7 Cool Balcony Decorating Ideas for Fall


one Use different garlands

The autumn grayness outside the window is harmoniously compensated by the sources of warm light on the balcony. Battery-operated garlands work well for this. In this case, it is not necessary to use the same models. Large light bulbs in black bases look good in the air if you stretch them from one wall to another. A model with small bulbs is suitable for decorating a fence or a window. And a thin transparent garland with small diodes can be put on the table, wrapping other decorative elements. Of course, such an idea is also suitable for a closed balcony.

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2 Set up a table with a lace tablecloth

In autumn, I want to add textiles to the interior of the balcony in order to achieve a feeling of warmth and comfort. If the furniture there is only a metal table and chairs, just lay a tablecloth on the table. It should be long, but not completely close the legs. Light lace material will look good — it looks vintage, light and textured. If your closed balcony is also insulated, then you can arrange atmospheric autumn dinners at the table here.

3 Install wicker furniture

In autumn, wicker furniture looks especially atmospheric on the balcony. If the loggia is small, you can limit yourself to one chair. Complement it with a light-colored plaid, pillow and a small rug to complete the composition. Light curtains of a milky shade should be hung on the windows — they will add a sense of privacy in the evenings, but will not block the light, which is already scarce in autumn. A few potted plants and pumpkins will come in handy.

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four Add colorful textiles and candles

The first association with the autumn decoration of a balcony or loggia is textiles in red and orange colors. But in fact, any deep and saturated colors will do. For example, dark blue, brown, green. Experiment with colorful pillows, curtains and throws. And next to it, place a composition of light large candles. They look good on decorative trays or in glass florariums. Small pumpkins of white varieties are beautifully combined with them.

5 Make a composition of autumn vegetables

In October and November, many people keep a huge amount of vegetables at home, which will make a completely free and stylish composition on the balcony table and windowsill. Use pumpkins, zucchini and squash in different colors and sizes. Complement them also with candles and flowers in pots.

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6 Arrange a lot of living plants

In autumn, you can arrange flower pots on the balcony that are still blooming. Suitable calendula, asters, dahlias, chrysanthemums. You can choose them for already used textiles — in orange, red or yellow tones. This technique is suitable for owners of glazed balconies or housing in southern regions with mild winters. Not only flowers look good, but also any plants that tolerate coolness well: grasses, miniature trees. Choose pots in the same style for them and complement them with harmonious accessories, such as candlestick lanterns or seasonal vegetables.

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7 Use boho decor

If you want to get a light and cozy loggia, use boho style decor. To do this, you will need a warm woolen carpet (feet will be warm!), a pair of wicker chairs, light-colored blankets, patterned pillows and macrame wall decorations. Baskets and ottomans will look good nearby.


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