8 Fresh Hallway Decor Ideas From Western Blogs


one Hang an unusual lamp

If the ceiling height allows, use unusual lamps to decorate the hallway. They can be decorated with additional details or, on the contrary, made in a minimalist style, stand out in a complex color or interesting shape.

If used as a d&...
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If you use a chandelier as a decor, you do not have to occupy the surface of a chest of drawers or a table with additional decorations. This frees up more usable storage space.

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    How to do it right: we plan the light in the corridor and hallway

2 Put a vase with moss balls

Beautiful eco-style decor looks very natural and reminds of nature. In addition, it emphasizes the textures and natural materials that are used in the design of the room. This is a good option for a Scandinavian, boho or eco-style hallway.

Unusual and stylish interior...
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Moss decoration looks unusual and stylish in the interior. It is unlikely that it will be possible to make a whole wall out of it in a typical hallway, but putting small decorative balls in a vase and putting it on the console is as easy as shelling pears.

3 hang macrame

Decor made using the macrame technique immediately adds coziness to the interior. If you hang a couple of wicker products on the wall in the hallway, then a warm homely atmosphere will be felt from the threshold.

Macrame is often used in inte...
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Macrame is often used in Scandinavian and boho-style interiors. Therefore, such decor is associated not only with comfort, but also with a relaxed, calm mood in general.

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    Style without rules: decorating a boho interior

four Decorate the walls with plates

We are used to seeing decorative plates in the interior of the kitchen or living room, but in the hallway this technique looks unusual and spectacular. This is a stylish solution for any space, including such a small one as the entrance area. Wall decor will brighten up the interior and make use of the empty space of the walls, thereby freeing up storage space on the table or on the floor.

If the room is small, don't...
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If the room is small, do not hang large plates on the wall. Limit yourself to a smaller diameter, otherwise the room will visually appear even cramped. Contrasting bright plates look beautiful on a plain white wall. If you already have variegated colors in the finish, choose the color of decorative dishes for them.

5 Hang paper holder

Organizers are different: some perfectly cope with the storage function, but only implement it, others may well be an independent decorative accent. If you don’t want to plan your hallway decoration separately, look for accessories that are both useful and aesthetic.

For example, hang a red...
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For example, hang a beautiful organizer for small things on the wall. Choose a model with an unusual shape or in an interesting color. So you organize storage and at the same time solve the issue with the decor of the entrance area.

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6 Decorate the space with an installation

Modern art is suitable for decorating not only the living room or bedroom, but also the entrance area. For example, you can pick up a beautiful panel or installation and fix it on an empty wall. At the same time, the finish should be neutral so as not to interrupt the beauty of the decorative elements. The best background colors are white, gray, light beige.

Depending on the area of ​​the room...
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Depending on the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe room, choose larger or smaller panels to maintain harmonious proportions.

7 Hang a basket on the wall

You can use a wicker basket for room decor in different ways. With its help, it is easy to decorate the interior of the hallway in a country, scandi or eco style quickly and on a budget — just hang the basket on the wall in the manner of a decorative plate.

For such a decor, only...
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For such a decor, only compact, shallow models that resemble flat dishes are suitable. High sides will protrude too much on the wall — it looks ugly.

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eight Use pillows as decor

Small pillows in decorative covers are a great decor not only for the sofa area or the bed in the bedroom. In the hallway, you can also create a cozy composition of soft decor.

Take a wicker basket and...
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Take a wicker basket and throw in some beautiful colorful pillows decorated with drawings or thematic inscriptions. Textiles will immediately make the space cozier.


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