6 things you should definitely remove from the hallway


No time to read? Told in the video what to remove from the hallway

one Sports Equipment

If you lead an active lifestyle, sooner or later a mountain of sports equipment will accumulate in the corner of the hallway: skis, Nordic walking sticks, gloves for the horizontal bar. As a result, the space looks cluttered and unaesthetic, and the inventory itself can be damaged or dirty.

Where to clean

For small items (gloves, safety helmet) you can allocate space in the wardrobe or wardrobe. If there is no free shelf, hang a soft storage unit on the hanger bar or place the container on the bottom of the cabinet. For larger equipment (skis, snowboards) it is worth buying a case-case and, for example, putting it on the balcony. It is also convenient to store accessories there: slip wax, ski poles, etc.


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2 Bike

The bike can really be stored in the hallway, but only in one where it will be possible to install a special wall mount and at the same time there will be room for necessary items such as a shoe rack. In a small area, the bike will only interfere.

Where to clean

Ideally, if there is a place for wall or ceiling mounts for a bicycle on the balcony. If not, inspect the common corridor between the apartments. There you can place a shallow cabinet, which is attached to the wall and locked with a lock. Just make sure that the neighbors support the initiative and the closet will not interfere with firefighters or doctors.


3 Last season’s clothes

Often outerwear from previous seasons quietly accumulates in a closet or on hangers in the hallway. Leather jackets, raincoats, windbreakers all take up space and create visual noise.

Where to clean

Something can be immediately moved to the wardrobe. Some clothes should probably be dry-cleaned first. Then pack it in outerwear bags and hang it in your closet until the new season. Or put in vacuum bags and put under the bed.


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four Items to give away or discard

Often things accumulate near the door that need to be taken out in the trash. Usually these are heavy items that need to be carried to the trash can or taken to a recycling point. At the entrance, things taken for a while can also gather dust, which, if necessary, must be returned to the owner. All these items have no place in the hallway, as they litter it.

Where to clean

Have a decluttering day. Take the time to walk to the trash can in the yard or the collection point for old things for recycling. Everything that needs to be given to someone, transfer it to the car or take it to the post office — this will speed up the process.


5 Old sponges and shoe polish

Often in the hallway for months there are dirty sponges and old pieces of cloth that are used to wiping dirty shoes. Also, expired shoe polish.

Where to clean

Expired shoe care products must be disposed of ruthlessly. Some substances, when spoiled, leave ugly marks on the skin and suede, and they simply smell unpleasant. It’s also time to say goodbye to old sponges and rags, and put the new ones in a box in the bathroom. All the same, for high-quality cleaning of shoes, you will need a basin and water.


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6 Cloth slippers for guests

A nightmare for everyone who visits is old, well-worn fabric slippers, which the owners cordially take out of the bowels of the hallway. No one will say this out loud, but putting them on is usually disgusting and unpleasant, thoughts about the cleanliness of those guests who wore them before come into my head.

Where to clean

Leave soft slippers for family members, and throw away any spare ones. It is much more hygienic to offer a guest a disposable model or rubber slippers that are easy to clean after they leave.



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