or panoramic, rectangular, square, oval or arched.

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Decorate the opening with Roman blinds or elegant curtains and curtains, sometimes even tulle. They can be left to fall freely on the floor or supplemented with tiebacks. There are also unusual stained glass windows.

Rustic and eco styles

These are all directions in design related to the theme of country life, closeness to nature and naturalness.

Design: Arina Obolenskaya and Pavel Obolensky. Photo: Nick Rudenko

In a rustic style, the opening is more likely to be a standard size, square or rectangular shape. It is decorated with short curtains up to the windowsill, cafe curtains that cover only the lower part of the glass, light tulle or wooden blinds and shutters. In eco-styles, you can find both ordinary and panoramic or attic glazing. If textiles are used, then from natural fabrics or their imitations, natural natural shades. Wooden or bamboo blinds or shutters, bamboo roller blinds will also be appropriate. And you can leave the opening completely free.

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Scandinavian style

Light, airy, light and functional Scandi has become popular in the bathroom interior.

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The opening can be of any shape, size and location. Decorate it with light, translucent light curtains, neutral shade roller blinds, blinds, shutters or leave it free.


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