How to design a bedroom 12 sq. m: 120 beautiful photos and examples of projects


The decor of the bedroom sets the mood in the morning and helps to relax in the evening. But it should not just be comfortable. Here you also need to place everything you need: a wardrobe, storage systems for small items, a table for makeup, sometimes a workplace. If you have Khrushchev or European planning, you will have to do this in a limited area. In this article, we share ideas on how to design a stylish and functional bedroom interior design of 12 square meters. m.

Design rules

Project examples
— Soft textures and viewports
— In dark colors
— Bright contemporary
Suitable style
— Scandi
— Neoclassic
— Modern
— Minimalism
— Provence
Color spectrum
Necessary furniture

Project examples

Let’s start with examples of a real bedroom design of 12 square meters. m with plans.

Soft Shaders and Viewports

The author of this project created a comfortable bedroom layout of 12 square meters. m for a girl.


Thanks to a small dressing room adjoining the room, the standard closet was abandoned. The vacated space was used rationally, placed on a small footage:

  • Full double bed.
  • Dressing table.
  • Workplace.

  • A banquette by the window turned out to be a small seating area.

The interior is decorated in calm warm colors, cozy, tactilely pleasant textures prevail: wood, natural fabrics, soft panels behind the headboard, upholstery of the bed frame.

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    7 Convenient Ways to Arrange Your Desk in the Bedroom

In dark colors

And here is an example of the design of a square bedroom of 12 square meters. m, where they were not afraid of dark colors.

Design: Anzhela Yakimovich and Tatiana Laptieva

The designer designed this apartment for himself and his family. It was decided to move the wardrobe to the corridor to free up space in the private area. Thanks to this, a bright interior was obtained, not overloaded with overall furniture. The effect of lightness is created, even despite the bold decision — dark gray walls.

So that the room does not look gloomy, the dark finish is diluted with light wood furniture, bright textiles and a large juicy green house plant. A simple white ceiling heightens the room, while a mirrored panel behind the bedside table reflects light and adds air to the space.

Bedroom in a modern style 12 sq. m

This is how the design of a bedroom of 12 sq. m with a balcony.

Design: Anastasia Zarkua

It was important for the customer to have a large bed in the bedroom — it became the central element (photo below). The rest of the situation turned out to be quite minimalistic: in addition to the bed, the author of the project placed two bedside tables, a spacious chest of drawers opposite the bed and a TV on an area of ​​11.8 square meters. On the loggia adjacent to the room, a recreation area with soft poufs and a table was organized.

There is little furniture and decor here — this is a conscious decision, since the main emphasis is on colors and textures. The designer used a bold combination of black and dusty pink. At the same time, the room does not look gloomy, since the dark shade is used locally — they were allocated a wall behind the headboard.

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    Before and after: a small apartment for a game developer girl, where the TV is even … in the bathroom

Suitable style

The design of the private zone should logically continue the overall style of the apartment. For small spaces, several directions are suitable.


When it comes to small spaces, choose the Scandinavian style.

Instagram @alvhem

The combination of simplicity, comfort and practicality is suitable for any bedroom, moreover, such a design is easy to create on your own. Characteristic features of Scandi:

  • Durable and environmentally friendly materials.
  • A lot of wood or its quality analogues.
  • Light palette with a predominance of white, gray, beige. It is complemented by pastel tones or deep accent shades (berry, dark blue, brown, green).
  • Simple decor and cozy textiles made from natural fabrics.

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    Making a bedroom in Scandinavian style: the most complete guide (76 photos)


Unlike classics in its purest form, this style is not so demanding on footage, materials and finishes.

Instagram @lidiyabolshakova

An elegant interior can be created in a small area. To do this, use:

  • Light natural colors — beige, gray, blue, sand, white. You can add several accents: for example, wine, plum, dark blue, emerald, rich chocolate.
  • Imitation of precious metals in fittings, lighting and decor.
  • Symmetrical composition is a rule from the classical style. Usually the bed is made the central element, and all other items are placed around it.
  • Architectural decor — moldings, stucco moldings, figured ceiling cornices, architraves on interior doors.

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    Neoclassicism in the interior: how to create a timeless design


Contemporary combines different areas: from loft to eco. Therefore, the design in this style can look completely different.

Instagram @variatika

In general, any modern interior includes:

  • Calm colors with a predominance of achromatic colors, beige and brown. You can add any other colors to the palette, but choose not acidic, but noble, eye-pleasing tones.
  • Furniture and finishes from quality materials.
  • The functionality of each element. Every object in the room is needed for something.

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Minimalism is the most trendy of modern trends.

Instagram @hollstudio

It does not always mean complete asceticism — it can be quite a cozy interior without visual noise and useless things. Main style markers:

  • Restrained palette, often monochrome.
  • Emphasis on textures — they make the interior voluminous and interesting.
  • Clean and clear lines, objects of concise form.
  • Natural materials, quality finishes.
  • Minimum decor.

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    9 reasons to use minimalist ideas in any interior


If you like the romance of French country, then in this spirit it is better to design a private area.

Instagram @dashamisura

This is a rather specific style that can look naive if its characteristic elements are taken too literally. For a stylish and contemporary interior use:

  • Light muted tones that are associated with nature and the Cote d’Azur — sand, blue, straw, white, ocher, light brown, green, lavender.
  • Prints on wallpaper, in textiles and decoration. Classic — small floral ornament, stripe or check.

  • Elegant round furniture. The more curved lines, the better.
  • Nice and cozy decor, fresh flowers, ruffled fabrics, quality linens.

Color spectrum

The interior of the bedroom is a very personal story. It is important to achieve an atmosphere that you like, so when choosing a palette, be guided by your own tastes.

Instagram @cubiqstudio

If there is no clear idea, rely on these principles:

  • Light colors are suitable for a small area. They visually increase the space, make it lighter and more spacious.

  • Deep dark tones will create an intimate and chamber atmosphere, especially when combined with pronounced textures. But dilute them with light elements so that you don’t get a cramped box.
  • The 60/30/10 rule will help you choose a palette: the main color occupies 60% of the room, the additional color 30%, and the accent color 10%. Usually this is decoration, furniture and, accordingly, decor or textiles.
  • If the windows face north or northwest, use more warm shades (beige, yellow, terracotta, chocolate). If there is enough sunlight and so — cold (gray, blue, purple).
  • So that the situation does not get bored quickly, take neutral basic tones as a basis, and place accents with the help of small pieces of furniture, textiles and decor. They are easy to update and change the mood of the room without repairs and high costs.

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    Bright and neutral: 8 beautiful color combinations in the bedroom

Arrangement of furniture in the bedroom 12 sq. m

Having chosen a style and palette, it’s time to think about how to equip a bedroom of 12 square meters.

Instagram @std_design

The main task is to place everything you need in a modest area. The minimum set includes the bed, the area around it (bedside tables, shelves, drawers) and the main storage system. In reality, most often you need to find a place for a TV, a makeup table or a work corner.

The arrangement of these elements depends on the shape of the room, the location of windows and doors, the presence of a balcony. Follow a simple plan:

  • Start with the bed. First of all, decide where you want to place it: opposite the entrance, along the side wall, headboard to the window. Sometimes this is purely a matter of taste, but most often the choice will depend on the layout.
  • If the room is square, choose a compositional center (most likely it will be a sleeping place) and arrange the rest of the furniture, starting from it.
  • It is better to divide a rectangular room into several parts: for example, a recreation area, storage, a workplace. Most likely, there will be one window, so do not use blind partitions — it is important to keep maximum natural light. You can zone a room with the help of color, decoration, furniture arrangement.

  • The wardrobe is usually the main storage system. It can be placed along the entire short wall, especially if the room is elongated — this will visually adjust the proportions. The wardrobe can also be located on the side of the bed.
  • Additional storage depends on the lifestyle and needs of the owners. You may need a roomy chest of drawers for clothes, a rack for organizing a hobby, a bookcase for a home library.
  • If a loggia adjoins the room and it can be insulated, be sure to do it. The balcony can be left as an isolated room or attached to the residential part. This is a great place for a mini-study, pantry or recreation area.

Remember about ergonomics: it is important not only to find a place for all the necessary furniture, but also to make it comfortable to use. To do this, leave at least 50 cm free around the bed (on all sides), 90 cm between the work and sleeping place. Make sure all chests of drawers, nightstands and cabinets can open freely. We show in the photo below how to furnish a bedroom of 12 square meters. m.


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