One-story house with a garage: 54 photo ideas and 10 ready-made projects


The home building industry is booming right now. The pandemic, periods of self-isolation, the transition to a remote work format: even those who had never thought of changing an apartment for a house, and a city for a suburb, began to build. And this wave of yesterday’s residents of megalopolises and large cities has changed the very approach to housing construction. Restraint, simple forms, natural colors, lack of excessive decor — these are the main trends in architecture. Among the buildings of recent years, houses higher than two floors are rarely found. Massive three-four-story mansions are now rather a rarity. And it’s easy to explain. Most want to move as quickly as possible, few are ready to wait a few years. Plus, there was an increase in the price of building and finishing materials. And the requirements for the number of square meters have decreased. As a result, one-story buildings were at the peak of popularity. In this article, we will talk about the projects of one-story houses with a garage and look at some successful examples.

All about projects of one-story houses with a garage

Who will suit a low house
Garage in the house: pros and cons
What to consider when building
Projects: typical and individual
Examples and photos

One-story house: pros and cons

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First, let’s find out who will suit such a house. Low buildings certainly have many advantages. Let’s start with them.


  • Convenience and safety. No stairs, flights, railings. So, you don’t have to worry that the children will fall off the steps, and it will be difficult for grandparents to get to the bedroom. And everyone else will not have to go up and down several times a day.
  • Only usable space. With an equal area, the space in a single-level house will be used more efficiently than in a two- or three-story house. And here it is again in the flights of stairs. After all, they «eat» a significant part of the area. Yes, and under the halls, bathrooms on each floor will have to take precious meters. So, less will be left for living rooms.
  • Building a low-rise house is easier, faster and, most often, cheaper than a building with several floors.

True, there are also disadvantages. To complete the picture, they also need to be said.


  • With the same area, a one-story house takes up more space on the site than a multi-level one. After all, it «grows» in a horizontal plane. Therefore, not every site is suitable. It must be large enough to meet the standards for setbacks from fences, outbuildings and other objects. Difficulties will create a site that is too narrow or irregular in shape. It is also important that it be even, without a large height difference.
  • In a single-level building, it is more difficult to divide the premises into «master» and public. In a two- or three-story, usually, private space is located on the upper levels, and the first is the reception area.
  • The third point, most likely, will be relevant only for connoisseurs of landscapes outside the window. Buildings with several floors are good to build where there are beautiful panoramas, then you can admire the views from the balcony. From a one-story building, you will probably only be able to observe your own courtyard.

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    Beautiful one-story houses: 10 projects with layouts

Garage in the house: good or bad?

Living in the suburbs without a car is inconvenient: there are few places to walk to a store, pharmacy, hospital, school, and kindergarten. It is logical that in the family, most often, there is at least one, or even several cars. And they need somewhere to park. Of course, you can equip street parking, make a canopy. But still more convenient and safer — a garage.

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It can be freestanding, or it can be part of the house: occupy the basement or be located in the annex. Each solution has its own nuances.

A detached one can be placed anywhere on the site, cheaper materials can be used for its construction than for a house, it will not interfere with residents with extraneous noise and smells.

A one-story house with a garage under one roof has its own strengths.

  • You can get to the closed parking lot without going outside. And also, after parking the car, immediately go home. It is convenient, especially in bad weather.
  • Such a room is easier to equip with water, electricity, sewerage and even heating. All communications are already in the house, it remains only to extend them a little.
  • If necessary, you can also organize the storage of bulky items, sports equipment. Also a workshop.

  • Which roof is better for a garage: choose the design and type of roof


    Which roof is better for a garage: choose the design and type of roof

What is important to consider when building

If you settled on the option of a single house with a garage, it is important not to forget and take into account a few points when building a building.

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What to consider?

  1. Organize proper ventilation. The smells of exhaust gases, gasoline, rubber, technical fluids should not penetrate into the living quarters. This can be not only unpleasant, but also dangerous.
  2. Do not forget about noise and sound insulation. The sound of a roaring engine, the jingling of tools — the parking lot of a car can be a source of loud noises.
  3. Fire safety. The car is a source of increased risk. Be sure to provide at least a fire extinguisher and smoke detectors. Better still, a fire extinguishing system.
  4. When designing a house, it is better to plan the layout of the rooms in such a way that there is a “layer” between the parking place of the car and the living room or other living quarters as a non-residential space. For example, a hall, a corridor or technical rooms.
  5. Think in advance how the road will go from the entrance to the site to the gate to the parking lot.

Fortunately, it is now easy to find a house project where all these points have already been taken into account. But what if you want more individuality?

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Projects: typical and individual

Social networks of the architect Razeda Mingazova

Building a house without a project means taking a big risk. There are no guarantees of success. The project will save you from many mistakes. The only question is whether a ready-made version will suit you or you need an individual one. To understand this, answer a few questions.

  • Is the speed of developing documents important to you, do you have time to wait?
  • How much are you willing to pay for a project?
  • Is it important for you to see an example of a future building in advance?
  • How demanding are you in terms of planning, are you ready to compromise?

There is no need to wait for the finished project of the house, it is already there. As a rule, the price for such layouts is more affordable than for individual ones. At the same time, ready-made solutions have already been tested, tested and, most likely, finalized taking into account shortcomings and experience. As a rule, there is an opportunity to personally see such houses, look around, walk through the rooms, imagine your life in them, understand how comfortable you are. But there is one minus — it is difficult, and sometimes impossible, to make your own edits.

An individual project is freedom for creativity and imagination. It allows you to take into account the interests and wishes of all family members, to develop such a plan for a one-story house with a garage that you will like. As for example, in this example below, an individual project with a large kitchen-living room, a terrace, separate bedrooms and bathrooms.

Layout of the house according to the project of Natalia Sapelkina

It will also be easier to fit the building onto the site, taking into account the features of the area. Cons — an individual solution is more expensive, its development will have to wait. The construction itself can be longer and more expensive than the typical one.

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    How to build a wooden frame garage with your own hands

Project examples

Consider several projects and photos of one-story houses with a garage.

1. One-story house with a terrace and a second light

The author is the architect Anastasia Shashaeva. Built-up area — 233 sq. m. Suitable for a family of 4-5 people. The garage is attached and communicates with the house.

2. Wright-style one-story brick house with terrace and garage

The author is the architect Anastasia Shashaeva. The ceramic brick house is suitable for a family of 5-6 people. Its total area is 333 sq. m. A place for a car with an area of ​​36 meters communicates with the main building through the porch. From it there is a descent to the basement.

3. House on an individual project

The author is the architect Olesya Dikaya. Another one of the projects of one-story houses with a terrace and a garage. Building area — 308 sq. m. Closed parking for one car is attached to the house from the side of the terrace.

4. Frame house with a place for a car

The author is the construction company Mechtaevo. A small country house with an area of ​​85 sq. m. Its feature is a semi-garage for one car. Also, during the construction of the frame, a technical room is provided.

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    Frame house: what you can and cannot save on during construction

5. Modern foam block house

Development of the architecture and design studio of Maxim Tsvetkov and Alexey Shnitkov. This building has space for two cars. In the premises adjacent to the parking lot there is a refrigerator and a boiler room.

6. One-story house with a patio

The author is the architect Olesya Dikaya. The area of ​​the house is 279 sq. m and 13 sq. m — patio. The garage is under the same roof as the main building. There is also a carport.

7. House with panoramic windows and second light

Designed by architect Razeda Mingazova with echoes of the popular barnhouse style. The area of ​​the house with a corner layout is 178 m2. There is a closed space for one car.

8. Small house with a garage

The author is Razeda Mingazova. Compact and cozy house of 167 sq. m. Place for the car — under the same roof with the building. There is a small terrace.

9. House in a classic style

The solution of the architects of the company Concepthome. The building is 170 sq. m is made in a classic style. Covered parking for one car is provided.

10. House with a workshop in the garage

The author is Sergey Zenkov. The area of ​​the building is 210 sq. m. A closed space for a car with a workshop area is planned. Also through it is organized a passage to the pantry.

Bonus: townhouses

For those who cannot yet choose between a house and an apartment, there is an intermediate option — a townhouse. That is, a block house, where each apartment has its own separate entrance, and sometimes also a small adjacent plot. True, one-story townhouses are rare. But the layouts are quite common, where on the first floor there is a warm, winter parking for cars and technical rooms, and on the second — living rooms.

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    What is a townhouse and how does it differ from other types of real estate


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