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Not so often the attic becomes the main room where three generations of a large family gather. But under the roof of this house, everyone will find a place for interesting activities, and a cozy corner for relaxation. Thanks to a good layout, the space turned out to be multifunctional, and a successful decorative solution helped to create a joyful atmosphere.

A large family, consisting of a grandmother, grandfather, mother, father and two children (son and daughter), at the first meeting struck the designer with their optimism and cheerfulness. So the artistic image of the given space — an abandoned attic of their house — immediately began to take shape as a direct reflection of the active lifestyle and hobbies of the owners. Sailing boat racing — the favorite sport of the male half of the family, so the theme of a sail filled with wind and decor in the form of thick ship ropes turned out to be absolutely appropriate here.

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2-5. Above the table there is an author’s lamp in the form of a bird (Alexander Fish); 18 thousand rubles Children’s chairs Tripp Trapp (Norway) are made of environmentally friendly birch wood, a wide base serves as a guarantee of stability; 2 pcs. — 21 824rub. (2). Shelves are fixed between the beams. Armchairs and round table Grand Cafe; 2 chairs — 66 thousand rubles, a table — 24 thousand rubles. (3). The staircase was closed with partitions and a sports area was placed near it. (four). Puffs are included in the set of sofa group; sofa — 160 thousand rubles; 2 poufs — 50 thousand rubles. (5).

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6. Double-sided swivel rack Grand Cafe (Russia) can also be used as a storage system (there are shelves at the bottom). 34 thousand rubles A TV was placed on the top of the rack on one side, on the other — a magnetic marker board for children’s activities.
7. For storage, we decided to use wall niches. Guides were fixed on the drywall structure and Henke (Germany) aluminum louvre doors were installed. 8 cells — 40 thousand rubles.
8. Another surprise has been prepared for the children. — «dry pool» with slide Grand Cafe. 38 thousand rubles «Pool» is soft, filled with foam rubber. There are special balls inside. There are 1500 of them in total. 12 825rub.

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9. 12 point swivel lamps Odeon (Italy) made of metal and glass provide illumination of all necessary functional areas. 21 480rub.
10. Designer lamp (Alexander Fish, Russia), made to order, is located in an arched niche near the window. 18 thousand rubles His lampshade is filled with tennis balls — the main hobby of the owners is played in such an original way

The «sail» was the ceiling, which has the shape of an arc in its upper part. (The structure is made of drywall, bending radius — 3m.) This form is supported by the «drawing» created by the side walls of two open lockers at the end of the room. The ropes were wrapped around all the wooden rafters and roof support beams, it turned out to be an excellent «finishing coating». True, this spectacular solution required a lot of patience: it took 3.5km of rope that weigh as much as 170kg! New flooring — special, sporty, it is made of Tarafl ex vinyl (Gerfl or, France). Such coverage is used even at Olympic venues. On such a floor, playing table tennis (the table for the game was installed in the center of the attic) will be comfortable, and the gray steel color of the floor will remind you of the cold sea.

The layout and design solution of the attic is quite minimalistic, but the expressive texture of the rope winding, bright colors of furniture and accessories make it very cozy, soft, homely.

Several recreation areas were arranged along the walls of the attic. ATone of them installed a large soft sofa. It consists of five individual modules (four with backrest and one without) that can be moved around to create different combinations. Opposite him, a TV was placed on a swivel stand. Near the sofa — children’s corner (place for drawing) and daughter’s favorite «toy» — «dry pool». We also found a place for a tea table and two armchairs, where you can retire and talk in the cozy light of a lamp. All upholstered furniture is upholstered in chenille. The orange color of textiles “glows” in the interior, like the setting sun over the sea, creating a life-affirming mood that suits the owners of the house.

  • Source: Ideas for Your Home Magazine#160


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