Before and after: 5 cool bathrooms and bathrooms that designers have transformed


It’s always nice to see the result of a renovation. And we love it! We selected illustrative examples of bathroom remodeling from designer projects.

one Small bathroom in a panel

The apartment designed by Anna Shimanova has a separate bathroom and toilet. We decided to show in our selection exactly the transformation of the bathroom. In the «before» photo, it seems smaller, although the finish was light. The designer chose paint for the walls, and tiles were laid only on the floor. Deep green color plays its role — it makes a small room feel deeper.

It’s a great idea for an economical bathroom renovation to use only paint, as water doesn’t get on the walls like a bathroom does. And another example of the fact that in small rooms you can use dark colors — they will not reduce the space.

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    Bathroom, bathroom

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2 bright bathroom

This apartment is also located in a typical panel building. She was transformed by designer Milena Yanichkina for a girl. Before the makeover, the bathroom was a conventional space with a combination of white and blue tiles and tiled decor, a 2000s fashion statement.

After the repair, it turned out to be a space out of time — light marbled porcelain stoneware with veins, the same light cabinet and a cabinet with a mirror, ceiling cornices painted to match the tiles, a glass partition — this means that the curtain will not be useful, and there will be less visual noise. Such an interior will be relevant for a long time.

3 Graphic bathroom

In this apartment, which is also located in a typical panel house, the designers of the Svoi Design studio made a stylish graphic interior out of a “killed” repair. At the same time, the arrangement of plumbing did not change — the bath and sink remained in their places. Opposite the sink is a storage system with a pencil case.

Finishing was chosen in black and white shades. The tiles in the bath area are dark. Background is light. And in the sink area, they made an accent of tiles with a geometric pattern in black, white and gray shades.

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    Bathroom, bathroom

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four Stylish green interior

This bathroom is from a Stalin-era apartment designed by designer Kristina Lichik. The space has changed dramatically and even seems to have become visually larger, although in fact there were no square meters added, no redevelopment was done. The designer combined several types of tiles — light glossy on the walls, marbled in the bath area and with a geometric pattern on the floor. And some of the walls are painted in a pleasant green color. Coziness and style are added by wooden accents in furniture.

This bathroom also used an unusual and even ironic decor. This is a portrait of Elizabeth II, painted by the artist for the project.

5 A bathroom that fits everything

In this apartment, designed by Inna Chashina, the bathroom was combined with a bathroom and enlarged with a corridor. Therefore, in the photo «before» — a cramped room, and «after» — spacious and comfortable, where even the laundry area fit.

In the decoration, we chose the basic materials — porcelain stoneware under stone and wood. Gray shades go well with brown. The ceiling, by the way, is not standard white, but gray.

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