Bright apartment for a young family who did not want a white interior


Customers and tasks

The owners of this three-room apartment in Moscow are a young family. At the time of buying a home and arranging the interior, the couple was only planning a child, but today they are already waiting. The interior was created with this in mind — it was necessary to arrange a common kitchen-living room, a separate bedroom and an office that would become a nursery. It was also necessary to think over a functional entrance hall, organize a bar counter in the kitchen and allocate space for a pantry with a sink.

Previously, a young family lived in an apartment with an interior in white colors, but they wanted something different from the new housing: colors, experiments, diversity. With this, they turned to the design studio of Margarita Zenova.


The initial layout met the requirements of customers for the number and purpose of the premises. There were two separate rooms, a common kitchen-living room, two bathrooms, and the rooms had their own dressing rooms. But Margarita managed to make the layout even better, and with the help of minor changes.

So, at the expense of the hallway, the kitchen was slightly expanded, this made it possible to fit built-in wardrobes-columns with appliances. In the master bedroom, the dressing room was slightly reduced, made it more regular in shape, which made it possible to enlarge the bedroom. The door to the bathroom, which is located next to the bedroom, turned into a dressing room. So it turned out to avoid the “corridor” feeling with a lot of doors. In addition, the entrance to the dressing room itself is decorated with curtains. With the dressing room in the second room (now it is an office, the future nursery) they acted differently. The entrance was from the bedroom, and it was made from the hallway. So the room became a pantry, all family members have access to it.


The owners wanted a bright interior. And in order to realize this wish, the easiest way is to use paint. It is washable, which is also more practical, especially considering the future addition to the family. In the nursery, wallpaper with an unobtrusive abstract pattern was added. To finish the floor in residential areas, parquet and engineered boards were used, but the “wet” ones — the entrance hall, the kitchen — were decorated with tiles, a beautiful ceramic “carpet” was laid from it.

The bathroom and shower room are also tiled, but different. So, for the shower room, which is adjacent to the master bedroom (they wanted a shower), light square tiles and bright, patterned tiles are combined. The latter decorates exactly the shower area and the niche left by the developer. Thus, a niche was identified, it is used for decorative compositions. The upper part of the wall is painted in the color of the pattern on the tiles.

The bathroom was planned for both guests and children — they combined concrete and wood look tiles: concisely, but stylishly and universally.

Furniture and storage systems

Storage systems meet all the requirements of the owners of the apartment. An IKEA Pax wardrobe was built in the hallway, having made a niche in advance according to the required dimensions and adding a mezzanine part by sawing standard modules. The facades have also been painted. Here, in the hallway, there is a shoe rack and a hanger of the Swedish brand, also painted.

For the kitchen, the owners initially wanted a set from IKEA with green Budbin facades. And so they did. To embed the columns, they made a niche in size. They combined blind and glass facades to visually lighten the interior. The kitchen turned out to be roomy and with a bar counter (in addition to a separate dining table), as the owners wanted.

The bedroom has a dressing room, inside there is also a Pax system from IKEA.

Small items can be stored in a chest of drawers and bedside tables. In the household block there are household items, storage of a vacuum cleaner, as well as snowboards of the owners. The office has a wardrobe for papers and clothes. And shelving in the living room.

In the bathrooms, cabinets for sinks were thought out, shelves for storing small things were made.

The owners initially wanted to use Russian furniture manufacturers to the maximum, of course, in addition to the mentioned IKEA positions. The designer fulfilled this wish, so the project is a vivid example of how you can decorate the interior today.


A thoughtful interior is impossible without lighting. Several different scenarios have been implemented here. Ceiling lighting is mainly solved by spotlights. Additional — depending on the zone. The kitchen has lighting for an apron, sideboard and cabinets with glass doors, a chandelier in the living room and a sconce on the wall. In the bedroom — hangers in the bed area. In the shower room there are hangers next to the mirror, and in the bathroom there is a backlight of the mirror itself. In the hallway, they limited themselves to hangings on the ceiling.

The editors warn that, in accordance with the Housing Code of the Russian Federation, the coordination of ongoing reconstructions and redevelopments is required.

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