6 mistakes when choosing furniture in a small apartment that will ruin the interior


What mistakes do people make when choosing furniture for small spaces? Told in video

one Do not take into account the nuances of architecture

If, in addition to a small footage, the apartment has a complex architecture, this is a double task. It is necessary not only to find a place for all the necessary furniture, but also to fit it into the space so that it does not seem overloaded or cluttered. Sometimes, as a result of redevelopment or the construction of partitions for building cabinets, niches are formed — then the furniture has to be adjusted to fit them.

How to

For example, if there is a niche in the bedroom or a children’s niche, the bed should either fit perfectly into it in size, or be located exactly in the middle — symmetry always looks advantageous. The same goes for the sofa in the living room. In such cases, furniture is often made to order, which is selected exactly to the size, since it can be difficult to find suitable dimensions in stores.

2 Choosing the wrong size

First of all, it concerns storage systems. Proper organization of order allows you to avoid chaos and visual noise in a small apartment. At the same time, massive cabinets in a small size look too bulky.

How to

You need to balance between the size of the furniture and the color of the facades. So, if you have few things, choose more compact models. If you want cabinets to the ceiling, make them as inconspicuous as possible: light facades without handles and lack of decor are what you need in this situation. Furniture that is not related to storage, also select according to the dimensions of the apartment. It can be a small kitchen set, a lorry instead of a double bed, a folding table for two in the dining area, etc.

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3 Make complex facades

Even compact cabinets may not fit into the interior if they are designed too complicated. Fittings of intricate shapes, moldings, multi-color painting — all this makes the space of a small apartment visually overloaded.

How to

It is better to choose the most simple design. The ideal solution would be discreet minimalism in neutral shades, but you can choose any style. The main thing is not to overdo it with decorative design.

four Choose massive structures

It is not only the size of the furniture that matters, but also its general appearance. So, a wooden table on a thick support with a massive tabletop will “eat up” all the space in a Khrushchev or studio, and even a successful layout will not save. The same goes for chairs, sofas and any other furniture.

How to

Choose the most “airy” objects in terms of design. For example, if we are talking about a dining table, pay attention to models with long thin legs and a transparent table top. Even with the same dimensions, a lighter design will look better.

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5 Do not use folding furniture

It’s great if the interior of a small space is mobile and transformable. Even with a perfectly thought-out design, it is worth leaving room for a small rearrangement if necessary.

How to

This task will be facilitated by folding furniture. For example, a dining set at normal times can be used for two, and when receiving guests, it can be laid out and accommodate six. A sofa bed will be a convenient solution for accommodating relatives for the night. If you’re choosing between a fixed or folding model, it’s always best to go with the latter option.

6 Bet on dark colors

Dark colors have long ceased to be a taboo for small apartments, but everywhere there are exceptions. For example, a black or dark gray full-wall wardrobe will visually make the space smaller and the ceiling lower. Saturated and bright colors with the wrong combination can overload a small space and make it uncomfortable to live in.

How to

A universal option for small footage and any style — decoration and furniture in light neutral colors. And dark details can be used locally as a contrasting accent.

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