Tulle in the interior: current trends, unfashionable solutions and 110 photos


The tulle curtain seems to be a timeless classic. But over time, they began to refuse such curtains, preferring other solutions. What to do: leave or remove? If you leave, then which one, and is yours relevant? We’ll figure out. And for clarity, consider 110 photos of tulle in the interiors of designers.

All about the use of tulle in the interior

Color selection
How to use in the interior
— With long curtains
— With short
— solo
— not on windows
Appropriate styles

What is fashionable in the design of windows

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Beauty in the void. Minimalism. Rejection of everything superfluous. Eliminate visual noise. These design trends have seriously influenced the choice of window decor. The trend towards closeness to nature and environmental friendliness dictates the rules of the game. Shiny artificial fabrics, flashy colors lose their relevance. They are replaced by natural materials and calm, natural shades: white, beige, cream, gray, olive, sand.

In interiors today you can find a complete absence of textiles or see laconic curtains, Roman and roller blinds. What does modern tulle look like in 2022? It is desirable that the fabric is soft, airy, forms beautiful folds and does not have a pronounced sheen. Preference is given to natural or blended fabrics.

What is out of fashion

We found out which tulle is in fashion now. Now let’s talk about what is not at the peak of popularity.


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Ruffles, flounces, lambrequins, gilded lace and monograms. All this is difficult to imagine in the current styles of wabi-sabi, japandi, loft, minimalism or hi-tech, and in Scandinavian too. That’s why such design options recede into the background. They can still be found in the classics and neoclassics, but even there these decisions are undergoing changes towards greater democracy and restraint.

Multi-colored canvas, especially bright shades, is another outdated solution. Such fabrics distort the light in the room, so designers often prefer white tulle in the interior. Fabric with a pronounced sheen, as well as large patterns, are not held in high esteem.

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Tulle material is made from different fibers. It can be kapron, polyamide threads, polyester, viscose, cotton, silk, linen. The most common fabrics are organza and veil. These are the most commonly found in stores. They are usually also the cheapest. Let’s try to make a comparison: what looks better — organza or veil. Let’s take a closer look at their competitors.


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It is transparent, durable and even rigid. It transmits light well, keeps its shape. It is shiny and matte. Basically, organza is made from polyester, that is, an artificial material. But more expensive models may contain silk threads.


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Softer to the touch, delicate, thin, matte. Drapes well. Like organza, it is mainly made from artificial fibers. Products with the addition of silk and cotton are significantly more expensive and are rare.



The peculiarity of its structure lies in the name. It consists of cells of different sizes. The mesh is characterized by strength, softness, airiness, it almost does not wrinkle and is easy to care for, it transmits sunlight well. For its production, polyester, polyamide, viscose are more often used. The disadvantages of the grid include the fact that it quickly accumulates dust.


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Chiffon may contain threads of viscose, polyamide, polyester, cotton, silk. Both the price and characteristics depend on the exact composition. But there are common properties. Chiffon is thin, translucent, soft, yet durable, almost does not wrinkle.


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Previously, it was made from cotton or linen. Now often used and artificial fibers, such as polyester. Batiste has good breathability. Drapes well and keeps its shape.



This is a kind of grid. We all know and have seen tulle tutu skirts. But some manufacturers quite successfully sew curtains from it. They are translucent, quite rigid, keep their shape, do not wrinkle. Tulle is made from synthetic fibres.

Linen tulle in the interior


Linen is denser and less transparent. Therefore, soft, muffled, diffused light penetrates into the room. It is wear resistant. But its disadvantages include the fact that it is very wrinkled and difficult to iron. Natural flax fiber explains the rather high cost of products.

This fabric looks great in eco-style, where they rely on naturalness. Linen perfectly coexists with wood and stone, floral ornaments and living plants, wicker furniture and decor.


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This is a set of individual threads that are fastened to each other from above. Kisei is made from different materials: both natural and artificial. Sometimes the threads are decorated with beads or beads. True, in design projects you will rarely meet Kisei.

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What color to choose

Manufacturers suggest using colored, light, gray and black tulle in the interior. But designers in their projects mostly adhere to classic shades.

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In a modern house, no matter what style it belongs to, curtains are used in white, light beige, light gray or ivory. Basically, in design projects there are plain products or with a barely noticeable pattern.

It is important to choose curtains not only based on personal taste, but also taking into account the characteristics of the room.

  • The south-facing rooms are sun-drenched for most of the day. In summer, in hot weather, I want to shade the room a little. Therefore, it is better to choose a denser fabric of cold shades: white, gray.

  • The northern rooms, on the contrary, will suit a transparent fabric of warm colors: beige, ivory. After all, there is not enough sun and light.

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How not to make a mistake with the size

Tulle in a modern style can be of different lengths. Sometimes designers leave it lying on the floor in careless, at first glance, folds. How convenient it is in everyday life — everyone decides for himself.

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If practicality is more important to you, choose a canvas that is not so long, it will not collect dust. Leave a small gap from the floor — about 1 or 2 centimeters. As for the width, a simple formula can be taken for calculation: we multiply the length of the cornice by the assembly factor. The minimum coefficient is 1.5. In this case, light folds are formed. If you need more magnificent — multiply by 2, or even by 3.

How to apply in the interior

This type of curtains can be used in different ways: combined with long curtains, combined with short models, hung solo and not even on windows.

Combine with long curtains

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First of all, pay attention to the colors. Tulle and curtains should fit together.

There are two ways to assemble a harmonious set.

  • The first is a combination of contrasting colors. Usually in this case, a rich color of curtains and a light veil are chosen.
  • The second option is a combination of similar shades. For example, beige and white, light brown and ivory.

If you settled on textiles with a pattern, make sure that the two items do not contradict each other. The same pronounced prints on different products will create a feeling of noise and disharmony. There is a working rule — a bright ornament needs a calm frame.

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Add Roman, Roller or Blinds

Designers continue to look for new solutions. In addition to the traditional duet, other combinations can now be found.

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For example, they offer to «make friends» of tulle with Roman or roller blinds. This is practical: short curtains are used to completely block the light from the window, and light curtains are used for comfort. The solution with blinds works in the same way, which seems unexpected and unusual. But only at first glance. In a combination of materials, you should use the same rules as in the previous paragraph. If you choose blinds, give up plastic: it cheapens space.

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Using solo

Tulle may well act as an independent element of decor. Designers often refuse thick curtains and leave only a light veil.

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This creates a feeling of light, free space, full of air. This solution is well suited for the living room or dining room. For a bedroom or nursery, it is still better to choose a denser decor in order to limit the amount of sunlight.

Not only on windows

Designers also have alternative ideas. For example, use light fabric to drape glass partitions.

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Sometimes space is zoned in this way: they fence off the recreation area, make it more private. Weightless textiles are also popular as a canopy for a bed.

What style of interior suits

There is no clear division: in which styles tulle can be used, and in which not.

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Of course, in tandem with curtains, he rules the ball in classic and neoclassical, art deco. Light, airy fabric made from natural fibers of cotton or linen fits perfectly into country and Provence. Grayish or milky linen looks harmonious in both eco and scandi style. Even a brutal loft, discreet minimalism and functional high-tech designers offer to complement it with airy textiles.


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