7 cool and budget bathroom products that will replace IKEA


one Analogue rack «Vilto»

Shelving is a very handy and often compact piece of furniture, so it’s great for a bathroom. It is convenient to place towels, hygiene items, baskets with accessories on the shelves. And taking care of a beautiful composition, you can make a truly stylish corner out of this place.


The analogue of the popular shelving of the Swedish brand is almost in no way inferior to it. 4 shelves expanding downwards; slightly less height — 138 cm; material is bamboo, good for bathroom. The advantage of this rack is in the combination of beige and white colors, it looks more interesting.

2 Analogue of a set of containers «Brogrund»


Translucent containers are ideal for storing small cosmetics, cotton pads and other accessories. And although the analog we found has one container instead of a set of several different sizes, the box itself is divided into sections inside — it’s convenient, but it takes up less space. The main material is plastic, but high-quality and durable: the product has only positive customer reviews.

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3 An analogue of the shelf on the suction cups «Tisken»


The Tisken was a lifesaver for those who didn’t want to or couldn’t drill through the walls in the bathroom — the strong Velcro fasteners held up a lot. A similar wall organizer is also attached to the suction cups, and you won’t have to spoil the tiles. He also has a tray from which it is easy to remove the accumulated water — so mold does not form on the bottom of the shelf. The organizer is positioned as a stand for toothbrushes, but you can use it not only near the sink and not only for them. In addition, in the comments, users noted the reliability of the design.

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four Analog door hanger «Brogrund»


Another alternative to drilled walls is the towel rack, which is attached to the door. At the same time, its practicality is not diminished in the least. The design from IKEA had 5 hooks, and the analog we selected also had towels of all family members. But the color is black. It will perfectly fit into the interior of a bathroom with black plumbing, and in other cases, the structure can be easily repainted in white or bright colors.

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5 Analog dispenser for liquid soap «Ecoln»


Finding a stylish minimalistic dispenser is not such an easy task. The assortment of the Swedish store included a matte gray dispenser that suited many interiors due to its neutrality. We found an alternative in the same color scheme but with a slightly different design. And decorating the area near the sink, do not forget that it is better to choose a stand for bar soap and a glass for toothbrushes from the same collection!

6 Bathtub curtain analogue «Bastrsjön»


And although now many designers choose glass partitions instead of shower curtains, it is impossible to completely refuse this accessory. Moreover, there are very stylish options that can complement or even transform the bathroom. To replace the minimalistic curtain with a geometric print from IKEA, we found a similar one — a little brighter, but also with a rhythmic discreet pattern. The green color of the pattern can be supported with textiles or accessories. And if you have tiles of such an emerald shade or some of the walls are painted in a similar color, then such a curtain is an ideal addition. And much more budget partitions!

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7 Analogue of the laundry basket «Branes»


Some natural materials are also great for wet areas. This structured laundry basket is made from rattan and the matched counterpart is made from wicker. The height of the alternative box is slightly less, but the width and depth are about the same. Inside there is a fabric lining so that there are no clues from the texture material on the clothes. Whatever color scheme the bathroom is finished in, such a natural beige-brown color will look appropriate.


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