Wow! The couple bought a motorhome and turned it into a full-fledged small «apartment» of 16 square meters. m


The owners of this motorhome, or to be more precise, the trailer — a young man, a builder by profession, and a girl, a civil servant — bought it several years ago. “It all started in 2017. Oleg was looking for accommodation options. So the idea to buy a house on wheels was born. After all, you can go anywhere, stop where you like, and everywhere you will be at home, ”says the couple.

The goal was to find a camper long enough to have a full sleeping area with a bed. The question, as is often the case, was the price. New models at that time cost several million rubles. And the guys understood that they would still want to remake the interior for themselves. “It would be unprofitable. Therefore, we decided to take a used one, aesthetic on the outside — the goal was to pull everything out from the inside and assemble it in a new way. So we chose Tabbert Baroness 2005,” the owners say.


The area of ​​this trailer is only 16 square meters. m. But inside there are three full-fledged zones: a bedroom with a double bed, at the other end there is a sofa and a table where you can eat or work. The table folds up and hides in front of the sofa. There is also a TV.

Vase H&M Home

Vase H&M Home

In the center is the kitchen. Cabinets are built in parallel. And here there is everything that can be in a full-fledged kitchen in an apartment or house: a tall refrigerator, an oven with a microwave, a dishwasher, a sink, a two-burner hob and an extractor hood. A small washing machine is hidden under a cabinet with an oven and a washing machine. The bathroom and shower are located opposite each other next to the bedroom area.

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Storage systems

“Storage was thought out based on the rule that this is a mobile system. Therefore, each thing must have its place, and it must be fixed. Also, the weight should be evenly distributed,” the owners say.

The couple decided to abandon the standard camper system — mezzanine lockers around the perimeter. And thought out storage space in a way that would be convenient for them. In total, there are three wardrobes inside: one at the entrance — for outerwear and shoes, two on the sides of the column with built-in appliances in the kitchen area — for everyone’s everyday things. Under the bed is a technical area — water tanks and pumps.

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Finishing and furniture

For decoration and furniture used natural materials — solid wood. Kitchen cabinets and wardrobes are made of larch, the shower room and the bathroom are finished with larch. Wooden textures can be traced in the design of all zones. So, the walls in the bedroom and the impromptu living room, the flooring is wood-like laminate. The ceilings are finished with leatherette — for practicality.

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The trailer is well lit in the daytime, because in such a small area there are 5 windows. And there are also windows built into the ceiling — in the bedroom area, bathroom, shower room and kitchen. Nevertheless, illumination was necessary at night and in the evening. The guys solved it with the help of spotlights — chandeliers and pendants would be out of place with low ceilings. There is also an LED backlight that gives a subdued light in different areas. Passage switches are installed — with their help you can turn on or off the light from different zones. And outlets for charging all devices.

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When parked, this trailer can be powered from the mains. On the go — battery powered. “We have a lot of equipment, so we chose to work from 220 V. All diode lighting, a water pump and hatches in the shower and bathroom are powered by 12 watts. On the road, a battery with an inverter can be connected to ensure the operation of the refrigerator. You can also use the energy of solar panels,” the owners say.


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