8 finds from AliExpress for convenient organization of the bathroom


one Organizer for small things, 977 rubles

Stylish and functional organizer with four compartments and a transparent lid will help you organize the storage of small things in the bathroom. Suitable for both hygiene items and cosmetics. It will look beautiful on an open shelf or countertop, and a tight lid will protect the contents from dust and water ingress.



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2 Shower holder, 970 rubles

Convenient shelf-holder is attached directly to the rack and does not take up extra space on the walls. The shower head can be inserted into the recess on the side. And thanks to the high sides, the bottles that stand on the shelf will not fall if they are accidentally touched. This little design will come in handy if you already have corner mini shelving or busy walls. With it, you can allocate some more space for storing your favorite funds.



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3 Shelf above the toilet, 1 876 rubles

Such accessories help to get the most out of a couple of square meters in the bathroom and allocate additional storage space. The shelf-rack, which is installed directly on the toilet flush tank, can accommodate more than just a roll of toilet paper and a pack of wet wipes. There is enough space for a variety of items: for example, you can put an air freshener, hand sanitizer or shower accessories if the bathroom is combined.

1 876


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four Wall rack, 2 453 rubles

The design is simple in form, but roomy: three shelves and two drawers are enough for everything you need. On such a rack it is convenient to store hygiene products (for example, cotton pads or sticks), large containers with shower products, cosmetics or even household chemicals. And below you can make hooks — you get another storage area.



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5 Corner rack with a door, 1,433 rubles

An interesting variation on the standard corner organizers is the closable storage rack. Its main advantage over other models is that thanks to the roll-out door, all colorful jars and bottles will be hidden from view when necessary. Thanks to this, visual noise — the main problem of small bathrooms — will be reduced.



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6 Cosmetic box, 5 890 rubles

If you have a lot of beauty and color cosmetics, this effective and stylish mini chest of drawers will help you organize it. It has one large open compartment and two spacious drawers. Another plus of such an organizer is mobility. If necessary, you can move it from the bathroom to the bedroom or, for example, the hallway — and then return all the cosmetics back.

5 890


7 Hair dryer holder, 1 611 rubles

Hairdryer and hair styling accessories are convenient to keep in one place. This is easy to do with this wall organizer. It has a compartment for fixing the hair dryer and several compartments for combs. In addition to them, you can place makeup accessories or shaving accessories there.



eight Storage container, 2,994 rubles

A compact rounded container with three closed compartments can be safely hung in wet areas and not be afraid that your accessories will become damp and spoiled — plastic doors will protect them from moisture. It is convenient that they are transparent: so you can always see where everything is stored and how much stock we have left.





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