Designers were asked: where to buy furniture, if not in IKEA


Last week, the popular IKEA brand announced that it was suspending sales in Russia. And, of course, we could not leave this news aside — now that affordable and popular furniture is temporarily unavailable, what should we do? We turned to the designers with this question — the pros shared their thoughts. In some cases, the named brands are repeated — which, however, only confirms their popularity.

Anna Shimanova: “Recently, there has been a trend for vintage IKEA items from already released collections”

Anna named a list of brands whose furniture she used in her projects and recommended looking for things at Avito. We list what the designer recommends, with Anna’s comments.

«Belfan. Belarusian factory for the production of furniture and sofas. For several objects, I ordered sofas from them: a strong high-quality frame, current models, not all, but there are very successful ones. One of the sofas has been in my parents’ apartment for 3 years now. Folding mechanism, fabric — everything is in excellent condition. “Affordable price for the product is our direct goal,” is what is written on the manufacturer’s website, and this is really one of the most affordable furniture stores now. You can evaluate the quality in one of the showrooms.

Unicamoblar. Russian designer furniture of very good quality. Tables can be safely ordered via the Internet, I recommend getting acquainted with chairs and armchairs live in the showroom.

archpole. A Russian company founded by talented architects. A diverse assortment, many items for both home and offices and the organization of public spaces.

woody furniture. Russian manufacturer of laconic quality furniture. They position themselves as Scandinavian design. In my opinion, they are quite distinctive and interesting.

And Anna also recommends paying attention to sites for the resale of furniture, in particular, «Avito».

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    Almost like in IKEA: 15 analogues of popular products from another mass market

Anna Maltseva: “We have a lot of domestic production, especially in central Russia”

Anna Maltseva talks about which industries you can pay attention to and names brands.

“The main rule now is not to panic and not to commit rash actions. I think that the market is adapting to new realities, and if you still have income and the opportunity to continue to implement your plans, then you should move systematically, in the course of emerging requests. At least no one has yet canceled China. Verified positions from there are available, but not so budget-friendly as to be compared with the mass market.

If not IKEA, then let’s pay attention to brands such as Fine Objects, The Idea, Woodi Furniture, Archpole, Omnia Home. Good prices for tables Lagom home, Premioza. There is a stock marketplace for inexpensive furniture Stool Group. Take a look at the store Sheffilton — this is a production in Kaluga, there are many analogues of IKEA in small positions.

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    Organization and preparation

    Instead of IKEA: 12 best analogues of a Swedish store in Russia

Victoria Vishnevskaya: “I advise you to pay attention to Russian furniture manufacturers”

Victoria names specific stores and advises carpentry.

“I advise you to pay attention to Russian furniture manufacturers. Furniture can be divided into two categories: custom-made — most often it is built-in frame furniture, for example, kitchens, storage systems. And freestanding furniture (sofas, armchairs, beds, tables, etc.) Factories of the northern capital have succeeded well in the manufacture of finished, freestanding furniture SK design and The idea. Cute chairs can be bought from colleagues from Krasnodar concept home or from Moscow colleagues Mebelform.

A convenient storage system, a kitchen is better to order an individual production in a carpentry workshop. There are many such workshops. For example, my regular colleagues are Profi Hotel and Triana. High-quality wood products are made by the carpentry workshop from Veliky Novgorod Zanoza.


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