Wow-interior for a young family: bright colors, comfortable layout and beautiful decor


Customers and tasks

The owners of this three-room apartment in Ufa are a young family with two children: a boy of primary school age and a preschooler daughter. They like to spend time together, host friends and their parents, so they needed a common area — a kitchen-living room — with spacious storage, a guest office where grandparents could comfortably stay, as well as an equipped nursery for children of different sexes . The family turned to the designer and decorator Elmina Gai, who managed to realize all the wishes and implement a bright and extraordinary project.


According to the layout from the developer, the apartment had three rooms, a shared kitchen-living room, two bathrooms, and in the hallway it was possible to separate the dressing room. So they did. The dressing room is separated by sliding doors from the corridor; an additional partition was built in the kitchen-living room for the installation of a kitchen set, which will zone the wet area.

The nearest room to the kitchen-living room is given to children. Further along the corridor is the guest room and the parents’ bedroom.


To finish the walls in the kitchen-living room and the nursery, we used paint with a special composition, which allows the coating to withstand difficult stains. For the study and the parent’s bedroom, as rooms with less traffic, they chose non-woven wallpaper.

In the corridor — more practical vinyl sheets. The floors in the living rooms, the corridor and the kitchen-living room are lined with an engineering board. Porcelain stoneware was used in the entrance area.

In the bathroom, they combined basic tiles and decorative, accent tiles.

In the bathroom — terrazzo tiles and paint.

Storage systems

The dressing room in the hallway with sliding doors is designed so that, by moving one door, you can hang outerwear, and the second — get access to household items. Closets have been thought out for everyday things in the office, bedroom and nursery, and a storage system at the workplace has also been made in the office.

The kitchen set was made angular, with cabinets up to the ceiling. With the help of a kitchen island, the kitchen was zoned from the living room and additional storage space was also provided. In the bathroom and bathroom there are cabinets for sinks.


Lighting scenarios are thought out in such a way that it is possible to turn on different lights in different zones. In the kitchen-living room, track lights and pendants above the island are placed as the main light. There is a ceiling lamp in the office. In the nursery there is a chandelier and bedside lamps, as in the bedroom.

The editors warn that, in accordance with the Housing Code of the Russian Federation, the coordination of ongoing reconstructions and redevelopments is required.

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Bright colors


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