Bed with upholstered headboard: tips for choosing and 70 photos for inspiration


Regardless of the style, color scheme and general mood of the rest room, the sleeping place should be as cozy and comfortable as possible. A bright trend of recent years is single and double beds with a soft headboard. In this article, we will tell you how to choose such furniture, what to consider, and also how to fit it into the interior of different rooms.

Design Tips

Pros and cons
Headboard types
— Filler
– upholstery
Ideas for different rooms
— Bedroom
— Guest
— Children’s

What is important to consider

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Let’s analyze the main pros and cons of beds on legs with a soft headboard.


  • It’s stylish. This design looks elegant and spectacular, and also fits into any interior style: from luxurious classics to laconic scandi.
  • The room looks more comfortable. Textiles and tactilely pleasant textures make the room more intimate and warm.
  • There are different models, including multifunctional ones. For example, you can choose a bed with a soft headboard and a lifting mechanism, which will have compartments for storing bed linen at the bottom. Or order a transformer for a small apartment.
  • Convenience and safety. A layer with a filler will protect against discomfort and microtrauma if you or a child accidentally hit your head on the headboard. It’s also much nicer to lean on the padded back if you’re reading or working on your laptop in bed.
  • You can choose any colors, textures, with or without ornaments, optionally with decorative elements.


  • First of all, it is a matter of cleaning. Any fabric surfaces collect dust, which is why it is considered an impractical coating. To minimize pollution, choose upholstery made of quality fabrics, leather or eco-leather, also pay attention to fabrics with special protective impregnations.
  • This type of bed takes up more space. You will have to sacrifice at least 5-10 cm. In a medium or large room this is not a problem, but for a very small room it can make a difference.
  • Such furniture costs more than ordinary furniture. To save money, you can choose a standard wooden bed with an upholstered headboard, rather than an all-fabric frame.

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Headboard types

The headboard is the most visible part of the bed. It can be decorative, accent, continue along the entire wall.

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Headboards differ in the following parameters:

  • Dimensions. The back can be the size of the frame, go beyond it to the sides, or continue up the entire height of the wall. To make the furniture look harmonious in the interior, choose the dimensions, taking into account the scale of the space. In a spacious bedroom, you can and even need to use large forms so that the product is not lost. And in a small room, it is better to choose a standard model of a small size.
  • The form. The back can be simple or complex geometric shape. In the first case, it is a square, rectangle, semicircle or semi-oval. Such options are suitable for laconic modern trends: scandi, contemporary, eco, minimalism. There are also more complex models — for example, French-style carved headboards. They are suitable for classics, neoclassics, art deco or eclecticism.
  • Thickness. The standard model, consisting of a substrate, filler and upholstery, has a width of about 5 cm. However, now more voluminous products are in trend: from 10 cm and more.
  • Design. The headboard can be a stationary part of the frame, attached (an independent module that is attached to the base) or hinged.

The main principle when choosing a backrest design is: the smaller the room, the simpler the view should be.

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When choosing a bed with a high or low upholstered headboard, the materials from which it is made are important.


The filler is placed in the space between the solid backing of MDF or similar material and the upholstery fabric.

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Popular options:

  • Sintepon is an inexpensive material, made from bulk polyester fibers. Despite the fully synthetic composition, it is safe for health, does not cause allergies, and is not a breeding ground for fungus. The main disadvantage of the synthetic winterizer is that it loses its original shape faster than other fillers.
  • Foam rubber is another popular material, often used to fill mattresses. This is also a synthetic that is safe for health, which absorbs sound well, lasts a long time, and eventually restores its shape.
  • Felt is a natural filler made from felted wool. It is quite hard, so it holds its shape well, increases the wear resistance of the product. Often used as an additional protective layer for less durable material.
  • Hollofiber is an inexpensive synthetic material of a new generation, does not burn, does not cause allergies, and is completely safe for health. This filler is made in a non-woven way from polyester fibers that look like springs. Thanks to this, the holofiber retains its shape for a long time.
  • Sintepukh is an artificial alternative to natural down. Also made from polyester fibers, hypoallergenic, relatively inexpensive. Does not deteriorate from washing and dry cleaning.

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When choosing an upholstery, such characteristics of the fabric as wear resistance, non-staining, strength, as well as a beautiful appearance are important.


Best fit:

  • Velor is a breathable, aesthetic-looking and pleasant to the touch fabric. Suitable for different styles, often drawing and additional details are applied to velor. The main disadvantage is that such upholstery needs to be regularly looked after.
  • Flock — visually and tactilely very similar to velor, but the fabrics differ in the way they are made. To create a flock, the threads are first intertwined and then fluffed — so the upholstery is softer. This is an artificial inexpensive matter with excellent characteristics.
  • Jacquard is a luxurious dense fabric with a spectacular design. It costs more than other materials.
  • Gunny is a soft, hypoallergenic, low-maintenance material that lasts a long time and at the same time is inexpensive.
  • Eco-leather is a much cheaper substitute for real leather, which looks just as impressive. The only disadvantage of artificial matter is that damage is noticeable on it. So if there are pets in the apartment who like to sharpen their claws on furniture, this option will not work.

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Photo of a bed with a soft headboard in the interior of the rooms

Cozy beds with a fabric back are suitable for both adults and children’s rooms.


The quality of your rest depends on how comfortable and cozy the bed will be.

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When choosing a model, consider a few points:

  • The bed can be part of an overall neutral background (for example, in a minimalist monochrome interior) or be a bright accent. Based on this, choose the shape of the back, color, upholstery material.
  • Light shades visually expand the space, make it airy. For example, if you want to create the effect of sleeping on a light cloud, choose a light beige or white bed with a soft headboard.
  • Dark tones look spectacular, and also create a chamber atmosphere. For a contemporary or minimalist bedroom, models with upholstery in gray, chocolate, black, navy blue or dark green are suitable.


Unlike the main bedroom, the interior of which is as personalized as possible and meets the tastes of the owners, the design of the guest room, as a rule, is made universal.

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Different people with their own preferences stay in this room for the night or live for some time, so it is better to make the situation as neutral and concise as possible. At the same time, it should correspond to the general style of housing.

Furniture for the guest room should be:

  • Calm in color. A beige, brown or gray bed with a soft headboard will look good — these colors do not irritate, they create a peaceful atmosphere.
  • Big enough. It is best to put a double model, if there is not enough space in the room — at least one and a half sleeping.
  • Convenient. Choose a mattress and pillows of medium firmness, the frame should not be too low or high — so that there are no problems getting on or off the bed. Provide local light, sockets, bedside tables or shelves next to the sleeping place.


Such a bed is suitable for a nursery, not only because of the design, but primarily for safety reasons.

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Active children love to jump, run, release energy in every possible way, which is why bumps on furniture are inevitable. The fabric back with an elastic filler will protect kids from bruises and other injuries.

In terms of design, you can experiment, especially since manufacturers offer a variety of models with an interesting design. So, for a child fit:

  • Beds, couches and ottomans with colored velvety backs.
  • Models with curly headboards in the form of animals, flowers and all sorts of recognizable objects.
  • Beds-cocoons, similar to a deep cradle, etc.

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