7 beautiful ways to paint an old chair


one Choose contrasting colors

If you want to transform an old chair beyond recognition, replace the colors with the opposite ones. For example, here, instead of a black base with a brown seat, they made a light light product. To do this, they painted the frame white and chose a bright blue upholstery. The chair turned out to be opposite in mood, which will organically complement any modern interior.

2 Decorate the seat

The furniture looks beautiful, parts of which are painted in different shades. For example, black and natural wood color are combined here. Thanks to this technique, the chair looks more contrasting and stylish. An unusual geometric pattern on the seat adds decorativeness to it.

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3 Pick up paint to match the old

Furniture does not always need to be repainted in a radically different color — sometimes just updating the coating is enough. For example, if you plan to replace the upholstery with a brighter one. In this case, the paint acts as a background and should not draw attention to itself, so it makes no sense to choose a saturated color. See how they did it in this example: a seemingly unremarkable chair was turned into a real interior accent by adding a contrasting black and white seat and back upholstery. The frame was left in approximately the same color as it was before, adding yellow details.

four Add painting on the back

If you have artistic ability, transform the chair with a mural. But do not completely cover the object with patterns — it will look too colorful. It is enough to add a drawing locally: for example, on the back or seat of a chair. It can be ordinary painting with paint or decoupage. Such a product will perfectly fit into country style, Provence or shabby chic.

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5 Use dark colors

Dark shades always look elegant and expensive. Repaint the chair in one of them, choose upholstery in matching colors. In addition to the aesthetic component, this will help hide bumps and chips on the frame, as the dark color visually smoothes out defects on the surface. Let there be at least one bright shade in the upholstery — a rich palette looks spectacular and will complement any interior.

6 Combine two opposite shades

If repainting in one color is too boring for you, pick up two harmoniously combined shades. For example, blue and beige contrasting in warmth look interesting. Each on its own looks neutral, but together they will make the chair unusual and bright.

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7 Paint only the legs

If, on the contrary, you do not want to repaint the entire frame, use the now popular color block technique. This technique is also simple to perform: you can simply dip the legs of the chair in paint, sealing the junction with the old color with tape to get a smooth transition. It looks unusual and attracts attention — such furniture «in socks» will definitely diversify your interior. If you want to maintain the chosen tone, paint some more detail. For example, slats on the back, as in the photo. Or repeat the shade in the upholstery.


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