Family nest: three-room apartment in the center of Moscow in 1953 stalinka


Customers and tasks

This apartment is located in the center of Moscow, on Kutuzovsky Prospekt. The windows offer a stunning view of the city panorama and one of the Stalinist skyscrapers. A family of four lives here — parents and their two teenage children — an 11-year-old boy and a 14-year-old girl. The family is passionate about travel and sports, the female half plays musical instruments, the male half plays tennis, and the son also rides a skateboard. They love to receive guests.

The designer Tatyana Rtishcheva had several tasks: to create a comfortable space without redevelopment, to develop a project, taking into account the context of the time the house was built, while retaining some elements (part of the furniture that the owners wanted to keep, some of the decoration, namely the stained-glass window in the swing doors in the living room) , plan a comfortable kitchen and bathroom, and provide storage space in the hallway.


The owners did not want to do redevelopment, and the existing number of rooms corresponded to the composition of the family. The change affected the hallway. It was a 14.5 sq. m irregular shape. To arrange spacious storage, the designer designed large built-in wardrobes, using them to separate the space at the entrance. It turned out something like a vestibule — a “dirty” area where it is convenient to take off your shoes, take off your wet jackets in winter and not carry dirt into the more front area of ​​​​the hallway.

A corridor leads from the hallway to the living room. The layout was originally made in such a way that right from the entrance there is an excellent view of the windows in the living room, where the city is viewed. From the corridor, doors lead to the master bedroom, the nursery, and also to another corridor, along which there is already a bathroom with a toilet and a kitchen.


To finish the walls in the common areas — the living room, hallway, kitchen and corridors — paint was chosen. We decided to add bright colors, taking into account the Moscow climate. So, in the living room — muted blue. In the kitchen — wheat yellow. The hallway has become light beige. To emphasize and create a mood in the style of modern classics, moldings were used. In the living room, it was possible to preserve the existing stucco molding (cornices).

In the master bedroom, one of the walls was highlighted with accent wallpaper with a floral pattern.

In the nursery, wallpaper was also used, but already in a cage. We chose two types of paintings from the same collection, but in different colors, thereby further zoning the room. For a girl — blue shades, for a boy — gray.

The floor was covered with pieced oak parquet. The old coating, unfortunately, had to be replaced. In the vestibule area in the hallway there are tiles with a geometric pattern. The kitchen was tiled with a ceramic «carpet». Tiles and paint were combined in the bathroom and bathroom.

Storage and furniture

According to the designer, the main task was to design storage in the hallway. This was done 100%. Spacious wardrobes hold clothes, shoes, sports equipment, seasonal items. In the adjacent corridor there is a small utility block where all the necessary things for cleaning are stored. The children’s room has a spacious storage system in the form of a wardrobe. In the center of the room there is a rack that zones it into two beds for a girl and a boy. Each zone has a desktop.

In the living room and bedroom, the existing furniture was preserved — this is how the owners wanted it. Therefore, the bedroom has a chest of drawers for linen and bedside tables. The living room has a dining table and a piano. The sofa was updated, but he did not have time to arrive at the time of the shooting.

The kitchen has been designed with great care. The hostess cooks a lot, loves it. It was necessary to make it convenient and functional, to place everything you need, including equipment and storage. Some of the small household appliances were taken to a closet in the adjacent corridor. The headset also has a built-in refrigerator, freezer, oven and TV. There is a dishwasher and food waste disposer.


The high ceilings in the apartment allowed the use of chandeliers. So, they are in the hallway, living room, corridor. In the hallway and corridor — those that the owners already had. In addition to them, wall sconces are mounted. In the vestibule at the entrance — the backlight of the front door. Cabinet lighting has also been added.

In the kitchen, general lighting is decided by a chandelier. There is a sconce in the dining area, the hostess wanted to make it her corner for evening reading. And, of course, there is a working kitchen lighting. In the bathroom and the bathroom there is a powerful ceiling light, in the bathroom there is also a mirror light.

The bedroom has some old lighting scripts as it has undergone minimal renovations. This is the main ceiling light, bedside llamas and a light by the mirror. In the living room, in addition to the chandelier, a wall lamp and a floor lamp were provided.

In the nursery, the light is divided into zones for each child. Therefore, there are two chandeliers, sconces, lamps on the desktops. The light turns off and on separately for each.

The editors warn that, in accordance with the Housing Code of the Russian Federation, the coordination of ongoing reconstructions and redevelopments is required.

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