5 things in the interior of the living room that you can not save on


What is better not to save on in the living room? Told in video

one Sofa

The sofa is the first thing you should not save too much on. It is not necessary to choose designer models from the highest price segment, but there is no need to give up important points:

  • Design reliability. This is especially important for folding sofas or models with pull-out mechanisms. Everything that moves must be reliable and durable, otherwise, after a couple of years, the structure will begin to creak, seize, or even break.
  • Filler quality. A cheap one will wash out over time, ugly dents will appear on the seats.
  • Upholstery durability. The biggest problem with cheap upholstery fabric is that it easily pills and fades in areas where people most often sit.

What can you save on

Opt for cheaper sofa cushions and a throw. They do not wear out as much as upholstery and are easier to replace after 2-3 years. Or even earlier — if you want to update the interior without repair.

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    Living room

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2 Floor finish

Flooring for the living room should be durable and tactilely pleasing. If you level the floor well once and lay high-quality material, then it can not be changed during the next repair. Therefore, choose wear-resistant coatings: for example, parquet or high-quality laminate, engineered board or quartz vinyl. If possible, it is better to refuse carpet or linoleum — they quickly become unusable. Tiling in the living room is a matter of personal preference. You can choose options for different interior styles, but it can be unpleasant to walk barefoot on a cold surface.

What can you save on

To save money, ditch the carpet. Its absence can easily be compensated for with other textiles: for example, interesting curtains and sofa cushions. Or lay down a small cotton rug.

3 Window

It’s a bad idea to try to save money on living room windows. Even if you don’t sleep there every day, you still want to relax in silence, so soundproofing is important. Also, windows should retain heat well so that it is comfortable to be in the recreation area in any weather. It’s better not to save on finishing window slopes either: it’s ideal if the craftsman levels and plasters them, and plastic plugs should be discarded.

What can you save on

Reduce the budget for curtains. If no one sleeps in the living room, there is no point in buying blackouts. Enough of a monophonic dense fabric to the floor — it will look appropriate in any style.

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four Number of light sources

During repairs, it is important not to save on wiring and draw a few conclusions for fixtures. One chandelier in the center of the living room is not enough, regardless of the size of the room. Always complement the general light with wall lights and sockets for connecting a floor lamp and table lamps.

What can you save on

But on the lamps themselves, it is quite possible to save money. For example, many budget brands carefully repeat the shapes and materials of designer products. Sometimes they even invite world-famous designers to work together, releasing collections of inexpensive but stylish lamps. You can also look at the flea market and look for an interesting vintage with history.

5 Cabinets and chests of drawers

In most Russian apartments, part of the living room is reserved for storage. Usually it is divided into open (for books, decor, plants) and closed (for seasonal clothes, bedding — everything that did not fit in the bedroom). Therefore, in order to avoid clutter and storage problems at home, choose a high-quality closed system from cabinets and chests of drawers. Ideally, if they overlap in color or material.

What can you save on

On open storage systems. For example, you can choose the most budgetary shelf for decor or books and paint it in the desired color. And do-it-yourself stand for storing magazines from a wooden box or plywood.

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