Bathroom curtain: stylish ideas, modern materials and 80 beautiful photos


Thin, shapeless oilcloth sticking to the body, flashy, colorful prints, yellowed edges from water and soap — until now, many people imagine this picture when they hear the phrase «bath curtain». But things are no longer the same: in recent years, the shower curtain has undergone a real evolution and is no longer considered a dubious accessory. Modern models look stylish, they are easy to fit into almost any project. There is an alternative — frame structures. Let’s talk about it.

Choosing a curtain for the bathroom

Why is there a curtain in the bathroom
— Soft
— Rigid
Soft curtain materials
— Vinyl
– Polyester
— Natural textiles
Curtain rods and holders
– Cornices
— Holders
Types of hard curtains

What is a curtain for?

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She performs several tasks at once. The main ones can be formulated as follows.

  1. Protection. The main task is to protect the floor, furniture, textiles, plumbing and other surfaces and objects in the room from water and soap.
  2. Zoning. This is especially important for large and combined bathrooms. The curtain allows you to separate the bathing area, making it more private.
  3. Decoration. A curtain or a screen can hide the flaws of the room, complement the overall style or become an accent, complete the interior, add coziness.

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Today there really is plenty to choose from. But first you have to decide which bath curtains will be better in your case: soft, frameless, or rigid, framed.


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These are well-known canvases made of PVC or textiles. They have their own advantages.

  • Simple, fast installation. It is enough to fix the cornice and hang the canvas. No special knowledge or skills are required. The whole procedure will take several minutes.
  • Big choice. Whatever colors, patterns and patterns you like — in ordinary and online stores you can find a model that suits your interior.
  • Price. There are products for every wallet: inexpensive, medium category and quite expensive.
  • Easy to change if the curtain gets tired over time.
  • Suitable for bathtubs of all sizes and shapes. For example, you can choose a corner bath screen if the plumbing is adjacent to the wall with only one end or has a rounded shape.

The main disadvantage of such models is considered to be a short service life. But this is more likely to apply to inexpensive canvases. Products made from modern materials with proper care can maintain an attractive appearance for years.

Rigid structures

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These are glass or plastic barriers. They are chosen by those for whom the following advantages are important.

  • Complete tightness. Glass or plastic screen reliably protects against splashes.
  • Long service life. Such screens can be used for many years, it is enough just to clean them regularly and monitor the health of the mechanisms.
  • Space saving. This is especially true in small bathrooms. Glass or plastic fencing does not take up much space, does not visually hide the space and does not darken.
  • Style. If you can make a mistake with the choice of color and texture of the textile model and spoil the interior, then the glass one will be appropriate almost always.

There are also disadvantages: more complex installation, high price.

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What are soft curtains made of?

In stores, you can still find thin curtains that are inconvenient to use. But there are others, better and more elegant, which fit perfectly into modern interiors. So, what are curtains made of today?


Quite a large category of products. This includes common PVC, that is, polyvinyl chloride. It is thin PVC sheets that often stick. Therefore, it is better to choose denser options.

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Let’s list all the options.

  • PVC It’s plastic, thick oilcloth. Over time, a yellowish coating from soap and shower gels can form on it. In the machine, such fabrics are not washed. You can try to scrub the stains with a sponge.
  • EVA, ethylene vinyl acetate, is another among the vinyl materials, but unlike PVC does not contain chlorine, it is considered more environmentally friendly. At the same time, it differs in density, strength, elasticity.
  • PEVA or polyethylene vinyl acetate. It also does not contain chlorine and is considered environmentally friendly. Slightly less dense than EVA. Both EVA and PEVA are also not recommended for machine washing.

All three options are absolutely waterproof.

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100% synthetic material. Polyester threads are obtained from petroleum products. This fabric is considered one of the most durable and wear-resistant, which does not prevent it from being very light and drying quickly. It turns out an almost ideal set of characteristics for textiles in the wet zone.

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What are polyester bath screens? There are two options: pure polyester and with the addition of natural fibers.

Pure polyester curtains don’t look like oilcloth. Due to the peculiarities of the fabric, they fall off in beautiful even folds, do not stick. Polyester is usually further treated with a water-repellent impregnation, and it becomes completely waterproof. Curtains made of this material can be washed, not only by hand, but also in a typewriter. The main thing is to follow the temperature recommendations.

The second option: blended fabric. For example, polyester + linen or polyester + cotton. A ratio of 90 × 10 is usually maintained, where 90% are artificial fibers and 10% are natural. Such canvases look even more elegant and noble. To cope with the main task, splash protection, special impregnation allows them. Items can be machine washed. Perhaps their only drawback is their rather high price.

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Curtain in the bathroom made of natural textiles

Such models are usually made to order, ready-made in stores are difficult to find.

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For tailoring choose cotton, linen or bamboo. The fabric must be treated with water-repellent impregnation and antibacterial to avoid the appearance of mold and fungus. Usually they resort to additional protection: on the inside they hang a thin white or transparent canvas made of vinyl or polyester, and on the outside — decorative made of natural fabric. In this case, the design is very similar to window decor: a combination of tulle and thick curtains.

Of course, this option is the most expensive. But it allows you to create interesting visual solutions. And it is often chosen by designers.

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Curtain rods and holders

Hanging a curtain in the bathroom is a matter of a few minutes. The only thing you need is a suitable cornice and fasteners.

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Bathroom cornices

The form is:

  • Direct. These are suitable for a standard straight bath, surrounded by walls on three sides.
  • In the form of an arc. Used for corner and rounded bathtubs.
  • Rectangular. Suitable if the bath is adjacent to only one wall and you need to protect the other three sides.
  • L-shaped or angular. For bathtubs that are adjacent to two walls, and one end and one long side remain free.
  • There are models in the form of an oval and a circle, which are attached not only to the walls, but also to the ceiling. They are used either for free-standing bowls or when they want to create a certain style in the room.

Cornices today are made from a variety of materials. Among them: plastic, aluminum, stainless steel, steel — plain or chrome.

Curtain holders

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Let’s highlight several types.

  • Hooks are the easiest option. And inexpensive. At the same time, it is very convenient to use. The curtain can be hung or replaced without removing the curtain rod.
  • Eyelets — cutouts in the material, reinforced with metal lining. Curtains with such fastening are more expensive. They are not so easy to take off or put on: you have to dismantle the cornice.
  • Rings. They are strung on a cornice, and the canvas itself is suspended from the rings with the help of loops. You can replace the curtain without removing the cornice.
  • Loops. This type of fastening is more likely to be found on a custom-made curtain. Looks even more decorative. But it can complicate the movement of the curtain. In addition, to replace it, the eaves will have to be removed.


In the case of the bathroom, it is difficult to talk about any strict rules. Here, rather, it is important to feel the general “mood” of the interior and select an accessory in unison.

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If you are afraid to make a mistake, a plain white matte textile curtain will be a win-win choice in most cases. Or, alternatively, you can use a completely transparent, almost invisible canvas.

If you’re ready to experiment abstract prints and geometric patterns, floral ornaments are in trend. But large colorful images of the underwater world or tropical landscapes are unlikely to add style to the interior.

Types of hard curtains

Rigid structures are, rather, screens. But their main function is the same — splash protection.

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By material

Fences are made of glass or plastic on a metal frame.

  • Glass is tempered, resistant to mechanical damage. Manufacturers also cover it with a special film so that in the event of a strong blow, it does not shatter into thousands of fragments, but only crack. Glass can be transparent or frosted. Such structures are completely sealed, durable. Outwardly combine simplicity and elegance. They are the ones that interior designers like to use in their projects. But glass bathroom curtains are the most expensive.
  • Plastic models are much cheaper. They are also waterproof, durable and with proper care will last for years. However, they lose their attractive appearance faster, they can change color due to water and soap. Washing them is much more difficult, not all cleaning products are suitable.

By type of opening

Rigid models also differ in the opening mechanism.

  1. Stationary screens — a fixed structure. It is constantly in one place and covers only the shower area.
  2. Sliding — the doors open like a compartment. This model allows you to close the entire bath. This saves space.
  3. Swing. Not suitable for every room. In a small space, opening doors like this can be inconvenient.
  4. Folding (or «accordion»). Another option for narrow small bathrooms. When folded, it does not take up much space.

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