13 best things from IKEA for children’s interior


one Trufast storage combination, 5,893 rubles

Quite a lot of toys will fit inside the combination. Drawers in it can be placed at different levels: there are several built-in grooves that allow you to change the location at any time. The containers are made of lightweight plastic, so the child can take them out on their own. You can also add boxes of other colors to the rack to add brightness to the children’s room.

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    7 items from IKEA to help clean up the nursery

2 Crib «Sundvik», 9 499 rubles

The bed will look good both in a classic interior and in a modern one. It can be bought for a baby to grow: it is easily transformed. When the child gets on his feet, it is worth lowering the bottom. And then remove one of the sidewalls: so he can climb into it on his own.

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3 Bedding set «Redhake», 1 299 rubles

This set has everything you need to make your baby’s bed: fitted sheet, pillowcase and duvet cover. The bed linen is made of soft cotton, and the fabric will be decorated with a cute drawing of a mouse sailing on a boat made of leaves.

four Changing table / rack «Smogyora», 4 900 rubles

Often a changing table is needed for a child up to a year or up to a year and a half. Then the question arises, what to do with the furniture next. IKEA thought about this moment and made a functional model that easily turns into an open shelving unit. You can store children’s toys in it after.

5 Onsklig storage containers, 599 rubles

You can add a changing table with convenient containers. They are attached to any side. You can put cosmetics, wet wipes and other necessary things in them. Also included is a dustbin with a sealed lid. You can immediately throw away diapers or used wipes in it.

Containers will come in handy when the child grows up. They can be attached to any sides, rails and crossbars, store pencils and other children’s things in them. Or use it in another room, like in the last photo in the gallery.

6 Children’s table «Mammut», 1 999 rubles

The table is made of durable harmless plastic, so it is quite light. It is designed not only for the home, but also for the street, so it will withstand even very active games. It is convenient to draw, do crafts or have a snack on it. The model is suitable for preschool children. In the kit, you can pick up stable chairs from the same series.

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7 Children’s stool «Fersiktig», 249 rubles

This is a multifunctional budget stool that can be used in many different ways. For example, stand on it when washing and brushing your teeth. Just sit down while playing. And when the child grows up, the stool can be substituted under the feet at the desktop.

eight Carpet «Linen», 2 499 rubles

This carpet will appeal to those who do not like too bright colors in the nursery. The model is universal: suitable for both a boy’s and a girl’s room. The carpet is made of synthetic fibers, so it is easy to clean. Thick pile, which is pleasant to walk on, muffles loud sounds.

9 Sliding bed «Sundvig», 9 899 rubles

This is a bed model for an older child. It is suitable for children of school age and teenagers, as it is equipped with a sliding mechanism. When unfolded, the length is 2 meters. Therefore, it can be taken for growth. If necessary, an adult can spend the night on it, for example, if you receive many guests at home.

ten Canopy «Sufflet», 899 rubles

Children love to make houses from improvised materials, so they will appreciate the canopy. He will turn an ordinary bed into a secluded corner in which it is cozy to fall asleep. Also this place can be used for games.

eleven Mirror «Meylighet», 2 999 rubles

This mirror is perfect for a teenage girl’s room. On the hooks with which it is equipped, you can hang decorations. Put rings and rubber bands in a small container. There is also a holder for the phone, with its help it is easy to take selfies and shoot different videos.

12 Desk «Mikke», 5 999 rubles

This model of a desk will be convenient both for the first-grader, and for the student. The table is equipped with two drawers and a bedside table, it is convenient to fold the office in them. The model is presented in five different colors: there is a classic white and brown. However, a table with a wooden top, a white base and a black accent leg deserves attention. In the interior, it looks very interesting.

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13 Wardrobe «Stuva/Fritids», 24 000 rubles

Wardrobe from the popular children’s series «Stuva» will accommodate a lot of things. It has convenient drawers, open shelves, and high railing. Such a cabinet can be safely taken for growth: the shelves can be easily rearranged to the desired height. A bright facade can become an accent element of the room.


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