4 areas for decorating a nursery for the New Year (ideas that you and your child will love)


Decorating a child’s room is a cool activity, no matter how you slice it. This is the development of one’s own creativity, and joint creativity with the child. The result is a space that is sure to bring a fabulous holiday feel to its owner. We tell you how to decorate a children’s room for the New Year.

All about decorating a nursery for the New Year

We define zones for decor
— Christmas tree
— Window
— Bed
— Shelves and walls
Joint creative activities

We determine the zones for the decor of the nursery for the New Year

Decorating a child’s room doesn’t have to be expensive. You can decorate the space with your own hands, involving the baby in the process.

To make the decor look complete and complete, it is important to make it in the same style. Try to implement a certain theme, for example, in an eco-style using natural materials. A single gamma is also an important point. And here it is absolutely not necessary to follow the rule pink — for girls, blue — for boys. Choose colors in agreement with the owner of the room and do not limit yourself to the standard palette.

The first thing to start decorating any space is to determine the zones for decoration.

1. Christmas tree

This is the simplest solution. You do not need to buy a chic living spruce up to the ceiling. In most cases, the baby will be happy with a small artificial tree. It will be great if you choose it together in the store.

The main thing in a children’s tree is safety. Here are a few rules to help ensure it.

  • First, toys should not be glass. The best ones are made from natural materials: wood, felt, cotton wool and the like. It is advisable to refuse plastic. You can even use soft toys if there are a lot of them in the collection.
  • Secondly, the size and details of the toys are important. The bigger and simpler they are, the better.
  • Finally, thirdly, tinsel and a garland with light bulbs are replaced with its counterpart, paper.
  • The tree must be stable. She needs a heavy base, you can even additionally tie her to something.

In addition to the standard purchase options, you can consider creating a creative Christmas tree. For example, from branches, Christmas balls, paper or even figured plywood.

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2. Windows

There are also many options for window decoration. The easiest option is to paint the glass with paint specially designed for this. As an alternative, you can consider paper snowflakes and other figures, they are made together with the baby.

The window opening itself is decorated with a garland of artificial spruce decorated with balls. Since a child is hardly able to get to such a decor on his own, the requirements for the safety of jewelry in this case are slightly lower.

Another simple option is to decorate the window sill. It can be made with thematic figures of Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden, animals, make a composition out of them.

3. Bed

A favorite way to decorate a bed for Western bloggers is a garland at the head. In the same way, it can wrap the beams of a two-story bed. It is better to decorate such a garland with simple soft toys, for example, fabric bows.

Bedding will also help create a fabulous mood. A great idea is to have a special Christmas in the spirit of American films. For younger children, choose calmer colors.

You can complement the linen set with a themed bedspread and a set of covers for decorative pillows. It is not necessary to choose everything in red; in the mass market, you can also find more gentle, calmer options: from light pastels to dark ones. However, children of primary school age will like bright sets with their favorite characters.

4. Shelves and walls

An easy way to decorate a child’s room for the New Year is to decorate walls and shelves.

The walls are decorated with themed posters, paintings and postcards — they can be hung in frames. An idea for the lazy is themed stickers with the characters of your favorite cartoons.

You can make volumetric 3D paper snowflakes or a wreath of natural or artificial spruce. If this option seems too complicated for you, you can purchase a ready-made base. To decorate it, you only need a glue gun and decorative materials: cinnamon sticks, dried oranges, cotton, cones, Christmas decorations and ribbons.

Entire compositions of toys and figurines are put on the shelves. Moreover, now you can find interesting options for pastel colors made of wood in a vintage style.

Another idea that can be borrowed from Western bloggers is an advent calendar. This is a calendar to track the time until Christmas or New Year. It usually starts in early December. It is made in different forms: in the form of a panel with cells for sweets and small souvenirs, gifts, and in the form of bags. You can make your own advent calendar. Just do not download all the surprises at once, so as not to provoke the baby. It is better to discreetly put one every day.

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Joint creative activities

We offer several options for crafts with your child.

Christmas tree decorations

With the smallest, try making fan-shaped toys out of cardboard and colored paper. Glue the two halves together and you get a cute figurine.

With older children, you can make clay toys or from a mixture of flour, water and salt. These materials can be sculpted like clay or try a more professional approach — use stencils. Dried products are painted in different colors.

Fairy lights

It can be made from almost everything, even from improvised means. Remember at least the Soviet method of making paper garlands from thin ribbons.

More elegant products will be obtained from a thin rope-string or ribbon with figures on it. The latter can be cut out of paper, printed, made from clay or even beads.


Making a real Christmas wreath from natural spruce is not easy. Therefore, we offer a lightweight version for the interior. For it, you will need a base ring, several branches of artificial or live spruce, a beautiful ribbon for hanging the finished product, and decor for decoration.

The branches can be placed in one direction or in two, the junction is decorated with a ribbon. They are attached to the base with a thin wire. And the decor can be attached with a glue gun.

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