Piggy bank of ideas


Piggy bank of ideasone. Attic plan.
Piggy bank of ideas2. The wardrobe compartment is separated from the rest of the room by light sliding shields made of canvas stretched over the frames.
Piggy bank of ideas3. A writing desk with a semi-circular cut top fits perfectly into the corner by the window. Custom-made shelves filled the space behind the wall ledge. Curtain-blinds hide a special rack.
Piggy bank of ideasfour. Attic plan.
Piggy bank of ideas5. A striped cloth screen was used as a partition: one of the three panels leans back, opening a passage from one part of the attic (guest) to another (private).
Piggy bank of ideas6. A romantic corner for sleeping — like in a tent pitched somewhere on the shores of a warm sea.

In Russian cities, attics are still quite rare. Nevertheless, our magazine has already told (in N 7, 2000) about their creation on the basis of the rafter-roofing system of a city house. Mention was also made of the experimental reconstruction — by adding an attic floor — to a building in Lytkarino near Moscow (the project was carried out by VELUX in 1997). And yet much more often the attic becomes part (and decoration) of a country house. As a rule, in a relatively small attic space there are several rooms that differ in their purpose. For example, a bedroom and a living room or a bedroom and an office.

Overcoming tightness

The interior designer was given a rather typical task: to design a small room located in the attic so that it combines the functions of a living room and an office. [1].

So, there was a bright (thanks to two large windows) room with an area of ​​10 m2, which the hostess planned to use, as they say, one hundred percent. According to her plan, a guest bedroom, a home office and a convenient corner for storing clothes were to appear here.

It turned out that the sloping ceiling is by no means an obstacle to the implementation of such grandiose plans. But with a bulky and clumsy built-in wardrobe, located in a meter niche, it was immediately decided to leave. Now in this place there is a wardrobe compartment, equipped with compact shelves, containers and clothes rails. It is separated from the rest of the room by sliding shields made of canvas stretched over the frame. [2].

A full-sized desk with a computer is installed right next to one of the windows. The gap between the countertop and the radiator is blocked by a wooden panel [3]. For free air circulation, a slot is made in it, through which, in addition, computer wires are stretched. The office chair was selected on the basis that it would also be used for recreation. Facing the sofa, this chair becomes a natural component of the social area. Under the slope of the roof, in the space between the windows, there is a chest of drawers with drawers where, among other things, writing instruments are stored. The printer is also located here. The direction of the light of the light bulbs fixed on the common panel is adjustable.

The sofa can be transformed into a double bed. True, to free up space, you will need to move the serving tables to the side, but they are so light that this will not be difficult.

Teenager’s room

Due to the sloping sections of the ceiling, the room initially seemed too small. In fact, this is an optical illusion — its area is exactly 20 m2[4]. The designer first of all decided to divide the room into two parts in order to achieve greater comfort. A stationary partition would have looked, in her opinion, too heavy, so a more «light» option was chosen — fabric. Thus, two independent zones were formed in the room — a bedroom and a living room. They are separated by a striped screen formed from three panels. It is fastened with special buttons to the planks, which, in turn, are nailed to the ceiling and floor slopes. [5].

In the half of the room closest to the entrance there is a bedroom. There is also a small corner for a desk. To the left of the door, under the very slope of the ceiling, is a large bed with a quilted headboard. Nearby, in a niche between the wall and the chimney, it was decided to place a built-in wardrobe. The writing table was placed opposite, under the dormer window (manufactured by VELUX). So that the table does not interfere with the passage to another part of the attic, to the living room, one of its corners was cut diagonally [6].

In a small cozy living room, a square coffee table on wheels takes center stage. To the right and left of it there is a small sofa and two armchairs. The soft group offers a beautiful view of the large balcony located nearby, behind a glass wall. Wooden shelves with books and knickknacks can be placed both vertically (in the manner of tall narrow shelves) and horizontally (as low floor consoles). Light range — white, beige, pale blue — visually expands the space of the living room. And the vertical stripes on the fabric screen, in turn, give the impression of a higher ceiling height. In order not to disturb this thoughtful balance, it was decided to abandon any decorative ornament or pattern on the walls and draperies.

  • Source: Ideas for Your Home Magazine#42


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