7 Convenient Ways to Arrange Your Desk in the Bedroom


one By the bed instead of one of the nightstands

Sometimes in the bedroom there is no urgent need to put two nightstands on both sides of the bed. In the project in the photo, the designers abandoned this classic symmetry and put only one nightstand, and used the freed space to accommodate a small desktop. Pay attention to how conveniently the sockets are located between the computer and the bed: they are accessible at arm’s length from one side and the other. And they can be used both sitting at the computer and lying in bed, for example, to scroll through the tape on the phone while it is charging.

And most importantly, on the corner of the table it will be convenient to store various accessories that may come in handy before going to bed or after waking up: hand cream, a book, glasses, etc.

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2 Opposite the bed in a fenced-off corner

When there is enough free space in the bedroom, you can create a full-fledged version of the home office. For its location in this project, a nook was allocated, which was fenced off with wooden panels, so the workspace turned out to be private. The rack construction on the wall acts as an interesting accent here and harmonizes remarkably with the main palette of the room.

The result was an unusual effect: the workplace remains zoned, and at the same time, its design transforms the interior so much that it is already impossible to imagine this bedroom without it.

3 On the windowsill

If you are a happy owner of a large window sill, feel free to use this space to organize your work area, as in this project. During daylight hours, additional lighting devices will not be required, because there will definitely not be a shortage of natural light. And for those cases when too bright sun will shine outside the window, the designer provided neat Roman blinds and spotlights right above the windowsill. You can curtain the window, turn on these lamps and calmly continue to work.

four Opposite the bed, full width wall

In this project, a long console table was hung directly in front of the bed. On one half, closer to the window, there is a mirror — this zone replaces the standard dressing table. And the second side is equipped for a working area, on which all sockets for equipment and a table lamp are provided. It can be turned on for comfortable work in the dark, so as not to use the main ceiling light and not interfere with the sleeper’s rest.

In the center between the «beauty zone» and the «work zone» there is a lot of free space left, which can also be used.

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5 Across from the window

It happens that the window sill is very narrow, and even a sheet of A4 paper does not fit on it. But this is not a reason to abandon the idea of ​​​​a workplace opposite the window. In this project, a miniature table was chosen to implement the idea and placed parallel to the windowsill. Please note that there is enough space between them to freely move the curtains and tulle without touching the furniture and leaving no hooks. For storage of documents and other trifles, a rack with open and closed shelves was provided. It harmonizes wonderfully with the wood effect wall panel and does not attract much attention.

6 Opposite the bed next to the TV cabinet

When every square centimeter counts in a small bedroom and there is simply nowhere to put additional furniture, the desktop can be integrated into a TV cabinet. Such a composition does not look massive, on the contrary, a slight asymmetry makes the space more interesting. The table top is an extension of the chest of drawers, and there is enough space underneath to make it comfortable to sit and not hit your knees on the corners.

This solution in the interior will especially appeal to those who like to turn on the TV in the background while working. The large screen is literally at your side, and it is convenient to look at it out of the corner of your eye.

7 By the bed like a dressing table

What to do if there is only enough free space in the bedroom for one thing — either a dressing room or a desktop? Correctly! Combine both solutions. In the project of this bedroom, the designer has provided for every little thing so that one does not interfere with the other. The mirror here is not attached to the wall, as in classic dressing tables, but stands on legs. Therefore, it is convenient to remove it to the side so that the reflection does not distract from working with a laptop.

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