6 adorable little motorhomes


one Cozy bright house with a bright kitchen

Looking at this house, it’s hard to believe that this is just a small van, and not a full-fledged housing. The bright kitchen-living room with a rich green color as an accent looks very cozy and contains a dining area, a full set and a sofa. The sleeping place on the second floor is represented by a large double bed. There is also a laundry room and a spacious storage system of several cabinets and drawers under the stairs.

2 Mobile home with large windows

The panoramic windows of this camper offer a wonderful view of the surrounding nature. They also work to visually expand the space, as if blurring the boundaries between the landscape and the interior itself. A large amount of wood in the decoration sets off a contrasting black color, which in this case does not make the space look smaller. Storage here is represented by mezzanine shelves and a niche in the partition.

  • 6 adorable little motorhomes

    Vacation home

    6 adorable little motorhomes

3 House with mini greenhouse

In this small house, several materials coexist in decoration at once: brickwork, wood and paint. The warm color palette is diluted with cold gray in the shade of the facades and the sofa. The natural tones of the brickwork and the green color of the walls emphasize and set off the houseplants, which are placed in large numbers throughout the mini-house. There is a bedroom on the second floor. It is accessed by a folding ladder, which, when folded, provides access to the storage of clothes under the ladder.

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four Scandi style camper

This mobile home has been designed as a peaceful space to live in a simple Scandinavian style. A small kitchen set is located parallel to two walls of the kitchen. Next to it is a dining area and a spacious sofa. Behind the sliding barn door is another seating area and a mini-study. This is an ideal space for work or study: it is convenient to use it when you go on vacation with a large family with children and at some point someone needs to retire.

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5 Trailer house with sunny interior

This tiny house of just a couple of square meters has a kitchen, a dining area for two, and even a bedroom. It is located on the second tier under the ceiling — a staircase leads there, inside of which there are storage boxes. The interior is done in white, and the abundance of sunlight from the windows makes the small living space visually larger and more spacious. Houseplants and textiles in bright shades of green and yellow add coziness. Together with the warm texture of wood, they enhance the effect of a sunny interior.

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6 Mini-house in white and red colors

This bright mobile home is equipped with a full kitchen, a spacious closet and a seating area with a sofa bed that will replace the bed. There are also a couple of small tables that can be used for a buffet table if placed next to the sofa. Thanks to light shades in the decoration, the space seems larger, and the red color as an accent makes the interior more spectacular.

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