Cozy and stylish guest house with an area of ​​95 sq. m with chalet elements


This house is located on the territory of the Krasny Bor tourist complex in Belarus. Designer Evgenia Mlynchik had to update the interior, make it comfortable and homely for future guests. “The main task was to refresh the interior (renovate finishes, furniture, lighting, decor), add bright accents, emphasize the dignity of the hotel room environment and combine natural motifs in the interior,” says the author of the project.


The house is relatively small area, about 94 sq. m without terrace. The space is divided into several functional areas. At the entrance — hallway. Next is a living area with a small kitchen and a guest bathroom. There is a spacious bedroom with its own bathroom. From the living room you can go out to the terrace. Evgenia did not change the layout of the house, as it met the task — a space for a comfortable stay.


The house is built of wood, and the walls were left in a natural finish, after sanding them and covering them with tinted oil. For decoration, we chose natural shades that echo nature outside the window: in the hallway, living room and bedroom — milky tones, in the bathrooms — a pleasant olive color. On the floor in the living areas (living room and bedroom) — parquet board. In the hallway, kitchen area and bathrooms — granite. The ceilings everywhere, except for the living room and bedroom, are decorated with a decorative coating resembling a «hut». In the living rooms — polished and oiled wood.

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Storage systems

Since this is a temporary residence-only guest house, the storage systems fit this purpose. Places for everyday things are thought out here: a coat rack in the hallway, a wardrobe and chest of drawers in the bedroom, a TV cabinet and a console in the living room. In the bathroom there is a place for storing hygiene items in the form of a cabinet under the sink.


Several lighting scenarios were thought out in the interior: ceiling light and local light. On the ceiling in the hallway is a chandelier made of antlers. In the living room there is the same chandelier, ceiling busbars and local light in the form of a floor lamp. In the bedroom there are pendant lamps on the ceiling with wicker lampshades and table lamps. In the bathrooms, built-in lamps became the main light, but in the bathroom next to the bedroom, they also thought of a floor lamp with a decorative base in the form of a tree as an additional light source. Open wiring, typical for wooden houses, is also implemented here.

The editors warn that, in accordance with the Housing Code of the Russian Federation, the coordination of ongoing reconstructions and redevelopments is required.

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