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Customers and tasks

The owners of this small townhouse in the Cambridge cottage community in the Moscow region purchased it for rent. The intended tenants were designated as a family or couple without children. For the arrangement of the interior, they turned to the Prorooms studio, which is led by designer Maria Rozhkova. “It was necessary to make a universal layout and stand out from the background of numerous ads,” the author of the project comments on the task.


Initially, it was a two-story townhouse with an attic, but there was no overlap between the attic and the second floor. The designer allocated a separate room in the attic, and thus the townhouse became conditionally three-story. On the ground floor there are common areas — an entrance hall, a kitchen-living room, a bathroom with a boiler room. On the second floor there are two rooms (a bedroom, a children’s room) and a bathroom. On the attic floor, a spacious master bedroom with a dressing room, a private bathroom, and a place for a laundry room were arranged.

Thus, on a relatively small area, many zones were provided for different types of families. If a townhouse is rented by a family without children, the nursery can be used as an office, for example. To do this, thought out a fairly versatile finish.


The walls were decorated with wallpaper for painting. The author of the project explains this choice by more budgetary preparation of the walls. “To keep the walls from looking too simple, we added relief with moldings in the bedroom on the second floor and in the attic. In the nursery, they painted mountains on the walls — they painted them from the remnants of blue paint, simply mixing it with different amounts of white paint, ”says the designer.

The floor of the first floor and wet areas (bathrooms and laundry) were tiled. In the living rooms, we decided to use carpet — an infrequent choice for finishing the floor today, but it is due to the budget, as well as the specifics of the project, the carpet can be replaced if necessary.

Walls in the bathrooms and laundry room are tiled in different colors and shapes to make the space more dynamic. Only in the bathroom on the first floor, the walls were partially painted using a bright turquoise shade. In the bathroom on the second floor, gray stone tiles and blue rectangular ceramics on the walls were combined, and marbled porcelain stoneware was laid on the floor.

In the laundry room, the same marble-effect porcelain stoneware was combined with small blue square tiles. In the bathroom next to the bedroom, a combination of marble and wood textures was used. The painted ceiling in rich burgundy here leans a little against the walls. This solves several problems: firstly, it looks spectacular, and secondly, it helps to visually adjust the height of the room.

The same technique with a painted ceiling was used in the dressing room at the bedroom. But here it also helps to level the bevel of the overlap.

“Dark color in a small space gives depth, contrary to the beliefs of most,” comments the author of the project.

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Furniture and storage systems

Storage systems are «distributed» by rooms. In the hallway, nursery and bedroom, IKEA Pax budget cabinets were built into pre-prepared niches. “I love using ready-made cabinets for budget projects. For them, even at the planning stage, I lay niches to fit, and such cabinets look almost like a built-in, neat, do not break the space of the room, ”explains Maria.

A dressing room was provided in the master bedroom, which made it possible to abandon the closet. Under the stairs on the first floor, they thought over the storage of household items, in the bathrooms there are cabinets for the sink. Little things can be stored in chests of drawers and bedside tables, which are provided in the bedrooms, living room and hallway.

Kitchen set — corner. “With the help of the L-shaped headset, we separated the recreation area from the dining area. It turned out to be a mini-semi-bar counter, where you can chat when someone is cooking. We also provided for the opening of the corner cabinet from the side of the living room for easy access and to eliminate the use of expensive systems in the corner kitchen section,” says the designer. In order to save the budget, they chose a free-standing refrigerator, but, as with cabinets, they built it into a specially prepared niche, and made a bottle holder above the refrigerator.

Furniture was selected from affordable brands from the mass market, which, however, did not prevent it from being perfectly fit into the space and creating a stylish interior.


As expected, several light scenarios were provided in the interior. Spotlights play the role of the main lighting, additional scenarios are present in different areas. For example, there are hangers above the dining table in the kitchen. There are floor lamps in the living room and bedroom on the second floor. In the master bedroom there is a sconce by the bed and a table lamp on the work table.

The editors warn that, in accordance with the Housing Code of the Russian Federation, the coordination of ongoing reconstructions and redevelopments is required.

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