Dressing room in odnushka is real: 7 examples that you can repeat


one Dressing room behind curtains

A vertically organized storage system of shelves, hooks and rods and a pair of curtains will help you get a compact but roomy dressing room. It can be placed in a room or hallway and, if desired, it is easy to refresh the design by simply changing the curtains.

idea for odnushki dressing room in the bedroom behind the curtains photo design

Photo: Instagram wardrobegang

Bonus: with a flick of the wrist, such a storage system turns from closed to open — and vice versa.

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2 Open wardrobe in the hallway

If the hallway in your one-room apartment is spacious enough, place an open dressing room in it. Modern manufacturers offer a lot of different storage systems, you can easily find a solution for an elongated narrow hallway, and for the smallest one. You can also «collect» your dressing room using all the same shelves, rods, wall hangers. Don’t forget to provide space for shoes, bags, belts and accessories.

design decor open dressing room in the hallway in odnushka: photo

Photo: Instagram hejhuset

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3 Wardrobe-bedroom in closet

Incredibly compact, practical and very original idea — to organize a bedroom-dressing room in a closet. During sleep, the doors open, and during the day they can be closed, hiding the bed. In that part of this peculiar closet where the dressing room is located, you can completely abandon the doors, leaving the storage open, or replace the doors with curtains.

four Dressing room behind the bed

A small but roomy dressing room can be located in a single room behind the head of the bed (or sofa bed). Optionally, you can close this area with textile drapery or install doors. Or leave the storage partially open — then the room will visually almost not lose in volume.

dressing room design idea behind the bed photo

Photo: Instagram oscarproperties

5 Semi-open dressing room

Organize the storage of clothes, shoes and accessories in plain sight? Why not! Especially if you have an impressive collection of stylish shoes and bags, which is simply a sin to hide.

Semi-open storage system in odnushka dressing room photo semi-closed

Photo: Instagram simplykate.co

Place such a half-open dressing room in the room: put in a conspicuous place all the most beautiful and dear to your heart, the least aesthetic part of your wardrobe can be stored in closed cabinets and drawers.

open semi-open small dressing room in a one-room apartment

Photo: Instagram cmcoving

6 Separate dressing room

If your one-room apartment has a room designed for a pantry or laundry room, or the developer has provided a space specially designated for a dressing room, do not rush to attach these “extra square meters” to the room or hallway. Organize there a separate — even a very small — dressing room.

This is a much more practical and roomy storage option. And most importantly, you do not have to clutter up the rest of the apartment with huge cabinets, visually making the interior heavier.

idea design small dressing room in a odnushka one-room apartment photo

Photo: Instagram comakihl

If neither a pantry nor a laundry room is provided in your odnushka, think: maybe you will be able to take part of the hallway under the dressing room? Or even part of the room? Or maybe it makes sense to use a balcony for these purposes?

stylish small dressing room in odnushka design decor example idea photo

Photo: Instagram citrusfreshhousekeeping

7 Dressing room under loft bed

A loft bed will help you squeeze a little more out of even a small one-room apartment. Well, a dressing room will perfectly fit under it, and you can either leave the storage open or provide for curtains or doors.

idea for odnushki dressing room under the loft bed design photo

Photo: Instagram lindaalimar

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