Background for video calls, warm-up area and 3 more tips for a comfortable work area at home


one Background for video calls

The one who first encounters work from home usually forgets that the background behind him is different from the office one. It will be very embarrassing to show colleagues a crumpled bed, scattered clothes and family members walking by in pajamas. Therefore, take care of creating a favorable background for video chats.

You can simply turn the table around and sit with your back against the wall. The main thing is that there should not be a window behind, otherwise you will be illuminated in the video. Another way is to put a screen or bookcase behind you. They will also help to zone the space for work and not be distracted.

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2 Warm-up area

Even if you didn’t always have time to visit the gym after the office, you still had to move: get to work, leave the office at lunchtime, climb stairs. With the transition to work from home, the route is reduced to going to the kitchen for tea.

In order not to harm your health, prepare yourself not only a desk, but also a warm-up area. You can hang a horizontal bar on a balcony or in a doorway, move furniture to make room for a yoga mat, put an exercise bike or a treadmill. Such activity will also help unload thoughts and better concentrate on work.

3 Plaid and carpet

One of the advantages of working remotely is the ability to feel more comfortable and cozy because no one sees you. Take advantage of this and choose a warm and cozy blanket for yourself, which is nice to wrap up when you ventilate the room. Under the table, you can lay a carpet with a long pile or large weave, it will be nice to put bare feet on it.

four Stands for appliances

It is very convenient to have several stands on your desktop for various equipment, for example, for a tablet or smartphone, so as not to hold them in your hands during a video call. You can also use a hard laptop stand if you decide to work from bed or on the couch. There are even models with a built-in fan, it helps the computer not to overheat.

On the wall above the workplace, you can hang a hook for headphones or chargers so as not to look for them in the drawers of the table.

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5 Extension cable and cable ties

You will most likely need multiple outlets in your new workplace.

  • For laptop or desktop computer.
  • For printer.
  • For charging phone, headphones, tablet.
  • For table lamp.
  • For a router.
  • For heater or fan.

It’s also always best to have one or two spare outlets in case of an emergency.

If you did not initially bring the sockets into the work area during the repair, you will need an extension cord. It can be mounted on the underside of the table top or on one of the back legs of the table so that it does not dangle on the floor. It is also worth doing this with wires, so they will not get tangled and will look aesthetically pleasing. The wire from the extension cord can be hidden under the carpet or behind a special box.


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