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Dressing room in a separate room

Obviously, when there are many rooms in the apartment, finding an opportunity to equip a large-scale dressing room is not difficult.

Dressing room in a separate room

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But even in small Khrushchev houses, you can often find small closets or niches that are usually filled with various items, without the use of any thoughtful storage system. Of these, you can also make a comfortable and roomy dressing room, as in this photo.

Dressing room in the pantry

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The layout of both a small and a spacious dressing room must be approached with attention, making the most of the allotted space, but without overloading it.

linear layout

In this case, the dressing room resembles a large closet. All shelves and hangers are lined up along the wall. This allows you to store all the clothes in plain sight and makes it easier to find them.

This option is suitable for small dressing rooms, elongated more in length than in width. It is important to consider the issue of ventilation if the room does not have a window.

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Parallel layout

Racks, hangers and shelves are also located along the walls, but in two parallel lines. This is a good solution for rectangular rooms with a window opposite the door. This design is characterized by spaciousness and the absence of problems with ventilation.

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U-shaped layout

It suits both a modest dressing room, created in a former pantry, and dressing rooms, for which an entire room in the apartment is reserved. If dimensions allow, you can make a comfortable fitting room out of it by placing racks around the perimeter of the walls and placing a mirror and a small ottoman in the center.

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Dressing room in the living room

Applying zoning with the help of sliding doors or arches, in the bedroom you can allocate space for a small dressing room.

Dressing room in the bedroom

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Most often, two types of space planning are used in such a dressing room: angular and parallel.

Parallel layout

Globally, it does not differ from a parallel layout in a separate room, but due to the small area, it requires careful space planning.

All frequently used items of clothing should be at arm’s length, but what is used less frequently can be placed on the upper shelves. Here it is recommended to use all available space, from floor to ceiling, and side walls. In this case, this dressing room will be much more spacious and more convenient to use than a regular wardrobe.

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corner layout

The area of ​​​​such a dressing room is a right triangle. It is fenced off from the main room with the help of sliding doors and even with a very small storage space it holds twice as many things as a regular closet.

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Dressing room design and organization

The choice of the interior of the dressing room depends on who will use it and in what style the whole apartment is made.

Women’s dressing room

Women’s dressing room is most often decorated in bright colors. If the area allows, a dressing table and an ottoman are installed in it. A carpet is often laid on the floor, the walls are decorated with paintings.

Most often, the women’s dressing room is designed in a classic style or has elements of rococo and baroque. The use of stucco and other decoration is acceptable.

Men’s dressing room

Often performed in dark shades, using wood. Much attention is paid to the functional side: storage of ties, watches and cufflinks, convenient hangers for trousers and suits.

Children’s dressing room

If the children’s room is spacious enough, you can select a dressing room in it. They are trying to arrange it in such a way that it is convenient for the child to sort his things himself and put them in their places.

Such a dressing room is designed in light shades, and much attention is paid to decoration, which will turn the cleaning process into an exciting game. For older children, a more restrained design is suitable.

Universal dressing room for the whole family

When planning it, the number of those who will use it is taken into account — everyone should have their own section. Based on the number of things that are planned to be stored here, the number of shelves, racks and hanger space is calculated.

It is important to analyze your wardrobe and understand what storage compartments each family member will need.

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